Kingdom's Bloodline

Chapter 686 Evil whispers (below)
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Chapter 686 Evil Whispering (Part 2)

"I remember, I will always remember, the victim's mother was furious when she testified in court," Slimani said, "but what can she do? She's just a peasant woman who has been widowed for many years. No appeal bond can be afforded."

"Grand Inquisitor Brennan, the unselfish Inquisitor," Thales, who had been silent all the time, said, "When he went to court, he didn't say anything?"

Srimani shook his head.

"I'm lucky that Brennan didn't make it to that trial," the defense said with a wry smile, "but what if he did? He understands the law, and we, we understand the law—and the Emerald City's The rule of law surpasses the stars."

Thales was silent.

"What happened to that peasant woman?" Hillary asked.

Slimani shook his head blankly:

"I don't know, I didn't go... I didn't dare to ask."

He rubbed his face:

"That's it, I got away with it, my boss said I exceeded his expectations... Anyway, he kept his promise and gave me a chance to be a vigilante, 'you'll be a good vigilante' he said, okay Vigilant, haha..."

Slimani couldn't stop laughing, his face full of sarcasm.

"But what can I do? Can I say no? My wife has been in poor health and spirit since giving birth, and the salary of an official vigilante..." He sniffed, his eyes wet, "We, we can finally If you change to a big house, you can afford a servant."

But his eyes dimmed:

"But right after I put on my uniform with confidence, they gave me not a baton, but a pen and paper..."

Thales frowned in anticipation of something.

Srimani nodded painfully:

"So, under the arrangement of my boss, I started to write a second investigation or closing report, then a third, a fourth...the next, and the next..."

"The granary outside the city ignited spontaneously at the end of the year, and I was abruptly torn apart and improperly stored; my colleagues in the same hall committed manslaughter when driving away the hawkers, and I tried to dig out the deceased's underlying disease; Harvest The town has written four notices and they can't explain the bad thing about women's abduction and trafficking, and this is the fifth I wrote to them, instructing them to lock up the protesting crazy women..."

"When you thought you could escape the test, you were wrong," the priest Chadwe shook his head with a sad expression, "Every escape and trickery just made the delayed test more cruel."

Srimani's speech was getting faster and faster, like a madman:

"There are also security officers such as Caqueret, who is in charge of receiving the prince. Do you know how he rose from the head of the jailer to the security officer? Not only that, but also the inexplicably lost loot from the Canal Security Hall. The blood bottle gang is in the warehouse. There are several cases of homicides in the drug trafficking business that I can't tell whether it is offshore or high seas..."

The more Thales listened, the more uncomfortable it became.

"The **** Tamer has something to say!"

Chadvi suddenly raised the volume, interrupting Slimani.

"Show the sunset of interest to the devout, and what you are willing to pay will be paid," the scriptures in his mouth seemed to have power, making everyone a little sober, "The fate of the river of **** proves people's hearts, those who owe will eventually It will be repaid twice.”

Slimani woke up, staring blankly at the stove.

"At the end, I thought, I thought I just had to leave the guard hall, but, but..."

He looked at Thales, his eyes full of confusion and helplessness:

"Look, I once wanted to be a good man, a good husband, a good father, a good vigilante, and even a good defense attorney."

"Instead of sitting behind a desk, confounding right and wrong, framing and slandering."

Srimani said dully:


No one spoke, and the tunnel was silent, only occasionally heard Kathleen groaning in her dream.

"Uncle Hauser, Aunt Gadama, I, I don't want to go to the ground," Dorothy put down her romance novel in disappointment, "It's... so complicated."

Gadama hugged her.

Srimani took a deep breath and came to his senses.

"Then, maybe the goddess of the sunset knows what I did, and punish me..."

His eyes were frozen and his expression was dull:

"She doesn't bless us anymore, my mother-in-law and I, we'll never have children again."

"no more."

Slimani's words echoed in the tunnel, extremely vulnerable.

"But if, if your child is born healthy, everything will be different from the beginning," Woniak's voice rose, trembling slightly between his words, "then everything will be alright?"

Srimani's eyes became clear for a while.

He was in a trance for a while, then chuckled lightly:


"No!" Xilai said coldly, making Slimani tremble, "Of course not."

Thales sighed, and patted Shi Lai's hand:

"we do not know."

"The goddess's test is everywhere," Chadwei said, his voice was extraordinarily gentle, "the birth of a child is a test, the landlord's blackmail is a test, the boss's threat is a test, and writing every report is also a test. Every moment is a test."

"Cigarette addiction is also a test." Xile said disdainfully.

Chadwei was stagnant for a while, and his face was a little overwhelmed, but he still insisted on finishing:

"If your child was born healthy, Mr. Slimani, congratulations, you have avoided this unfortunate test compared to many..."

He paused for a moment and continued:

"But even without this test, if you are still you, no change, no awakening, no self-reflection, then next time, when you face other different tests, will you do better?"

Srimani smiled bitterly.

"Yeah, look at me now," he said in a lost voice, "No, I have reached a dead end, and I have nowhere to go."

Chadwei frowned slightly: "But..."

But he was interrupted.

"Priest Chadvi, you said," Srimani was a little lost, and there was some hope in his words, "My daughter, as incomplete as she is, will her soul return to the kingdom of heaven, to the goddess of the setting sun?"

Chadvi took a deep breath: "Of course..."

"Of course not." Hillary said coldly.

Chadway choked.

"The heaven of the gods is just made up, to deceive the powerful and powerful to pay for their sins, and to deceive the powerless and powerless to keep their peace. Everyone, everyone's soul will go to the Hell River after death, where it will be completely destroyed. Exception." Hillary said coldly.

Slimani's eyes dimmed.

Thales glanced at Hillary, but the latter's expression was indifferent.

Srimani let out a breath, as if giving up something;

"Then you say, the sin is as deep as me, can I see her after death?"

Sheila was about to speak, but this time, Thales held her hand tightly.

"I don't know," Thales tried his best to be gentle, "but at least, at least I believe, when you speak your heart out and sincerely repent - you have passed the test of this moment."

Xilai raised her eyebrows, but Thales held her wrist tightly, preventing her from speaking to spoil the atmosphere.

Slimani's breath shuddered.

He smiled wryly and shook his head: "It's too late."

"Not too late."

Chadway took over the conversation and smiled, but with his respectful face, no matter how he looked at it, he looked like a weird uncle who deceived children:

"It's never too late at any time."

But Slimani seemed to be encouraged, he sniffed, his eyes were wet, and he nodded gratefully:


The tunnel was quiet for a while, and finally Priest Chadvi slapped his thigh and broke the silence.

"Okay, the sun is starting to go down," he patted his head and pointed to the top of his head, "I have to rush back to the temple, or if they check the post..."

"Then we should go back to the nest too, Bobo, follow," Hauser stood up and greeted Aunt Gadama and the others, "If you need help, come to us at any time, you still remember us How to get to the tunnel, Wyya?"

That pile of tunnels that go up and down?

Thales said with a smile; "Of course."

Ah, fortunately, the mountains accommodated his footsteps.

Let him never get lost.

Watching a large group of people like Chadwei and Hauser leave sparsely (Woniak punched Thales hard before leaving), Thales exhaled.

"Then it's time for us to go too, Luo, Teto, and brother, um, Fatty Wyatt, you guys stay here and watch them, someone will come down for shifts in two hours," Thales greeted and took a break Finished Rolf and Glover, "Don't forget our schedule today, Wyana."

Sheila hummed disdainfully, but stood up anyway.

Slimani looked up in surprise:

"Ah, you're leaving? What about me?"

He looked in horror at Catherine, who was sleeping on the opposite side, and then at Glover and Rolf, who looked bad:

"You're going to keep me with a gangster who is being hunted down, and these two rogue desperados?"

Glover and Rolf stared at the defender, and snorted in unison, but when they found someone snorted at the same time, they turned their heads to look at each other, and snorted a second time in unison.

"Forget it," Thales frowned as he looked at their relationship, "Two hours is too long, I'll find someone to work on shifts later."

He turned his head and looked at Slimani:

"Trust me, Manny, it's safer for you to stay here now than to go out with us."

"No! Boy! I don't, I don't know these two people at all! You have to stay with me yourself—" Slimani wanted to say more, but Glover and Rolf were on the left and right, both Grabbing his arm, dragged him back irresistibly.

Thales and Shi Lai looked at each other and turned to leave.

After a few seconds, Slimani finally stopped struggling, but he thought of something.

"Wait, Brother Wyah, there's something else!"

Thales turned his head.

Slimani hesitated for a while, but finally made up his mind and nodded seriously:

"Thank you, thank you. Whether it's for saving my life or daughter."

Thales was silent for a while, then nodded:

"I know."

Shira next to ?? raised his eyebrows:

"Only him? You don't thank me?"

Slimani stared at her and leaned back in disgust.

Thales glanced at Hillary, and couldn't help raising the corners of his mouth.

"So take care, little brother Wyah, although I know this is not your real name," Slimani snorted softly and sat down on the bed, "Yes, I remembered it, the real Wyah Caso attendant. It's not your thirteen or fourteen-year-old appearance, after all, he still has to protect the Duke of Xinghu, and he can't be younger than a fourteen-year-old prince..."


Fourteen-year-old prince?

Slimani was stunned when he said this.

Thales was also stunned.

Glover and Rolf frowned.

In the narrow and dim tunnel, several people blinked.

At that moment, the defender looked at Thales carefully, widened his eyes in shock, and shouted:

"Sunset, ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! You are, you are—that who!"

Thales' complexion changed:

"Manny! Calm down!"

But Slimani was obviously unable to calm down. He pointed at Thales excitedly and shouted loudly:

"My lord, you are... slut! I should, I should have thought of it, there is no other cub in this world who dares to use the name of the prince's attendant to go on the streets and deceive, and there is a maid by his side when traveling..."

Xi Lai was watching the show from the side, but her face sank when she heard that.

Seeing that the situation was not good, Thales rushed forward in three or two steps, and cooperated with Glover and Rolf on the left and the right. The three poured the excited Srimani onto the bed and covered it tightly. his mouth.

"Manny, listen!"

Thales couldn't hold back the struggling Manny:

"Look, you're safe here, safe, this big guy is the royal guard, and the other one is... someone I trust. So there's no need to be so nervous, okay?"

Manny, who was covering his mouth, understood something, and nodded "woowoohoo".

"So, you stay here, keep a low profile, take care of yourself, and wait for me to send someone to rescue you from the Emerald City, okay?"


"Very good, then I'm going to let you go now, don't get excited, don't yell, don't struggle, okay?"

"woo woo woo woo!"

Thales made a look, and the three of them let go together, freeing Slimani, who was crushed and his wig fell off.

"His Royal Highness, you actually... oh my god, I was actually taken by the Duke of Xinghu... By the way, why didn't you reveal your identity earlier?"

Slimani couldn't wait to speak as soon as he got out of trouble. He danced and couldn't hide his excitement:

"If you reported your identity earlier, I wouldn't have to, I wouldn't..."

"Someone has to believe that." Hillary rolled her eyes on the side.

"Oh, calm down, Manny," Thales had to stretch out his hand again, signalling him to calm down, "At least, now you know, don't you?"

"As the priest of Chadvi said, it is never too late, no matter what time it is."

At that moment, Slimani was stunned.

"Then, see you later."

Thales waved his hand, dragged Shi Lai and left.

But just as he turned around, Slimani's voice sounded again: "His Royal Highness Thales!"

Thales sighed in pain.

Why are you here again?

Slimani took a deep breath, and just as he was about to continue, Glover and Rolf caught up between them.

"Listen, little Manny, if you dare to say one more word, just say..." Glover stared at him coldly.

"Huh! Huh?" Rolfe made a fierce gesture with a grim expression, and clenched his chin.


Srimani swallowed.


"Diop, the silenced wool dealer!"

The defender tried his best to speak out before he was killed by the prince's two terrifying killers: "He is involved with many dignitaries!"

Thales changed his face and turned around.


"Because, because Diop can do the dirty work for them!"

Srimani said anxiously:

"Diop has many illegal contacts in his hands, from the lockpickers and thieves on the street to the outlaws of the Blood Bottle Gang, these dirty jobs, as long as the dignitaries go through Diop's channels and pay the bills, they will not Keep the handle."

Thales pondered for a while, looked at Shi Lai, and nodded.

"I already know - Diop is the one who manages the secret accounts for Kongming Palace."

Under Thales's signal, Glover and Rolf reluctantly let go of Slimani.

"What? And this layer?"

Slimani was startled, but under the bad eyes of Glover and Rolfe, he quickly went straight to the subject:

"Oh yes, Your Highness, what I want to tell you is that Diop was not the only one who died... One of Diop's clients died shortly before his death."

Diop clients?

Thales' eyes narrowed:


"Jeff Rene," said Slimani, gritted his teeth, and said an unfamiliar name, "he was my boss in the vigilante hall many years ago, because of negligence—it's just a statement, it's actually a political strife— fired."

"Jeff Rene?" Thales muttered the name without a clue.

Damn, just like Lausanne II.

Their information about the Emerald City is still too little.

But Shi Lai next to him reacted:

"Wait, you mean your boss? Could it be..."

Slimani sighed:

"Yes, the one who promoted me from a temporary worker to a vigilante, you can say he is my nobleman, benefactor, or..."

He was silent for a second and continued:

"After being dismissed, Rene relied on his past savings and connections to live his old age in the blood bottle gang's territory."

Thales frowned:

"This Rene was Diop's client? How did he die? Why?"

Slimani nodded:

"According to the death report from the Police Department, Rene was involved in a gang fight while playing poker in an underground casino and died in the sink. When he was found, his neck was slit and a pool of water was slashed. It's all red."

Thales was wondering, but Glover remembered something and was startled.

"Gang fight?"

Zombie glanced at Rolfe:

"Wait, aren't you talking about the underground casino of the Blood Bottle Gang? The one that Garmentia managed? Two bodyguards died in one night?"

Slimani was equally surprised:

"Yes, it's Garmentia's 'Harvest Casino', how do you know?"

The zombie turned to the doubtful Thales:

"Because Garmendia - some head of the casino - reported it at a blood bottle gang meeting: his casino was attacked by the fraternity, and two bodyguards died, one of them... also in the sink, Dye the water red, like this Rene."

Thales frowned: "What do you mean? Rene was killed by the Brotherhood?"

Srimani sighed.

"I don't know about the rest, but as an old subordinate and a former gambling partner, I know that Rene stopped going to the casino a year ago, not because the bad gambler changed his mind, but because he was sitting on the mountain and building up debts. If he shows up, he will be charged for debts, you must know that he came to me to borrow money six months ago..."

Thales looked up:

"He shouldn't be in the casino."

Slimani nodded:

"He shouldn't."

"So I continued to check...According to the information I bought from the shaving shop, Rene didn't die in the casino," Slimani continued, "The truth is, he died in his own home, just like that when he died, neck and neck. He was cut open and died of blood loss."

Xilee was puzzled:

"Wait, then why did the vigilante report that he died in..."

"Because that report was redacted, I know this way too well," Slimani sighed. "Rene didn't get involved in a gang fight and died. His body was transported to the blood bottle gang's underground casino, where he was killed. Stuffed into a real struggle—with evidence, locations, and circumstantial witnesses, with few openings."

Thales reacted:

"Someone is covering up Rene's death as an accident."

Slimani nodded and took a deep breath:

"And in the Emerald City, who has the ability and courage to use the blood bottle gang's territory to cover up the murder case?"

"Empty Palace."

Thales concluded:

"The Blood Bottle Gang received an order from Jenn to cover up Rene's death?"


Sheila spoke in surprise, her position here confounding Glover and Rolfe even more.

Slimani shook his head, but his expression became more solemn:

"I don't know, I didn't take it seriously at first until I continued to investigate: On the same night, another person from the Blood Bottle Gang disappeared."


Thales frowned: "Who?"

Slimani swallowed his throat and told the prince his information: "A boxer, who played black fists in the underground ring, according to the report of the police department, he was missing, and a few days later, his body was found in the river. ."

Glover was startled again:

"Wait, it doesn't happen to be the underground arena of the Blood Bottle Gang, the Black Fist business managed by Gutierrez, right?"

Slimani turned his head, puzzled:

"How did you know that?"

"It's the same as the previous one," Glover stared at Thales in a daze. "The fighters were attacked in the underground arena of the Blood Bottle Gang. A few days later, the bodies were found in the river."

Slimani patted his forehead:

"So, the same goes for this fighter, yet another revised death report!"

Thales asked:

"Who is that boxer? Why is Jenn covering up his death?"

"That's the problem," Slimani breathed quickly. "That boxer, especially when his name is linked to Rene and Diop, everything gets scary..."

"What kind of terror law?"

"Let's try it together and see!"

She turned from the chair, her voice bright and cheerful as always:

"Don't worry, it's definitely not as exaggerated as a horror movie..."

"Not yet," he shook his head, looking back at his computer screen, "you know I don't like this..."

"Oops, have the courage to try new things! That's a horror-themed secret room..."

That voice was still enthusiastic, urging him to try something new—

【wake up. 】


He was slightly startled and looked up from the code on the screen.

What wakes up?

"Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Did you listen to me!" The voice urged him.

He shook his head.

Ah, it must be because the model has been running too much in the past few days, and it has run out of hallucinations, this **** R language...

[Wake up, Thales. 】


Who is that?

seems to be the name of a foreigner?

He sat blankly in front of the computer.

Strange, why do I always feel that there is a voice in my heart speaking to myself?

[Playing with time is Bloodthorn's forte, and it has caused countless heroes to fail, but you, you, Thales Shining Star, the one destined to end fate, you should not stop here, you are not so weak, you should not surrender The clumsy trick in front of me...]


Blood thorns?

End fate?


Are you reading too many of Brandon Sanderson's novels?

That's not right, I've been watching "Hurricane Lights" for several months...

"Wu! 呺! Ren!" The voice started calling his full name, obviously ignoring her, she was going to get angry.

"Okay, here we come... um, what did you just say?"

He answered her words and rubbed his ears, feeling panicked for some reason.

Strange, what happened?

【You still have your mission to complete. 】

Damn, the voice in my heart is real, and it continues...

His breathing got quicker and his eyes blinked faster...

"Wu~葺~Ren~" The voice became more and more ethereal and illusory, and moved away from him.

As if in another world.

Do not!

He panicked more and more and wanted to reach for her, but found that he could not find his hands.

what happened?

Where is my hand?

No, no, no, no.

Nothing is right about this!

[Wake up, Thales. 】

It feels, like, like…

Like I was… dreaming?

The moment he woke up to this point, his forehead jumped.

As if something broke free.

【wake up! 】

The next moment, Thales took a deep breath and woke up!

"Ha, ha, ha—" He was in shock, slapped his chest, gasped for breath, and apologized to the others in the tunnel, "Sorry, just lost my mind..."

But Thales was stunned.

I don't know when, in the ghoul tunnel, Shirai, Slimani, Glover, and Rolfe all lay down on the ground.

was unconscious.

He was alone, standing alone in the dark.

What...what's the matter?

Thales stared blankly at everyone on the ground.

What happened?


Footsteps sounded.

Thales was startled and turned around!

"It's rare," an unfamiliar voice sounded from the darkness, "You are not affected at all, Your Royal Highness."

At that moment, the crime of Hell River exploded!

is like a beast that suddenly woke up when danger was already in sight.

caught off guard.


Burning in anger.

"I'm honored and relieved that not everyone can chat with me in my power - they call it 'The Evil Whisper', which is said to be taken from the Sunset Book, which is ironic, Those monsters actually quoted the classics of sunset belief, are they worthy..."

Thales subconsciously pulled out the JC dagger, but his brain was still in chaos.

what happened?

what happened?

I was talking to Srimani not too long ago…

Why all of a sudden—

"I guess the guy next to you is the one the barber said, the defense attorney who asked around?"

In the darkness, the voice continued to sound.

Inspired by the senses of hell, Thales saw his opponent in the dark:

A man who was tightly wrapped in black cloth from head to toe, even wearing dark goggles, was walking slowly towards him on the other side of the tunnel.

Thales is a shock!

"You are…"

He reacted and found the description from his memory, terrified and shocked:

"Lausanne II?"

The man in black in the darkness sneered.

He looked at the ground behind Thales - Slimani closed his eyes, drooling and smiling.

"Looks like I'm not too late, before he goes on talking—and thanks to his loud voice, I can hear it clearly on the ground, so I can find the right place."


Thales gritted his teeth, raised his dagger at the enemy, and kicked Rolf and Glover on the ground.

But one of them trembled desperately, the other muttered about an "apple", and there was no sign of waking up.

What, what's going on?

Lausanne II, how could this man who I only heard about in the report appear here?

The ghoul tunnel, shouldn’t it be a place that very few people know about?

The most important thing is… what now?

The enemy took one step at a time and slowly appeared in front of the stove.

"Ah! No, no, no!"

An exclamation came, and Thales turned his head: Kathleen, who was sleeping on the bed, woke up and looked at the man in black in disbelief:


Sure enough, it was him!

Thales took a deep breath and forced himself to move—perhaps due to the influence of the opponent's ability, he now felt cold and numb in his hands and feet, and his movements were sluggish and difficult.

Get moving.

Move quickly, Thales.

tmd Get moving!

"Hello, Little Knife, we meet again," the man in black waved calmly at Kathleen, making the latter even more terrified, "You actually woke up—oh, it hurts, they forgot to give you anesthetic?"

Catherine held the ground in pain and tried to get up, but then fell to the ground.


Thales took a deep breath and forced himself to pull out an "Iron Body Pose".

no solution anymore.

Now here, only he can fight.

"Iron Body Pose—Northern Military Swordsmanship? This is rare," Luosang nodded with interest and patted the sword at his waist, "Don't worry, Your Royal Highness, I won't do anything with you."

"Why, what, what?" Thales said with difficulty.

Now, he only felt that he was struggling to move his teeth.

"Because my employer has specifically instructed not to touch a single hair of you."

The pitch-black Lausanne II hummed disdainfully:

"Damn Kevin Deere."

(end of this chapter)

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