Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself

Chapter 820 - Terminate The Cooperation?
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Chapter 820: Terminate The Cooperation?


Gu Zheng’s eyes were filled with rage. He was just about to pull Qiao Xi away, but she unexpectedly wasn’t angry in the slightest. Instead, she smiled and said, “Then what do you think can be considered as proof?”

Lu Xiang raised her head high and pretended to be an elder. “It’s very simple. Lu Corporation and Gu Corporation have a collaboration, but we haven’t confirmed the sales plan. If you can come up with a complete and feasible plan within an hour, I’ll agree to let you stay.”

Everyone was dumbfounded. Song Shiyu and Song Shijing mourned in their hearts. Lu Xiang had angered Young Madam. She would definitely end up very miserable!

The employees of the two companies had not come up with a clear sales plan for so long, which meant that this was not a simple matter. Even if Qiao Xi had the ability, it was absolutely impossible for her to complete a feasible sales plan in such a short period of time. Lu Xiang was clearly making things difficult for Qiao Xi.

Just when everyone thought that Qiao Xi would back down, she nodded confidently. “Alright.”

Lu Xiang snorted. “You agreed readily, but let me tell you, if you lose, the leader of the collaboration will automatically become Lu Corporation. At that time, we’ll come up with a plan. No matter what plan we come up with, Gu Corporation has to accept it!”

At this moment, Gu Zheng’s expression was already extremely cold. He seemed to have already thought of a hundred ways for Lu Xiang to die.

Old Master Lu, who was at the side, smiled proudly. This was an excellent opportunity. Although he could not seriously injure Gu Zheng, it was good to disgust him. Moreover, if the Lu family were the ones who came up with the plan, the Lu family would be able to obtain many benefits from this collaboration.

Qiao Xi smiled. “If I lose, the leader will be Lu Corporation. What if I win?”

Lu Xiang had a look of disdain. Qiao Xi still had the hope of winning? Impossible!

Before she could speak, Qiao Xi said casually, “If I win, the collaboration this time will be led by Gu Corporation. Moreover, the Lu family will have to give up 10% of the profits. In other words, Gu Corporation will take 70% of the profits in the end, while the Lu family can only take 30%.

The entire venue was silent. After everyone was stunned for a few seconds, one of the higher-ups of Lu Corporation roared, “Mrs. Gu! You’re bullying us! Originally, Gu Corporation would get 60% of the profits from this collaboration. Now, you want to take another 10%. What do you want our Lu family to earn?”

“This bet was proposed by Miss Lu Xiang first. Isn’t her request a means of bullying? If I lose, you can get benefits from Gu Corporation. If I win, you don’t have to pay any price. How can there be such a good deal in the world? Your Lu family wants to bet, but you’re unwilling to pay the price? Is this fair?” Qiao Xi’s ridicule caused everyone’s expressions to turn ugly.

When Lu Xiang heard Qiao Xi’s words, she could not help but roar, “Gu Zheng, look at the good wife you’ve married. She’s bullying her elders! I’m your elder and the person in charge of this collaboration. What right does she have to speak to me like this?! If she doesn’t apologize to me, this collaboration will be terminated!”

Qiao Xi, this little b*tch, was lawless just because she relied on Gu Zheng’s love. She actually embarrassed her in public. If the collaboration between the two families ended, how could Gu Zheng still let her fool around?

Hearing Lu Xiang’s roar, Qiao Xi only raised her eyebrows. Who gave Lu Xiang the confidence that she would apologize?

Why did the Lu family have an inexplicable sense of confidence? They always felt that they were high and mighty. If they were so powerful, why was Lu Corporation getting worse by the year?

Just as she was about to speak, a cold male voice came from beside her. “The breach of contract will be sent to the Lu family later.”

Everyone was stunned.

Lu Xiang had just finished speaking. She said that if Qiao Xi did not apologize, then the collaboration would be terminated. President Gu did not hesitate at all and directly said he would give the Lu family a sum of compensation. This meant that he would rather the collaboration be terminated than have Mrs. Gu lower her head and apologize.

Gu Zheng’s eyes were calm and emotionless, but he was tall and exuded a kingly aura that made everyone extremely nervous.

His voice was clearly very calm without the slightest anger, but it was still awe-inspiring. No one dared to offend him at all.

At this moment, the entire banquet hall was in an uproar. It was not easy for them to collaborate with Gu Corporation, yet it ended so easily?

Gu Zheng said slowly, “I’ve always been clear about public and private matters, so I didn’t refuse when Miss Lu asked to collaborate with me. As long as both parties work hard together, we’ll definitely reap in a lot of benefits. It’s just that you might have misunderstood something…”

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