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Chapter 1933: Good Things Should Be Kept Within the Family
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Chapter 1933: Good Things Should Be Kept Within the Family

On any other day, if the empress had declared Zu An to be the regent, the court’s important ministers would have been harshly opposed to it. The only ones who would have agreed were those with good enough relationships with Zu An that they couldn't really say anything against it. Still, even those who had a good relationship with him wouldn't have thought that Zu An could be a king. After all, he had gone from a commoner to a marquis in a mere two to three years, something that had never happened before. For someone like that to become a regent, it was enough to make people wonder if there was perhaps something wrong with the world.

But now, no one voiced any opposition; instead, they praised the empress for her decisiveness. With Zu An’s current strength, it was already enough to convince the opposition. Besides, the Fiend races had even made him their regent. If his rank here was lower, wouldn't that practically be pushing him toward the other side?

Now, the emperor was already dead and the human race lacked fighting strength. Meanwhile, Zu An had taken down an influential clan in a single night on his own and defeated the eight dukes backing them. If they pushed such a person toward the Fiend races, and a war broke out, they would really have no way to deal with such an onslaught.

As expected of the empress. Her shrewdness in politics really is matchless.

While most people were praising the empress, there was one person who felt incredibly vexed. That person was none other than crown princess Bi Linglong. When she received the news in the Eastern Palace, she had left at the same time as Liu Ning, but unfortunately, her cultivation was weaker and she was thus a step slower. That minor difference in time meant that the empress had ended up grasping this opportunity. The title of Regent had been granted by the empress, which meant that she would end up receiving the praise for the decision.

With my relationship with Ah Zu and his current prestige, do you think I wouldn’t do the same?

She continued to stomp her feet in annoyance.

Even though Ah Zu isn’t the type to covet authority, he'll definitely remember this great gift that the empress gave him. He'll definitely keep this favor in mind, and he might even be more partial to her in the future!

Still, feeling irritated didn’t help. The empress’ cultivation was higher, so she could move faster. What else could Bi Linglong do?

She suddenly thought of something. She stopped and no longer rushed toward the Meng manor. Instead, she ordered her subordinates to head in the other direction.

Meanwhile, above the Meng manor, Taobao Official Yu Rui bowed to Zu An and said, “Congratulations, Regent.”

With him taking the lead, the others also offered their congratulations to Zu An. Even Zhuang He forced a smile to play along. After all, they didn’t actually share much of a grudge with Zu An. There was no need to become completely hostile to him just because of the Meng clan, which had just been eradicated, and Meng Jing, whom they had only shared a few drinks with in the past.

Only Grand Officer Zhao Song was furious. After all, the now-deceased Zhao Chen was a clan brother of his. They were both people from the royal family. However, if one were to ask him to get revenge for Zhao Chen right now, that wasn't something he would do. Without the help of the other dukes and the capital’s Demon-Eradicating Great Formation, he would have absolutely no chance against this heaven-defying brat. Going up alone would just be throwing his life away.

He really had no idea how someone so young could have such horrifying cultivation. He had always had extraordinary talent ever since he was young too, and yet he only managed to reach his current level after all this time. He had even felt really proud of himself, and yet compared to this brat, it was almost as if he had lived his entire life for nothing.

He wasn't the only one whose dao heart almost collapsed, either. Countless rogue cultivators and clan cultivators had witnessed the battle, leaving them horrified.

Could this be the result of the legendary Phoenix Nirvana Sutra?

They suddenly recalled that such a thing had come up when the emperor ordered Zu An’s arrest in Brightmoon City and brought him to the capital. At the time, Zhao Han had refuted the rumor, and so they'd thought little of it. But now, it seemed as if it could be real! When they thought about how that legendary technique actually really existed, and had even allowed Zu An to create such a miracle within just three years, their hearts began pounding.

Of course, they definitely wouldn’t dare to have thoughts of coveting Zu An’s Phoenix Nirvana Sutra. This guy had even been able to easily kill an earth immortal, so who would be mad enough to steal his secret manual?

However, if the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra was real, what about the other secret manuals?

The entire world would soon fill with gossip surrounding the other unknown regions, something Zu An couldn't have expected.

In the air above the Meng manor, when he saw how courteous the others were being, Zu An couldn't really bring himself to strike their smiling faces. He gave a few courteous replies in turn.

The dukes knew that since things had already turned out this way, staying where they were was senseless. As such, they all cupped their hands and bid each other farewell. At their current age, after all, they normally spent their time in seclusion. Even a moment spent outside would end up exhausting their limited remaining lifespans.

“I respectfully send off the eight dukes!” the empress said rather politely, showing great respect to these individuals.

The dukes finally felt as if they had received a bit more dignity. They thought, This woman isn’t bad; we have to take better care of her in the future.

When they left, the empress finally went over to Zu An’s side. She looked at him with a complicated expression, saying, “Ah Zu, you’ve once again left me full of surprises.” With Zu An’s power, she didn’t have to worry about anyone else listening in on their conversation at all.

Zu An remained silent for a moment. In the end, he said, “They went too far.”

The empress nodded and said, “It was my fault in the end, as I cared too much about the court’s checks and balances. I only made you feel wronged.”

Zu An’s face, which had remained cold the whole time, finally revealed a hint of a smile. He said, “It’s fine. I decided to seize back everything they took from me with my own two hands.”

The empress gave the ruins of the Meng manor a look, as well as Madam Dai, who was beside herself, and King Dai, who resembled a dead dog.

Your ‘seizing’ really is quite intense.

She pursed her lips and said, “No, I was the one who didn’t do well enough, and I need to apologize. I invite the regent to visit the Palace of Peace, and this humble woman will definitely properly repay you and help you vent out all of your frustrations.”

Zu An was speechless.

Isn’t this vixen just lusting after my body?

Just who's helping whom vent frustrations here?

However, the empress still had to clean up the terrible mess that remained in the Meng manor. She quickly ordered around several ministers who rushed over.

Zu An landed on the ground. He cupped his hands toward Yan Xiangu and the others, saying, “Thank you for hurrying here and helping me, everyone.”

Yan Xiangu replied with a smile, “I merely didn’t wish for this Demon-Eradicating Great Formation that the human race built so painstakingly to become a tool for internal struggle. Furthermore, even if we hadn't arrived, I believe that the libationer would have had a way of dealing with the situation.”

The dainty Qi Yaoguang harrumphed. “Senior brother, there's something you said that's definitely wrong.” She had rushed over in a hurry and didn’t have her usual witch hat. Her beautiful hair fluttered softly in the cold wind, and she had a pair of cute pigtails. Without her stuffy academy outfit, she actually looked a bit cuter than usual.

Yan Xiangu was stunned. He asked, “What did I say that was wrong?”

“You missed out on an important reason. He's our academy’s libationer! If we didn’t help him, who would we help?” Qi Yaoguang wrinkled her nose and replied in dissatisfaction.

Yan Xiangu chuckled and said, “I’ve learned from little junior sister’s advice. I was the one in the wrong.”

Walking over to them with her stocking-clad legs on full display, Jiang Luofu said somewhat coldly. “You were the one who was most opposed to him becoming the libationer before, and yet you’re also the one who protects him the most. If it weren’t because you foretold that he would experience a bloody disaster, we would have all been buried in our research and wouldn’t have come here so promptly.”

The logician Yin Shi couldn't help but say in a mocking tone, “Little junior sister, what have you been using divination on the libationer every day for?”

When she saw her senior brothers and sisters’ looks, Qi Yaoguang’s face reddened. She said, “It’s all his fault for divinating my bloody disaster, so I wasn’t convinced and started divining his future every day. But I never expected that I would make a mistake… I thought that he would be put in danger, but now, I've realized that it was all the blood of other people.” Then, she grabbed Zu An’s arm and said, “Libationer, I really respect you so much! You almost bathed the entire capital in blood by yourself and made so many legendary experts eat dust. You really were just too handsome back then! I declare that from today forth, you'll be my idol!”

Hei Baizi said with a smile, “Who says our little junior sister is obsessed with research and doesn’t like men? Doesn’t she like our libationer quite a bit?”

“Hmph, we have a completely pure relationship. It’s nothing so disgusting as what you’re thinking,” Qi Yaoguang said angrily, shooting her senior brother a glare.

“Who knows? When is a relationship between a man and a woman ever completely pure?” Yin Shi retorted with a big smile.

Qi Yaoguang was speechless.

Shen Xuzi said with a frown, “But the libationer is our little junior sister’s senior, so it might be a bit inappropriate.”

“Not necessarily. The libationer said that we were to maintain our previous personal relationships. Inside the academy, he is the libationer, our teacher, but in private, we can just interact on the same level, right?” Yin Shi corrected him.

“You guys are all so annoying! If any of your fates end up going dark and awry, I’m not going to help you guys anymore!” Qi Yaoguang cried, letting go of Zu An’s arm in embarrassment. How could she still be shameless enough to keep clinging to him?

Jiang Luofu rubbed her head with a smile, saying, “Junior sister, everyone is joking around with you. Don’t treat it as a big deal.”

The other senior brothers also agreed with a smile. Only then did Qi Yaoguang smile again.

Zu An felt warm inside when he saw that.

These brothers and sisters really have a good relationship with each other.

While he was having those thoughts, the academy’s teachers also felt moved. Previously, when Zu An took over the position of libationer, they had all respected the late libationer’s wishes and Zu An’s advice in their respective fields, so they'd approved of him becoming the new libationer. But because he was still too young, they'd all still felt a bit strange. After all, they had been worried that his strength wouldn’t be enough to bring the academy more benefits. What they had worried about the most was that he wouldn’t be able to convince the masses of his position. After all, the clans of the capital were all ruthless and vicious old foxes.

However, they had never expected him to be so full of vigor, single-handedly slaughtering his way into the Meng manor and leaving the eight dukes completely ashen. He'd said he would kill that giant gold dragon, and he had; even the honorable Dragon King had to give him face. In the end, even the earth immortal Zhao Chen had been dealt with by a single move. After tonight, perhaps Zu An could already be considered number one in this entire world. Not even the late libationer had enjoyed such glory!𝗳𝗿𝐞𝐞𝘄𝐞𝗯𝐧𝐨𝘃𝐞𝐥.𝐜𝐨𝐦

The academy teachers weren’t the type to be used to being out in the open with so many people around them. After that exchange, they all went back to the academy’s rear mountain. Even though Qi Yaoguang wanted to talk more with Zu An, when she recalled her fellow disciples’ teasing, she still found it too embarrassing and left with a reddened face.

Only Jiang Luofu stayed behind. She seemed to have noticed his worries and said, “Don’t worry, I still have people watching over the Imperial Prison. Nothing will happen.”

Zu An sighed in relief.

Big sis Jiang always knows how to make others feel at ease.

“Let’s head on over to bring them out," he said. He had already flipped the table, so how could they still let the Qin and Murong clan’s people suffer in prison?

“Alright,” Jiang Luofu said, following behind him. She actually felt a bit pleasantly surprised and honored.

Many people saw what happened and began to discuss it in private.

“Who is that black silk beauty?”

“The Commandant of Justice’s precious daughter, Jiang Luofu. You don’t even know her? She's also a teacher of the academy’s rear mountain, the late libationer’s personal disciple!”

“Those legs really are beautiful… In my opinion, Zu An might not really be without an equal. If he were to be sandwiched between those legs, he would likely lower his helmet and throw away his armor.”

“That gives me an idea. It’s not too easy for us to gain Sir Zu’s favor, so we should stay our hands from this Miss Jiang and set them up.”

“Ah, could they really have that kind of relationship?”freew

“Are you stupid? If it were you, would you refuse those beautiful black silk stocking-covered legs? Besides, one is the libationer and the other a rear mountain teacher. There’s not a thing she could do, and beautiful women like outstanding men. Good things should be kept within the family…”

Along the way, Jiang Luofu snuck glances at the man in front of her several times.

However, Zu An’s senses were keen and he couldn't help but ask with a chuckle, “Why do you keep looking at me?”

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