Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

Chapter 501 - Bear-san, Brings Souvenirs From The Land Of Harmony
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Chapter 501

Bear-san, Brings Souvenirs From The Land Of Harmony

After investigating the bear signpost, I gave Fina a candy art* that I bought from Land of Harmony as a thank-you gift.

Well, I was going to give it to her anyway, even if not as a thank-you gift.

“It’s beautiful. Are these all candies?” (Fina)

Fina was amazed to see the candy art in the stacked boxes.

“There are fish, fruit, animals, and even birds. I can’t believe they’re all candies.” (Fina)

“Well then, why don’t you try one? Fina, you took care of Shinobu, helped me with the picture book today, and helped me investigate the ball earlier, so you can eat one here. But don’t tell everyone.” (Yuna)

I plan to give one each to everyone.

“Then, this one.” (Fina)

Fina chose a yellow chick. I thought she would pick a bear, but no. Fina licked the chick’s candy art.

“It’s really sweet.” (Fina)

Fina began to lick it deliciously, and the shape changed more and more. After a while, the chick’s shape disappeared.

“It’s delicious, but it makes me sad.” (Fina)

I agree with that, but it is what it is. Any food will disappear if you eat it. You should eat it while thanking the person who made it. If you think the candy art is beautiful, the uncle who made it will be happy.

Then I’ll ask Fina to choose one for Tirumina-san and the others.

“You can pick whichever you want. So choose one each for Shuri, Tirumina-san, and Gentz-san.” (Yuna)

“It’s difficult to choose, but I think Shuri would like a bear.” (Fina)

“Fina, shouldn’t you choose a bear for yourself? I had more bears made because I thought people would want them.” (Yuna)

While feeling embarrassed, I, dressed as a bear, asked the uncle who makes candy art to make me bear-shaped candy arts. How could I not be embarrassed?

But Fina had chosen a chick a while ago.

Fina looked flustered at my words.

“...Etto, I like bears too.” (Fina)

Fina picked up a bear candy art for herself.

She then chose apple and strawberry candy art for Tirumina-san and Gentz-san.

Then, the next day when the store was closed. I decided to bring the souvenirs to the store.

Morin-san and Karin-san live on the second floor of Bear-san’s Rest Shop. Morin-san seemed to be at the market early in the morning, and Karin-san was the only one in the store.

“Karin-san, here’s a souvenir.” (Yuna)

I hand over a small box containing a wind chime.

Karin-san received the small box and opened the lid. Inside was a wind chime with a picture of a bird chosen by Fina and Shuri.

“So beautiful.” (Karin)

Karin-san took out the wind chime from the small box, making a slight tinkling sound.

“What’s this?” (Karin)

“A wind chime, it’s something you enjoy the sound of, in a way?” (Yuna)

It’ll be faster to have them listen to it than me explaining it.

I asked Karin-san to hold the wind chime for me, and lightly used wind magic to create a breeze. The wind chime made a beautiful sound.

“It sounds beautiful.” (Karin)

“It makes a sound when it flutters in the wind, so you might want to put it somewhere near a window.” (Yuna)

“Thank you, Yuna-chan. I’ll use it to decorate.” (Karin)

Karin-san was happily looking at the wind chime. I’m glad she liked it.

Then, I gave her another souvenir.

“Next, choose the one you like from here.” (Yuna)

Various types of candy arts were placed in the heavy box.

“These are also beautiful, but are these decorations too?” (Karin)

“These are candy art, candies that you can lick. It’s sweet and delicious.” (Yuna)

“You can eat these?” (Karin)

Karin-san looked at the candy arts curiously.

Karin-san picked up a fish-shaped candy stuck on a stick.

“Can I try it?” (Karin)

“Only one for each person, because I plan to bring it to the children in the orphanage.” (Yuna)

When I gave my permission, Karin-san licked the candy art.

“Sweet!” (Karin)

Karin-san licked it several times.

“I didn’t know you could make sweets like this. Did you make these, Yuna-chan? Don’t tell me, you’re going to sell this in the store, perhaps?......” (Karin)

“I won’t.” (Yuna)

Karin-san was relieved by my words.

This was originally a bakery, but it has expanded to include pizza, potato chips, and even cakes. As a quintessential baker, even I don’t think of doing business in candy-making.

“I bought them because they were selling them at the place we went to. I thought it was an unusual candy.” (Yuna)

“I’ve never seen anything like it in the royal capital.” (Karin)

Then, I asked her to pick one for Morin-san.

“Well then, I’m off to Anzu’s shop. Give my regards to Morin-san.” (Yuna)

After leaving Bear-san’s Rest Shop, I went to Bear-san’s Dinner and entered through the back door.

“Oh, Yuna-san. Is it breakfast? Do you want me to make you something?” (Anzu)

Anzu, who greeted me, said that as soon as I arrived.

Am I that much of a foodie? I make my own food or eat bread from the bear box, so that shouldn’t be the case, right?

“No, I’m fine. I just brought you some souvenirs. Where are the others?” (Yuna)

“I’m here. I think Forne-san is relaxing in her room, and I think Seno-san is still sleeping.” (Anzu)

I wouldn’t say it’s early, but isn’t it time to get up?

“Seno-san’s favorite thing to do these days seems to be sleeping longer.” (Anzu)

I also like to sleep twice as long as usual, but was it a good idea to do it on your day off? Seno-san, you’re still young, so I think you have many things to do on your days off, like hanging out somewhere or going on a date.

Well, it’s her day off, so she can sleep longer.

Putting Seno-san aside, was there anyone who would be a suitable date for Anzu?

“Wha, what is it?” (Anzu)

I was staring at her face, so she asked me what I was curious about.

“Anzu, do you ever go out somewhere on your days off?” (Yuna)

“Of course, I do go out. It’s fun to walk around town because, unlike the town of Mereera, there are so many different foods to choose from.” (Anzu)

She said with her eyes twinkling.

Yeah, this isn’t good.

Dega-san, I don’t think I’ll ever find a suitable marriage partner for Anzu.

I’ll be patient and wait to see who she marries. But then, I don’t want Anzu to quit the restaurant after getting married.

“So should I call everyone?” (Anzu)

“No, it’s okay. You can just give it to them.” (Yuna)

I offered her a small box containing a wind chime, and she accepted it.

“May I open it?” (Anzu)

“Sure.” (Yuna)

Anzu opened the small box, revealing a wind chime with a picture of a goldfish on it.

“This is a wind chime.” (Anzu)

“You know about it?” (Yuna)

“Yes. It’s from the Land of Harmony. I’ve seen merchants sell it. Did you buy it in Mereera?” (Anzu)

“Well, I got it from that place...” (Yuna)

I answered lightly while averting my eyes.

I can’t say that I went to the Land of Harmony and bought it.

“It makes a beautiful sound, but I couldn’t buy it because it was too expensive. Is it okay if I get something this expensive?” (Anzu)

It was cheap because I bought it in the Land of Harmony where it was made. But I cannot say that.

“I don’t mind. It’s just a token of gratitude for all the hard work you guys always put in.” (Yuna)

“Thank you very much. I’ll take it gratefully, then.” (Anzu)

Anzu happily stared at the wind chime.

“And I got these along with it.” (Yuna)

I took out the candy arts.

“What’s this?” (Anzu)

Apparently, she didn’t know about candy art.

“They’re candies.” (Yuna)

“Candies? There’s fish. And even fruits.” (Anzu)

She looked at me in surprise.

It seems that even in the quintessential town of Mereera, there were no candies for sale.

Just like Karin-san, I made her choose which shape of candy art she liked.

Anzu’s choices were all fish, including those for Seno-san and Forne-san.

That’s just like Anzu.

After leaving the Bear-san Dinner, I headed for the orphanage.

By this time, the children should be taking care of the kokekko.

I entered the orphanage without getting in the way and headed to the director’s room.

“Yuna-san, welcome.” (Director)

The Director was taking care of the young children. The children were sleeping like they were snuggled up to the Director. I wonder if they feel safe around the Director.

“So what can I do for you today?” (Director)

“I was out of town for a while, so I brought you a souvenir.” (Yuna)

“Thank you very much. Yuna-san has always been a great help to us.” (Director)

“That’s not true. Director-sensei takes good care of the kids, and those kids work very hard.” (Yuna)

“And all of that was all thanks to you, Yuna-san.” (Director)

I’m embarrassed, so I broke off the conversation and took out a small box containing a wind chime from the bear box. Then, I open the small box and show it to the Director.

Please hang it by the window. When the wind blows, it’ll make a beautiful sound. When you listen to it when it’s hot, it will calm you down.

In my mind, I added maybe.

In fact, I have heard the sound of wind chimes on TV and other media but never had them in my house. I have never experienced wind chimes, so I only know about it on TV and other information.

I took out the wind chime from a small box and rang it.

“It’s a beautiful sound.” (Director)

“I’m glad you like them. I have several of them, so please hang them up.” (Yuna)

I bought a lot for the orphanage, unlike the others.

“The children will be delighted. Thank you.” (Director)

I put the wind chimes back in the small boxes and gave them to the Director.

Then I left candy arts enough for the number of children and the Director, Liz-san, and Nifu-san.

I asked the director to divide them. Some of the children were finishing their work, and some were sleeping, so she waited for them.

After all, the director should be able to give it to them so that they don’t have to fight.

Incidentally, the director was looking at the candy arts curiously.

After all, it seems that she didn’t think it was food.

After leaving the orphanage, I headed for Noa’s place.

Upon arrival at Noa’s mansion, the maid, Lala-san, guided me to Noa’s room.

“Yuna-san, welcome!” (Noa)

When I entered the room, Noa rushed happily.

The room was decorated with teddy bears. A picture book was placed next to it.

It looked like a bear goods corner.

“What’s going to be for today?” (Noa)

“I was out of town for a while, so I brought you souvenirs.” (Yuna)

“Souvenirs?” (Noa)

I gave Noa a small box containing a wind chime.

“Thank you. May I open it?” (Noa)

“Sure, I hope you like it.” (Yuna)

“Anything from Yuna-san would make me happy.” (Noa)

But after a few tens of seconds...

“Why not a picture of a bear!” (Noa)

The picture of the wind chime presented to Noa was a wind chime with a picture of a blue fish.

“I liked the bear more. Yuna, please draw it!” (Noa)

“Don’t ask for the impossible.” (Yuna)

That being said, but if I had a wind chime with nothing painted on it, could I do it?

It should not be impossible to paint on glass.

“I see, Noa doesn’t like it if it’s not a bear, so you don’t want it then.” (Yuna)

“I’ll take it. I’m sorry for being selfish.” (Noa)

When I tried to take it away from her, she held it in his chest to prevent me from taking it away.

“Lala, could you hang this in the window.” (Noa)

“Understood.” (Lala)

Lala-san brought a platform and stepped on it to attach the wind chime to the top of the window.

Then a breeze blew in through the window and made a beautiful chirīn, chirīn sound.

“It’s a beautiful sound.” (Lala)

“It would have been great if it had been a bear.” (Noa)

After all, I’m the reason why Noa loved bears so much.

But she became happy because there was a bear in the candy art.

“Eat it properly.” (Yuna)

“I can’t eat it because it’ll be a waste.” (Noa)

“I’ll take it back then.” (Yuna)

It would be a problem if it was placed in that bear goods corner.

“Yuna-san, you’re so mean.” (Noa)

“I’m not saying that to be mean. It’s a candy, you have to eat it.” (Yuna)

I waited until Noa ate the bear candy.

“It was delicious, but the bear was gone.” (Noa)

She looks disappointed, but it’s food so it is what it is.

“Also, I drew a picture book, and I’m going to have Noa take a look at it.” (Yuna)

She had asked me to put herself in the picture book before, so I showed it to her.

“A picture book?” (Noa)

“I can’t give it to you. I’m giving it to Princess Flora. I’m just going to have you look at it.” (Yuna)

“Yes, that’s fine, but you’re also making copies of the new picture book, right?” (Noa)

“That’s the plan.” (Yuna)

I’m going to ask Eleanora-san because I’m going to give some copies to the orphanage.

“Then, please give me a copy.” (Noa)

Well, you didn’t even have to ask me that.

I promised to give Noa the picture book I drew with Fina the other day.

Noa flipped through the picture book.

And her hand stopped when the noble girl came out.

“Is this girl me?” (Noa)

“You said you wanted me to put you in the picture book. Was it not good?” (Yuna)

Noa shook her head.

“I’m happy. Thank you, Yuna-san. So I made friends with the girl.” (Noa)

“Even in real life, Fina (the girl) and Noa (the noble girl) are good friends.” (Yuna)

Noa looked happy at my words.


Author’s Note:

It’s souvenir time!

It’s difficult to say what it is because it feels the same.

Sorry about that. As mentioned in the difference between the book volume 6 and the web version, the employee dormitory is gone in the book version. Therefore, Karin-san and Morin-san are still living on the second floor of the store.

I am sorry that I started to adapt to the book version in the middle of the book.


Translator’s Note:

*(飴細工)Ame-zaiku = I may have translated this as (candy work) but something doesn’t sit right, so I’m changing it to (candy art).


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