Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 2240 Pushed Lei Qiaolin Onto The Bed (2)
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"Why does he have this kind of ability" Lei Qiaolin didn't know why Ye Chen had this kind of ability, the ability that Ye Chen possessed was too strong and made Lei Qiaolin unable to stand it.

Ye Chen already knew that Lei Qiaolin couldn't stand his touch, he definitely wouldn't have the strength to put up a fight against Ye Chen.

"ahhh . . ., no don't touch there" Lei Qiaolin said to Ye Chen, she told Ye Chen not to touch in that part.

"So this is your weak point" Ye Chen smiled at Lei Qiaolin, he had just found Lei Qiaolin's weak point, he could attack Lei Qiaolin.

"Not . . ." Lei Qiaolin got even more pleasure, she didn't expect that Ye Chen would give her a much more comfortable feeling compared to before.

This feeling was clearly too comfortable. Lei Qiaolin would not be able to endure, he would not be able to withstand this amount of pleasure.

"ahhh . . ." Lei Qiaolin started to go wild, she went really wild, she started to squirm and started to sway under Ye Chen's body.

Lei Qiaolin's movements provoked Ye Chen several times, it seems that Lei Qiaolin deliberately did it, she wanted to provoke Ye Chen's younger brother who was below.

"You are really a naughty girl" Ye Chen said to Lei Qiaolin, he said that Lei Qiaolin was a naughty girl.

"No, don't say that" Lei Qiaolin told Ye Chen not to say that, she was embarrassed when Ye Chen called her naughty.

"You have to admit it" Ye Chen said that Lei Qiaolin had to admit it.

"no . ." Lei Qiaolin said that she would not admit what Ye Chen said.

"Is that so, then I have to make you more honest, I like girls who are more honest" Ye Chen whispered in Lei Qiaolin's ear.

Ye Chen's words made Lei Qiaolin even more excited.

Ye Chen really knows how to make Lei Qiaolin, so it's not strange that Lei Qiaolin is very excited, she is quite excited when she is with Ye Chen.

"What is wrong with me ?" Lei Qiaolin didn't know what had happened to her, she felt even more strange and perverted.

she wasn't normally like this, this was very strange for Lei Qiaolin, she couldn't control herself when she was with Ye Chen, Ye Chen was too strong and made Lei Qiaolin surrender and become a prisoner.

"how, do you like it or not" Ye Chen asked Lei Qiaolin, he wanted to know the opinion of Lei Qiaolin.

"I don't know" Lei Qiaolin said that if she didn't know, she couldn't explain this to Ye Chen.

"So you don't want to admit it" Ye Chen could see that Lei Qiaolin didn't want to admit it.

Ye Chen decided to use more strength and techniques, he used powerful skills to defeat Lei Qiaolin.

Lei Qiaolin naturally wouldn't be able to endure it, it was simply too strong and allowed Lei Qiaolin to reach the peak so easily.

"no . . ." Lei Qiaolin reached the peak, this feeling is indeed the best.

"ahhh . . ." Lei Qiaolin was panting heavily, she looked very tired, what Ye Chen did made her body very weak.

"how, do you like it" Ye Chen asked Lei Qiaolin, he wanted to know Lei Qiaolin's honest feelings.

"This is the best . ." Lei Qiaolin finally wanted to be honest, she told Ye Chen that this was very convenient.

"very good, I hope you get ready, because there will be more fun things" Ye Chen said to Lei Qiaolin, he told Lei Qiaolin to prepare, there will be more fun things and make Lei Qiaolin satisfied.

"what are you going to do to me" Lei Qiaolin asked Ye Chen, she wanted to know what Ye Chen would do.

"You will find out soon enough" Ye Chen said that Lei Qiaolin would find out soon enough.

Ye Chen immediately started, he touched Lei Qiaolin's double peaks and abdomen.

"ahhh . . ., don't be there, Ye Chen you . ." Lei Qiaolin said to Ye Chen.

Lei Qiaolin became weak, she became weak when Ye Chen touched that part, it made Lei Qiaolin weak and helpless.

"what's wrong, are you dissatisfied ?" Ye Chen said to Lei Qiaolin.

"no, my body" Lei Qiaolin said to Ye Chen, her body started to lose control and Lei Qiaolin was unable to stop his body.

"Hahahahaha" Ye Chen laughed, he laughed when he saw Lei Qiaolin like this.

It was really fun to fight Lei Qiaolin, Ye Chen was very satisfied when fighting Lei Qiaolin.

Lei Qiaolin's arrogance didn't last long, in just a matter of minutes, she had been made into this way by Ye Chen, she no longer had any resistance against Ye Chen.

Lei Qiaolin was already so wet she had already reached the peak several times.

Ye Chen actually teased Lei Qiaolin into this, he made Lei Qiaolin become full of lust.

Lei Qiaolin couldn't stand what Ye Chen was doing, she wanted more from Ye Chen.

Lei Qiaolin finally took the initiative, she started kissing Ye Chen who was in front of her.

Ye Chen was kissed by Lei Qiaolin, Ye Chen of course returned the kiss given by Lei Qiaolin.

Ye Chen started to teach Lei Qiaolin how to do an adult kiss, with the help provided by Ye Chen, Lei Qiaolin quickly learned.

"This is too great" Lei Qiaolin felt that this was too great, what Ye Chen did was too great and made Lei Qiaolin very comfortable.

It seemed that Lei Qiaolin really liked what Ye Chen was doing.

Ye Chen's hand went into Lei Qiaolin's clothes, he started to touch Lei Qiaolin's double peaks.

Ye Chen used his hand to touch Lei Qiaolin's double peaks, it was very soft and very elastic, Ye Chen liked to touch this thing.

"no. . ., you are driving me crazy" Lei Qiaolin said to Ye Chen, she told Ye Chen that she had driven Lei Qiaolin crazy.

"You have such a good body shape, I can't miss this." Ye Chen said to Lei Qiaolin, he told her that he would not miss this, Ye Chen couldn't miss this opportunity to touch Lei Qiaolin.

Lei Qiaolin was powerless, she could only defend against Ye Chen's attack which was too strong, she couldn't possibly fight against Ye Chen.


Ye Chen and Lei Qiaolin started having fun, both of them started having fun and enjoying the fun that each other was giving.

Lei Qiaolin had already completely fallen, she wanted to quickly give such a beautiful thing to Ye Chen.

she might have completely fallen for Ye Chen.

Ye Chen wanted to do more with Lei Qiaolin, he couldn't wait to do more beautiful things with Lei Qiaolin.

When Ye Chen was about to enjoy the beautiful thing, he could feel that there was a huge movement outside, it seemed that something was going to happen outside.

"Why did you stop ?" Lei Qiaolin asked Ye Chen, why did Ye Chen stop at important moments, this made Lei Qiaolin uncomfortable.

"something bad happened" Ye Chen told that something bad happened outside.

Ye Chen went straight out, he wanted to see what was going on outside.

Lei Qiaolin was confused, she didn't know what Ye Chen was doing, what Ye Chen did was too sudden, Lei Qiaolin felt uncomfortable.

When Ye Chen came out, he saw that there were quite a few people eyeing Luo Bing and Chang Er's place, it seemed they were enemy members assigned to take Chang Er.

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