Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself

Chapter 1308 - 1308 A Murderous Devil
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1308 A Murderous Devil

“A few years ago, the auction price for this necklace was 150 million. This is because this necklace isn’t made from ordinary rubies. It’s extremely precious and rare. Moreover, its craftsmanship can be said to be top in the world. Now, the price of this necklace is estimated to be 300 million. All the guests present will participate in the bidding and obtain what they like, but I reckon they won’t be able to gather such a large sum of money in a short period of time.

“However, if this necklace can be brought to the auction house in the capital, the price might increase by another 100 million. It’s really a pity to auction it here. Moreover, among the guests present, the only one who can fork out 300 to 400 million to buy a necklace is probably Gu Zheng. However, this necklace was donated by Qiao Xi. If Qiao Xi donates it, it’ll be meaningless for Gu Zheng to bid for it again. Hence, I think it’s better to send this necklace to the capital to be auctioned. Wouldn’t it be much more worth it to get an extra 100 million?”

Cheng Juan spoke slowly, and He Weinian listened very seriously.

At this moment, Song Shijing asked softly, “Young Madam, how do you know that He Weinian would keep the necklace? If we auction it now, won’t our plan fail?”

Qiao Xi smiled confidently. “Originally, I couldn’t be sure, but… Cheng Juan is sitting beside him. He can choose not to listen to others, but he’ll definitely listen to the words of an internationally renowned jewelry appraiser.

“Moreover, Cheng Juan is telling the truth. This necklace is extremely valuable. If He Weinian doesn’t believe him, he can get someone to investigate. I chose to donate this necklace because I want to use He Weinian’s greed to make him keep the necklace for the time being and not use it for the auction.

“Whether he’ll auction it off after this, who knows? He’ll probably try his best to cover it up. For example, he’ll forge a fake and keep the real necklace by his side. Moreover, I heard that He Weinian likes to collect rare jewelry. This necklace is unique and has an extremely high collection value. I don’t believe that He Weinian won’t be tempted!”

Qiao Xi picked up the wine glass and took a sip. She chuckled and said, “Soon, He Weinian will stand up and say some hypocritical words so that the necklace won’t be a part of the auction.”

The next second, Scorching Heart was about to be auctioned. He Weinian walked up the stage, picked up the microphone, and said gently, “Everyone, before this necklace is auctioned, I want to announce that the market valuation for this necklace is 300 million.”

The entire venue was in an uproar. When they came to attend the auction, they had all come with a certain budget. This price was discussed with their families or the shareholders of the company. They did not have the ability to bid for anything above this price. This necklace was actually as high as 300 million, so they could not afford it.

He Weinian glanced at the expressions on everyone’s faces and announced again, “Since everyone has already done their best at the auction today, let’s find a suitable opportunity to auction this necklace.

“Don’t worry, everyone. I’ll announce the final price of this necklace online and donate everything. If you’re worried, I’ll inform you on the day of the necklace auction. Please come and supervise the auction.”

In the past, He Weinian’s image as a kind and benevolent person was deeply rooted in everyone’s hearts. No one would think that he would embezzle donations. Moreover, he said it so frankly, so no one would doubt his intentions.

Cheng Juan looked at He Weinian, who was talking confidently on stage. Even he was almost deceived by He Weinian’s appearance.

Even though he knew that He Weinian was pretending, he had to admit that He Weinian’s words and actions were too perfect. No one could find anything wrong with them.

After He Weinian finished speaking, the necklace was put away by the He family. They said that there would be a foundation established by the He family to temporarily safeguard it. They would take it out for auction when a suitable opportunity arose.

Qiao Xi raised her eyes to look at Gu Zheng. “As expected.”

Gu Zheng turned his head, and the two of them smiled at each other. “He’s my master. Of course, I know him.”

The entire venue erupted in applause. Everyone was praising He Weinian for being an outstanding philanthropist.

Cheng Juan clapped his hands symbolically, but his eyes were filled with hatred. He Weinian looked like a philanthropist on the surface, but he was actually a demon who killed without batting an eyelid. He pretended to be kind and benevolent in front of everyone. He held charity banquets every year, but in reality, it was to make it easier for him to earn money!

Everyone thought that he was a kind person, but he was an executioner. He stepped on the bones of many people to climb up. He even killed his wife and children. Cheng Juan wondered if his wife and children had ever come looking for him to take his life when he was dreaming.

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