Keyboard Immortal

Chapter 710: Secret Path
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Chapter 710: Secret Path

Translator: Pika

Daji instinctively wanted to evade, but unfortunately, she only had five ranks of cultivation. How could she avoid someone who was already close to reaching grandmaster rank?

Zhuxie Chixin immediately grabbed her shoulder. He was worried that he might hurt her when he saw her beautiful facial features, so he subconsciously used less strength.

“Ma’am, I apologize in advance!” However, he still didn’t forget his duty. He reached out his hand and was about to pour his ki into her body to seal up her vessels.

However, suddenly, there was a flash of white light. That ridiculously beautiful woman vanished without a trace.

Zhuxie Chixin: “???”

He turned around with difficulty. He looked at his own subordinates. “Was there a woman here just now?”

His reaction was completely normal. After all, with his cultivation, not even Yun Jianyue would’ve been able to escape after being restrained by him.

Yet someone with a trifling five ranks of cultivation vanished into thin air?

Could it be that this woman cultivated the rare spatial element? But with her shoulder’s acupoint seized by him, not even a cultivator with the spatial attribute should be able to escape! What the hell is going on?

The other Embroidered Envoy subconsciously rubbed their eyes as well. They all looked at each other in dismay.

“I think there was a woman here.”

“It was a really pretty one at that.”

“I’ve never seen a girl that pretty in my life.”

They began to chat among themselves, but they became more and more unsure. After all, that woman vanished in front of so many people’s eyes!

Don’t tell me it was a ghost?

They really lost their confidence after witnessing something this weird. Meanwhile, Zu An sighed in relief. Fortunately, he was able to recall Daji in time. He was worried that he might’ve not been able to recall her in time, but thankfully, his keyboard system was still as reliable as ever.

The two of them had already been brought out of the quarantined area during this time. Zu An knew that it was almost time. His previous limp self suddenly attacked, striking the closest Embroidered Envoy with his fingers. How could they have expected this sudden development? They were immediately knocked out.

The other two Embroidered Envoy were shocked when they saw this. They both drew the blades at their waist and charged over.

Zu An was extremely fast. He rushed forwards and pressed the blades back into the sheaths. The two Embroidered Envoy realized that Zu An’s cultivation was powerful and not something they could deal with. They immediately reached towards their waist tiles so they could issue a warning to the others.

But the two of them suddenly fell limp to the ground when their hands just started to reach out.

Zu An raised his head and saw the crown princess’ complacent expression.

“Hmph, I have some cultivation too, you know?” The crown princess harrumphed. Her eyes were sparkling proudly.

Zu An was just about to say something, but his expression suddenly changed. He squatted down to examine the two Embroidered Envoy. “You killed them?”

The crown princess gave him a surprised look. “What, should I have invited them to my new year party or something?”

She picked up their blades and finished off the two Embroidered Envoy Zu An knocked out earlier.

Zu An’s breathing immediately became hurried. “We had no choice before, but these two are innocent! It was enough for me to just knock them out, so why did you need to take their lives?”

He was also a member of the Embroidered Envoy after all. Furthermore, he had his personal code of not killing people he didn’t have to kill. After all, they were all people, and it wasn’t easy making a living. It was one thing killing those guards since they were part of the scheme, but these Embroidered Envoy clearly didn’t participate in that plan. They were really being wronged here.

“Innocent? I am freaking innocent! Who is going to defend me?” The crown princess’ expression turned cold. “If we leave them alive, they’ll immediately find out that we were the ones who attacked them. Zhuxie Chixin would definitely suspect our identities.”

“By killing them, Zhuxie Chixin at least wouldn’t know how they died. They might have been silenced by a passing expert. Maybe we were also captured by that expert… All of this can help mislead their judgment. Is this not something good?”

Zu An knew that she was making sense here. However, he still couldn’t accept the fact that she took lives like nothing.

The crown princess’ tone softened when she saw his unhappy expression. “I didn’t have a choice either, you know? Once this matter got out, both of us would be done for. Furthermore, it isn’t just us, even our clans would be wiped out. I don’t think you want to bring down the Chu clan and harm Chu First Miss, right?”

Zu An’s face was expressionless. “Enough already. You don’t need to explain these things to me. We’ve already broken free, so let’s part here. We’ll all just return and do what we need to do.”

He turned around to leave after saying this. The crown princess’ eyes were swirling in inner conflict. She ran over and grabbed his sleeve.

“What are you doing?” Zu An looked at her with a frown.

The crown princess looked wronged. “The palace is in chaos and there are guards everywhere. How can I move around with how I look right now? Can you bring me back to the eastern palace?”

She was wearing Chu Chuyan’s clothes right now. If someone found out that she left, and that she then changed clothes, then wouldn’t rumors fly everywhere? She really would be done for then.

Zu An was able to somehow avoid danger ahead of time again and again earlier. Even though she didn’t know how he did it, she knew that this man was reliable. With his protection, there was a much higher chance of her making it back to the eastern palace.

Zu An also knew that she was speaking the truth. After a long sigh, he said, “Fine, I’ll bring you back. I’m leaving as soon as I do.”

She was already dressed, so he didn’t need to carry her anymore. He held her hand, and then he used the jade badge to search the vicinity for danger.

The crown princess looked at her hand. She could feel the heat coming from his hand. Her cheeks turned a bit red. After a bit of hesitation, she decided not to let go and allowed him to just hold her hand.

They were able to avoid all of the guards. They could already see the outlines of the eastern palace. Zu An suddenly stopped. “The Eastern Palace’s security is extremely strict. It’ll be extremely hard for me to get past them.”

“We obviously can’t go in from the front. Follow me.” The crown princess said with a gentle voice. Then, she grabbed his hand and walked towards a well.

“Is there anyone nearby?” The crown princess looked around and asked uneasily.

Zu An shook his head. “The closest is thirty meters out, and there just happens to be courtyard walls and trees blocking his sight. He can’t see anything.”

“That’s good then.” The crown princess sighed in relief. She held Zu An’s hand and said, “Jump down with me.”

Zu An was a bit confused, but the crown princess already jumped into the well.

He followed her.

He was just about to fall into water when a hand suddenly reached out and grabbed him. He then noticed that there was an inconspicuous platform on the wall. The crown princess was standing there.

“This is the Eastern Palace’s secret escape path. We can use this to quickly get away when there is danger.” The crown princess gently twisted a mechanism after pulling him up. She opened up a stone gate.

Zu An nodded inside. He saw similar things in those shows of his past world. He couldn’t help but become curious. “Then why didn’t you guys try to run away during the attack last time?”

The crown princess replied, “That attack happened too suddenly. Me and the crown prince just happened to be out, so we didn’t have time to come back inside.”

Zu An thus understood. The opening was about a person’s height tall. There were luminescent beads embedded deep into the walls, so it wasn’t too difficult to see.

He felt the path wind upwards. The two of them continued just like this. The crown princess suddenly stopped. “Up ahead is where I sleep.”

Zu An cupped his hands. “Since I’ve already safely escorted you here, then I am leaving.”

But the crown princes reached out and grabbed him. “I need you to come with me inside. I have something I need your help with.”

Zu An: “???”

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