Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself

Chapter 955 - Respect The Fate Of Others
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Chapter 955: Respect The Fate Of Others

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Qiao Xi quietly stared at his sleeping face. After a moment, she bent down and gently kissed his lips. She said in a low voice, “Ah Zheng, this is the best gift I’ve received. I’m really happy.”

During the days they were separated, she missed Gu Zheng while Gu Zheng also missed her. He was anxious to return. This was the manifestation of love.

Qiao Xi stood up slowly and went downstairs quietly. She saw Song Shiyu, who was also exhausted. His face was filled with resentment, and he had huge dark circles under his eyes.

The moment Song Shiyu saw Qiao Xi, he was so excited that he almost cried. “Young Madam! You don’t know what kind of life we’ve been living these days! We were already very busy with work this week. Apart from eating and sleeping, we were just working. However, the president was like a robot. He insisted on working overtime until midnight every day. He would get up to work after sleeping for three hours. We’re human too! We need to rest too. Look at the dark circles on my face. They’re affecting my handsome face!”

Qiao Xi looked at him with a sympathetic expression. “Gu Zheng said he’ll give you guys a break. Have a good rest.”

She thought that this matter would be over just like that, but Song Shiyu had not finished venting his anger that he had been suppressing for so many days. He had already forgotten that this was Longwan Residential and Gu Zheng might come downstairs to kick him at any time. He complained indignantly, “Just two days of leave! Can two days of leave make up for the harm we’ve suffered these past few days? He enslaved us for so many days. I’ve only been sleeping for two to three hours a day. I’m so tired! But he’s only giving me two days of leave? He’s a lunatic! He’s not human at all!”

Qiao Xi said, “You…”

Afraid that Qiao Xi would be angry, Song Shijing explained, “Young Madam, don’t mind him. He’s just too tired. He hasn’t been able to get a good night’s sleep recently, so he’s a little resentful.”

Qiao Xi laughed dryly. “I don’t mind. I understand.”

“Young Madam!” Song Shiyu shouted and became even more agitated. “Our schedule was already very tight, but the president insisted on cutting down on time. I asked him why he was in such a rush and he said that someone was waiting for him in Li City, so I want to ask which bastard asked him to come back quickly. Young Madam, who do you think that person is? Tell me!

“If I find out who that person is, I’ll definitely slap him and let him know how big of a mistake he made!”

Qiao Xi: “…” If she did not know that Song Shiyu was not smart, she would have thought that Song Shiyu was hinting at her!

Song Shiyu was furious. “I realize that the president is becoming more and more crooked. Why does he insist on acting like a scoundrel?”

Suddenly, Song Shijing saw the man behind Song Shiyu and looked terrified. He quickly blinked at his silly brother.

“Brother, you haven’t been resting well recently. Your eyes aren’t working well anymore. The president is too much. Look, my brother is so exhausted that he’s even having problems with his eyes now!” Song Shiyu did not understand Song Shijing’s reminder at all and continued to complain.

Seeing that his reminder was useless, Song Shijing rushed over and covered Song Shiyu’s mouth. He gritted his teeth and said, “Don’t spout nonsense! The president has been treating us well. Although we’ve been working hard these past few days, our salary is very high! Moreover, we have two days of leave. We should be satisfied. Where can we find such a good boss?!”

“You’re the one talking nonsense!” Song Shiyu broke free and continued to complain, “Brother! How dare you say that he’s good? Are you blind? He’s clearly the most vicious and savage boss!”

Song Shijing closed his eyes and mourned for Song Shiyu. Forget it. This silly brother of his was hopeless. He would respect the fate of others. He gave up on helping him.

Song Shiyu thought that his brother was agreeing with him, but the next second, a familiar voice came from behind. The other party’s voice was slightly hoarse with a hint of mockery. “I’m vicious?”

Where was the sound coming from? Was he hallucinating?

Song Shiyu’s body suddenly stiffened. He slowly turned around and met Gu Zheng’s smiling light brown eyes. He took a deep breath and almost fainted. He looked up at Song Shijing, who looked pained.

Gu Zheng smiled. “I’m crooked? I’m a scoundrel?”

Song Shiyu took a few steps back in horror and smiled obsequiously. “President, you heard wrongly. I mean, you’re the best boss in the world. You’re the most handsome man in the world. You’re my god!”

Qiao Xi could not help but sigh. Could it be that Gu Zheng kept Song Shiyu by his side because this kid was shameless?

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