Jitsu wa Ore, Saikyou deshita? ~ Tensei Chokugo wa Donzoko Sutāto, Demo Ban'nō Mahō de Gyakuten Jinsei o Jōshō-chū!

Chapter 13: Maid-san is Watching
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Chapter 13: Maid-san is Watching

The room prepared for Raiace was the finest guest room in the castle.

Raiace jump to the bed with canopy and hit the pillow with his fist.

「Daaamn ! Shit Shit Shit! Why? Why I lost with such an incompetent?」( Raiace )

Unbelievable, unacceptable. In reality, it couldn’t be better.

(Didn’t you know that I’m a Prince? I’m the next king who draw the blood of Lightning Princess!)

It’s a lie that the difference of 20 times magic level is beaten one-sided, rather than being a blunder.

「No, that’s wrong! He’s desperately dodging my attack there. That’s why, such as one-sided beaten is..」( Raiace )

I didn’t want to think and wanted to believe that it was actually different.

However, when I think back what happen there, I’m trembling in fear.

Lastly, what did Hart do?

Certainly, the magic that was activated disappeared without any trace. Magic that disables magic. This is a trick that can only be done by the former [Sage].

「 Why am I beaten like this…」

The visit was troublesome and I didn’t feel like participating.

I had come all the way to the frontier because it was my mother’s instruction.

Find the “fault” of Sir Zenfis, the largest of the king faction. Anything is good as long as it makes Zenfis weakened.

That was the task assigned to Rias.

I thought it was troublesome. It’s not the work the prince does, it just a child complain though.

However, I told myself that it was a great opportunity for my mother and I came all the way.

What will my mother do if she knows that I failed?

――You can do it, right?

Raiace remembers her mother freezing smile, and an unfamiliar fear runs through the whole body.

Raiace shook his head from side to side to shake off his horrible imagination.

Even so, I thought about it all along the way to accomplish the mission.

Rather than finding fault of Sir Zenfis, the one who’s being rude is me.

But, your son is being rude with me, the Prince!

This is just a child’s grumble, but there is the limit for a nine-years-old prince.

「 Even if Sir Zenfis is not here, you still need to focus, My Prince.」

The escort knights move behind the scenes as he turns his attention. Because they are also immortalized by the queen.

Raiace itself, a good strategy is advanced in the nature of the “earth”.

「 I don’t have to be a good child」(Raiace)

He thought so …

「Your Highness Prince, excuse me.」(Knight A)

The door was knocked and several knights entered without waiting for a reply.

「It’s time for a dinner party. Please Get ready.」(Knight A)

The maids appear to change Raiace’s clothes.

It was a banquet to welcome the inspection team, but honestly, Raiace didn’t want to meet Hart. His Instinct is sharp even though he is a child

―――― That guy is a monster.

One of the knights who did not leave the room while Raiace changing clothes said,

「 On tomorrow farmland visit, please invite the daughter of Sir Zenfis.」(Knight A)

「 Huh? Why?」(Raiace)

「Maybe you need someone to talk to on the way. You’re close to the age of Charlotte, it ’s a good idea.」(Knight A)

Is that phrase contains a mockery?

「…… Mother ’s instruction?」 (Raiace)

「Please take care, Your Highness Prince」

I guessed it was Mother’s instruction because the subject was hidden.

(But what is my mother thinking ?? My partner is a seven-year-old girl? Can I get information that leads to the weakness of Sir Zenfis?)

But I couldn’t even think of my mother’s speculation.


Even though Raiace headed to the banquet, the knights were talking in his room.

The noble room where the Prince stay has many protection barriers, and no sound leaks. The knight utilized it.

「The Prince has done something unnecessary. And he loses unsightly in his own game. If you report it to the Queen, the Prince will be scolded.」(Senior Knight)

The oldest knight said that and laughter occurred.

「Anyway, there is no problem with the plan. The plan is tomorrow. At this forest point, attack the prince, the princess, and their carriage. 」

A senior knight points to the map on the table.

「I’m going first with some of my subordinates and go to this point.」(Senior Knight)

「And There you are attacked by a giant summoned beast.」(Young Knight)

「That’s right. We ’ll stand around and let the summoned beast clean up the targets. We can pass the guild to the Princess, but our priority is eliminating the target. You guys should keep Sir Zenfis doesn’t make a move.」(Senior Knight)

「Yes, that means he can get in the way so we can do everything smoothly.」 (Dunno who said this)

A separate unit is already being deployed at the target point. It is a summoned beast that pretends to be a demon, and it doesn’t have a foot.

If either the prince or the princess is injured, Sir Zenfis can be condemned for failing to confirm Royal Family’s safety.

「Don’t make any mistake! Keep in mind that if you fail, you will be penetrated by the arrow of light.」(Senior Knight)

The Lightning Princess has no mercy. It was such a big strategy and no failure was allowed.

The knights left the room, swallowing their saliva.

The whole story …




「Hmph, what a shallow guys」(Freya)

Maid-san was watching!

Freya was peeking into the room of Raiace at the remote monitoring barrier she had taken from Hart while cleaning the corridor.

All of their conspiracies, Maid-san knows everything.

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