Lady Su's Revenge

Chapter 482 - The Stupider the Better
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Chapter 482 The Stupider the Better

Although Jindao Cult was lower-ranking among the twenty-five sects, it was one of the twenty-five sects anyway, and its strength should not be underestimated.

In the afternoon of the same day, Ling Qinglan secretly went to Jindao Cult to investigate the actual situation. Su Chenke stayed in Su Family to prevent Su Family from being breaking into.

“Master, are you going to deal with Jindao Cult?”

On the next day, Su Yang and Su Mu, who hadn’t been seen for a long time, suddenly came. When they met Su Li, Su Yang frowned and asked eagerly.

“Oh? Can’t I?”

Seeing Su Li raised her eyebrows lightly, Su Yang couldn’t help but feel a pressure.

“Of course, you can, Master.”

Su Yang said with sweat on his forehead. The doubts and anxiety in his heart were instantly replaced by fright.

Su Mu shook his head slightly when he saw Su Yang’s look. He said, “Master, Tianhe Sect sent a message to me yesterday and asked what happened in Su Family. The news of Su Zhuonian’s death seems to have been spread.”

Su Li pursed her lips slightly and said in a low voice, “It’s not weird. Several months have passed. Su Chenke’s movements were not small. And Jindao Cult has been staring at Su Family. If the news of Su Zhuonian’s death did not spread, I would think it was strange.”

As soon as Su Li said that, both Su Yang and Su Mu were shocked.

Su Zhuonian really was killed by Su Jiuzhou!

Both of them had speculation when Su Chenke cleared Su Family bloodily and deliberately let them go. However, they still felt shocked when they heard the news personally.

Su Zhuonian, who they had never been qualified to meet, was a mighty in nature’s test after all!

Even in Tianhe Sect, he was definitely a mainstay, and few people like him were killed when there was no war.


Su Yang couldn’t help but be stunned secretly.

“A few months ago, a Grand Elder in Junior Emperor of Han Sect died. Not long after that, a mighty in nature’s test was killed. Qingshui Circle is really getting more and more dangerous.”

He sighed with emotion in his heart, and asked cautiously, “Master, how should we reply to the inquiry of Tianhe Sect?”

Su Li had kept looking at Su Yang until Su Yang shuddered with fear. Then Su Li withdrew her sight and said nonchalantly, “Don’t let any holy sects come to Jiuzhou Region within ten years.”

Su Yang’s pupils shrank, and his heart trembled slightly. Although he wanted to ask why Su Jiuzhou did this, his reason and desire to live stopped him. He only nodded in the end.

While Su Mu frowned, and said hesitantly,

“Master, since Tianhe Sect can send us to lurk in the sects of Jiuzhou Region, the other holy sects can also put their spies in the other sects. If you want to deal with Jindao Cult and don’t want others to know, I’m afraid...”

Su Li was stunned for a moment. Then she gently nodded and said, “You are right. It seems that my plan needs to be changed. Since you two have been in Jiuzhou Region for many years, do you have any contact with other holy sects’ spies?”

Su Yang’s expression was slightly stiff, and he wanted to deny it subconsciously. But Su Mu nodded and admitted without hesitation, as if he was waiting for Su Li’s this question.


Su Li glanced at Su Yang, who looked restless, with a meaningful smile, and said softly, “The affair in Su Family has been finished, so you don’t have to stay at Su Family anymore. For the next year... try your best to check the specific identities of those spies and report to me. I don’t care your methods. Can you do it?”

Su Mu looked solemn. Standing upright, he said with a loud and clear voice,

“We will definitely complete this task!”


Su Li laughed softly. She waved her hand and disappeared like a bubble.


After Su Li left, Su Yang immediately asked Su Mu. But Su Mu reached out and covered Su Yang’s mouth.

Seeing Su Mu shaking his head solemnly, Su Yang was a little confused.

He didn’t understand why Su Mu had to obey Su Jiuzhou’s order. It was clearly...not necessary!

Although they became turncoats and sought refuge with Su Jiuzhou, that was just an expedient way to survive in the Chaos Zone. Could the blockhead...take that seriously?!

“Let’s go. Since Master gave an order, we will set off immediately.”

After glancing at the direction where Su Li was leaving, Su Mu lifted Su Yang’s back with one hand, and flew away from the Second Branch.

Soon after they left, Su Chenke, who was hiding in the dark, appeared and calmly dispelled the gesture in his hands.

Su Mu took Su Yang all the way and flew quickly, until they landed on a plain with a wide sight. Su Yang, who was gloomy, broke free from Su Mu’s hand, and cursed angrily,

“Blockhead, did your head be kicked by a donkey? You told Su Jiuzhou even our secrets. What kind of enticing spell did Su Jiuzhou use to make you answer her all questions?! If she asks about us, will you...”

“Shut up!”

The anger in Su Mu’s eyes flashed away, and the second half of Su Yang’s words were contained in his throat.

“Well! I would like to hear what reason can you make up this time to convince me!”

Su Yang took a deep breath. He folded his arms on his chest and stared at Su Mu, as if he would leave if Su Mu couldn’t convince him.

“Su Jiuzhou wants to unify Jiuzhou Region.”

Su Mu’s gaze flashed. His first sentence made Su Yang’s expression changed drastically.


Su Mu raised his head and squinted at Su Yang, “She didn’t deliberately hide it from us, but she wanted to hide it from holy sects... If we want to leave, we can imagine the end.”

Su Yang stretched out and covered his faintly suffocating chest with a face full of disbelief, “How could this be possible? Su Jiuzhou’s Ni Sect is just a small sect. Just depending on those guys in Ni Sect...”

“Now, Su Family is also controlled by Su Jiuzhou.”

Su Mu interjected slowly, and Su Yang instantly became speechless.

“Even if Su Jiuzhou’s next goal is Jindao Cult, how do you know that she wants to control Jiuzhou Region? Maybe she just wants to avenge for Su Dieyin. After all, her relationship with Su Dieyin...”

Having said this, Su Yang was stunned, and stopped talking abruptly.

He suddenly remembered that the relationship between Su Jiuzhou and Su Dieyin was basically planned by Su Jiuzhou.

Could there be affections in such a relationship?

After seeing that Su Yang finally understood, Su Mu continued, “If we refuse, Su Chenke will immediately kill us. Perhaps in order not to disturb Tianhe Sect, she will not kill us, but... do you want to be like Su Chenke?”

Su Yang couldn’t help but shiver, and immediately shook his head.

“So, we have no choice.”

“So it is...”

Su Yang looked at the sun in the sky, which was not very dazzling, but suddenly turned his head. His smile was a little pale, “Su Mu, my brain is really not as good as yours. Do you particularly despise me? If not...”

Su Mu’s cold face showed a little difference, but it quickly restored, like a leaf fell into a calm lake and just made a ripple.

But after all, there was something more in that lake.

“I never despise you. I just want to...kill you! So, the stupider you are, the better it is.”

After Su Mu finished that, he turned and left.

Su Yang laughed, “So... I’m relieved!”

Hearing Su Yang smiling behind, Su Mu curled up his lips slightly, but he changed his expression to coldness quickly.

He kept another thing as a secret from Su Yang.

Although it was just his guess, he dared not to tell anyone.

Because he was practicing the Aesthetic Realm of Ice, he was extremely sensitive to some things, such as the ice demon that created a tremendous uproar in the Ghost Region...

On a green meadow by the lake in the back mountain of Ni Sect, Su Li rarely laid idle and looked at the blue sky in a daze.

The little white fox squinted its eyes and took a nap. It made a babble from time to time, which seemed that it was dreaming.

The little black cat transformed by a nightmare stared at the little white fox on one side and constantly devoured dreams with a contented expression. It was enjoying it very much.

Su Li suddenly became a little drowsy when the warm but not dazzling sunlight shone.

With her physique, she would definitely not be affected by light. However, ... she got herself drowsy. These days, she has gone into Ghost Region, entered the ancestral land of Ghost Clan, killed the Grand Elder of Han Sect and the mighty demon Zi Sha. Although she had gained a lot, she had been nervous all the time, and she needed to rest before fighting with the twenty-five sects.

Even if it was just a moment.

Squinting and looking at the lush mountains, rivers and forests in the distance, she gradually fell asleep.

She didn’t know how long it passed. The approaching breath of Hua Yan awakened her.

No dream?

She straightened up and looked at the innocent nightmare around her. She said with a slightly serious expression, “Hei, you are a good boy, right?”

Nightmare’s tiny body shuddered and aggrievedly spit out a ball.

Su Li took the dream ball amusedly. This little guy had been bolder and even dared to swallow her dreams.

“Su Li! You are here. I have been finding you for a while!”

At this moment, Hua Yan came in haste. Her breath was a little unstable. After seeing Su Li lying comfortably on the grass, she couldn’t help laughing. She pretended to be angry,

“Wow! I’m running around for you outside, while you are sleeping here!”


After a while, Hua Yan’s smile receded, but there was still a hint of smile in her eyes, “We got the news about Jindao Cult’s spy.”

“Oh, so fast?”

Su Li said in amazement. She had originally imagined that if they couldn’t find the spy in Jindao Cult, she would go to Jindao Cult personally. But now it was not necessary.


Hua Yan nodded and said, “It’s a coincidence that the spy in Jindao Cult has some connections with Yan Ziye. Yan Ziye went to investigate for a while and recognized that person.”

“Is he from the Void Sword Sect?”

While rubbing the surface of the Black Lotus Ring, Su Li seemed to ponder.

In her previous life, she died very thoroughly, and the Reincarnation Mirror was completely destroyed. Why did those holy sects put spies in these small sects?

Was it possible that someone already knew she was still alive?

As soon as this speculation appeared, Su Li shook her head and gave it up.

It was impossible. If somebody knew that she was born again, it would not be so peaceful right now.

“So, it was that someone predicted that something worrying would happen in Jiuzhou Region, but he or she didn’t know it was me. Or... the worrying thing was not related with me.”

All kinds of thoughts hovered in Su Li’s mind. Standing aside, Hua Yan didn’t bother her. Instead, she looked at Su Li’s pensive beautiful face with a smile.

If it was possible, she would rather keep practicing quietly with Su Li like this. But she knew it was impossible.

It was too unfair for Su Li to give up hatred.

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