Kiss the Black Cat

Chapter 15 - Kiss the Friend 3
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Chapter 15: Kiss the Friend 3

Translator: Hasr11

Editor: Mirial

I raised my head and poured the lube I’d prepared onto my hand. Nidel-dono, who had been looking away, sent a gentle gaze towards me.

「I need to do the preparations.」

After I said that, Nidel-dono nodded slightly. Come to think of it, I’d decided to be the one on top as if it were natural and it bothered me for a moment, but it didn’t seem as if Nidel-dono had any objections towards that.

I placed a pillow under his waist, spread out his legs, and slid my body in the space between. I moistened my fingers with the lube. If I wanted to enjoy him to the fullest, I needed to get him loose and wet.

I raised his legs, revealing his entrance. Bringing a moistened finger close, I traced the outside, wetting it, then massaged it to slowly relax it.

Nidel-dono, trembling under my body, occasionally twitched his legs.

Once I’d rubbed in the lube into the folds, I pushed my little finger in slowly.

Nidel-dono’s body trembled in surprise once again.

「…Is this Nidel-dono’s first time with a man?」

Inserting my finger in a little, I swayed it slightly, then pushed in a little deeper. Ask I did so, I asked Nidel-dono and he replied affirmatively with an honest 「Ahh」. Understanding him, I continued to move my finger, and inserted it into his depths. So that’s the case. I see.

My finger, inserted into Nidel-dono’s insides, was wrapped up by his hot inner walls, feeling as if it was being sucked from all directions. It wasn’t a bad feeling and I expected more from here on.

Up until his body completely accepted my finger, I carefully slid it back and forth. I couldn’t hurt Nidel-dono’s body.

When he’d gotten a bit used to it, I spread the entrance with my index finger this time, and inserted it by pouring in more lube. While taking that finger in and out, the movements there became smoother, and a shameful squelch leaked out from there.


Each time I moved my fingers, Nidel-dono let out a disordered gasp. But, perhaps because he was trying to keep his voice in, what reached my ears were stifled moans. When I looked at him, his hair was disheveled and his body was half twisted to the side. With every stimulation he endured he would twitch and tremble.

In order to not be rash, I carefully accustomed the insides. Taking my time, I increased the number of fingers.

I am likely not the type to be bothered with the struggles of keeping something a secret or staying silent such as when it comes to sword practice or even work. If if the people around me wanted to annoy me, I’d often not be annoyed. That’s why, when Nidel-dono told me 「You get the short end of the stick.」, I didn’t come to much of a realisation.

Seemingly unconsciously, Nidel-dono’s voice escaped. It was when I stirred the large insides with two of my fingers. I’d been only loosening the insides for quite some time now, and thanks to that, the entrance relaxed considerably. Wondering if I should insert another finger, I stuck my third finger in. Nidel-dono’s throat rang and his body gave in.

The third finger too was buried in deeply.

Nidel-dono’s dick hadn’t been touched even once, but it was completely curved up. It was a beautiful penis the same shade as his skin, not at all darkened. Every time Nidel-dono gave out rough breaths, it too twitched and trembled. But still, it wasn’t possible for it to stand up just from the stimulus inside, and it was in the same state since I’d put my second finger in.

「…nn oi, how longer nn …」

Even as three of my fingers moved inside, making obscene squelching noises, Nidel-dono glared at me, short of breath. But with a flushed face and wet eyes, that glare absolutely lacked its usual composure. Despite myself, I smiled. Nidel-dono is a cute person, I thought honestly to myself.

「Preparation is an important thing.」

「…nn Enough already.」

Since Nidel-dono had tightened his jaw and complained of the unbearableness, I gladly took on his request. Pulling out my fingers, I took off my underwear. Looking at the thing that was now half-hard, Nidel-dono curved his lips up in a wry smile.

「…Squad Commander-dono is splendid as expected.」

「Not really.」

I too smiled wryly. There was a time when I thought my length was greater than average, but the truth was it was of little consequence.

Pouring more lube in the palm of my hand, I stroked my member with that hand. While moving my hand such that the lube sank in all over, I was a little troubled by how much a excited state should I enter Nidel-dono in. My penis was already completely erect, so penetrating him was a possibility.

I have an inferiority complex when it comes to sex. That is because I have a constitution that has a hard time cumming. Be it by myself, or when joined to a person, I took a long time. It isn’t as if I absolutely don’t get them, it felt good, but I couldn’t reach it till the very end. While masturbating, it was alright to the extent of my hand becoming tired, but I had to exercise caution while doing it with a person.

The people I’ve experienced it with is quite reasonable, but there were many times when my partner raised their voice halfway, and begged me to pull out. There were many people who, despite being wet in the beginning, would dry out after taking such a long time, and lose their drive, and because of that I hesitate to have sex without lube. Thus, to cum as quick as possible, I’d arouse it with my hand just before putting it in. Still, there were times when it would end without cumming. Thanks to that, there were many times when it’d become awkward with my partner.

In this way I felt reluctance, and considering the number of people I’ve had it with, I wasn’t that aggressive when it came to sex.

I don’t want to tell it to people either.

While I was moving my hand with my emotions becoming heavy, because Nidel-dono made a dubious face, I gave up trying to stimulate myself any further with my hand.

「Nidel-dono, I’m entering.」


I replaced my feelings, and held both of Nidel-dono’s legs. Even if I said so, since I was going to enter a person after a long time, I cheered up. I liked doing the deed itself. Even though there was a part of me that was bad at building relationships with people, spending time with people, and touching them directly was something I liked.

Adjusting my posture, I aimed my tip at the tight hole. I slowly pushed my waist forward, the benefits of taking my time to loosen it up showed, and though it resisted for a moment, the tip was swallowed in smoothly.


I heard a stifled moan, but I continued to move my body as is. The place that had become sticky and wet with lube, took my in more smoothly than I’d expected. Nidel-dono’s body too, must be of the flexible type.

I continued so as to thrust into those inner walls that were offering a sweet resistance. Even I who was longer than average, was taken in deeply and could push in till the hilt.

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