Keyboard Immortal

Chapter 2064: Unassuring Circumstances
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Chapter 2064: Unassuring Circumstances


As soon as the massive bone dragon spoke, it rushed straight at the snowy peak on the other side.

The Snow Lady’s expression was cold. She didn't seem to move at all, but the entire snowy mountain seemed to tremble. Endless snow came tumbling down in an avalanche, rolling forth in waves before suddenly condensing into a pair of giant hands. They reached out from the surging avalanche and grabbed the flying bone dragon out of the sky.

The bone dragon roared in anger. Its entire body flailed frantically, and its long tail suddenly lashed out at one of the hands grabbing at it. Every single segment of its body was razor-sharp, and when dozens of sharpened bones combined together, they resembled both a whip and a massive blade. The hands were nearly destroyed the moment it made contact.

Immediately after, the bone dragon’s tail segments began to spin like an electric drill, completely destroying one icy hand. Then, it thrashed at the hand that remained. Even though the large hand tried to grip its tail, it couldn't withstand the drilling stabs, quickly becoming filled with holes. In the end, it couldn't hold on and maintain the shape of a hand anymore, ultimately turning back into wind and snow.

The Snow Lady’s expression changed. She quickly kicked off the ground and rushed at the other snowy mountain.

“You want to run?” The bone dragon laughed maliciously. With a swing of its body, it quickly rushed at the Snow Lady. With the difference in their speeds, it was confident it could catch her within ten breaths of time.

Suddenly, the thick snow below burst open. A figure rushed straight at its head like a shooting star. The longsword in his hand turned into a streak of white light that bore down on the dragon's neck with terrifying momentum.

The bone dragon finally realized what was happening. It turned out the Snow Lady had been baiting it to chase after her, and she had even used such a flashy attack, all to use the endless ice and snow to cover the true killer’s figure!

Just where did she find such a terrifying assistant?

Even so, there was no more time for it to think. It mustered all of its strength to avoid the attack. However, this sword skill was too profound. No matter how it evaded, the sword continued to aim right at its vitals, and kept closing in at a speed it couldn't outrun! The dragon was horrified. How could a world of this rudimentary level have a swordsman with such profound cultivation?

The sword finally stabbed into the weakest bone in the dragon's neck. A resplendent streak of white light flickered past, and the bone dragon’s massive body crashed into the valley. Its tremendous weight made it fall so far, it couldn't be seen anymore.

Zu An landed nearby. He had heard the Snow Lady describe the bone dragon’s ability and was confused at first, but he quickly realized something. If its ability really didn’t have any weaknesses, wouldn’t it be invincible? However, judging from what the Snow Lady had told him, that shadow person clearly had an even higher rank.

After thinking about it, he'd figured that even though the bone dragon’s threefold reflection ability was strong, it probably couldn't always be active. As such, the plan he discussed with the Snow Lady was to have her cover him first, to give him a chance to assassinate it in a single blow. That way, the bone dragon would die without even getting the chance to use its ability. The Snow Lady had been a bit doubtful, but Zu An had enough confidence in his own sword that he'd been sure he could definitely seize that chance.

Sure enough, it was as he expected. The bone dragon’s retaliation wasn’t something that could be activated at will. His plan had succeeded! Even so, he couldn't bring himself to feel happy at all.

“What’s wrong?” the Snow Lady asked as she flew over to his side. When she saw that he hadn’t suffered any retaliation, she couldn't help but sigh in relief.

Zu An shook his head. He reached out to grab a pair of scales that had fallen. They had originally been one scale, but they'd been cut in half by his sword. There had been complex patterns carved on it, and the surface had previously flickered with glimmers of light. Now, it was cut in half and the light had disappeared.

“You actually managed to destroy my protection charm! You damned couple, I'll definitely flay you alive and rip out your tendons! I'll make you regret coming into this world!” A furious roar echoed through the valley. Immediately after, there was a huge explosion as a long figure rushed into the sky.

You have successfully trolled the Bramble Bone Dragon for +999 +999 +999...

The bone dragon’s two eye sockets erupted with two eerie flames. It stared resentfully at Zu An and the Snow Lady.

Zu An frowned.

How do these guys have so many life-saving measures?

He had already encountered similar events several times. It seemed he had to start taking these possibilities into consideration in the future too. Fortunately, judging from the dragon’s reaction, the protective charm was extremely difficult to obtain, so it probably didn’t have any more.

“Just where did you come from? How could there be a human this powerful in this world?” the bone dragon wondered as it stared at Zu An. It was feeling really nervous. After all, it actually hadn't been able to avoid that sword at all after being ambushed! How ridiculous was that?

It suddenly thought of something. As it looked at Zu An, its eyes narrowed and it asked, “Are you the one who killed the War Priest?”

Zu An raised his brows and replied, “Oh? It seems you monsters do know each other a bit after all.”

The Bramble Bone Dragon suddenly backed up by around a kilometer, and only then felt a sense of safety. It said, “Hmph, I definitely don’t want to mysteriously die in this low-level world like that War Priest guy. There's no chance for you to ambush me anymore.”

The Snow Lady warned Zu An, “Be careful. It's already activated the reflection skill.” f(r)eewebn(o)

Zu An noticed that there were some profound designs faintly visible around the entire Bramble Bone Dragon’s body. They vaguely formed a sort of protective cover.

“Why are you whispering among yourselves over there? Why don’t you come and fight against me if you have the skills?” The ghostly flames in the bone dragon’s eyes moved as it taunted them in a rather despicable manner.

Zu An sighed and said, “When you make such a despicable request, it’s really hard for me to not want to grant you all your wishes.”

He instantly reappeared by the bone dragon’s neck as soon as he said that. A black glint appeared in his palm as he pressed forward.

At first, the Bramble Bone Dragon had intended to avoid the attack, but when it remembered what kind of abilities it had, it decided to raise its head and just take the initiative to receive that attack head-on.

Attack me, go for it! The harder you hit me, the worse your injuries will become!

Suddenly, the palm pressed against its neck. A streak of light erupted from the patterns all over the Bramble Bone Dragon’s body, making it tremble. Its incredibly sharp tail struck directly at Zu An.

However, Zu An had already retreated to a safe distance. He frowned inwardly. Just now, he had used the Heaven Devouring Sutra. He'd been thinking that since the dragon reflected damage, he wouldn’t deal damage, and would instead suck the power out of its body. He hadn’t expected that strange ability to even be able to block something like this, though.

The Bramble Bone Dragon looked at him with a hint of fear, exclaiming, “You actually have the Taotie’s power within you? Thank goodness it wasn’t strong enough, or else I might have really been killed here.”

Zu An was surprised. This wasn’t the first time he had heard similar things. It seemed the Taotie had quite the reputation in this universe! It was clearly not just one of the minor monsters he had seen before in the Yinxu Secret Dungeon. They weren’t strong enough to become this famous.

“Even though you now know that I have the Taotie’s power, you still dare to make me your enemy?” Zu An remarked. He knew that there was no way the dragon would answer him if he asked it directly, so he deliberately spoke like that.

The Bramble Bone Dragon was starting to hesitate. It whispered to itself, “Could it be that this world has already been targeted by the Taotie?”

“You idiot, that human is clearly trying to dupe you. You even believe something like that? Is your brain really only the size of a walnut?” a humanoid with a scorpion tail called out after suddenly appearing in the distance.

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