Jitsu wa Ore, Saikyou deshita? ~ Tensei Chokugo wa Donzoko Sutāto, Demo Ban'nō Mahō de Gyakuten Jinsei o Jōshō-chū!

Chapter 12: Princess, Trembling with Fear
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Chapter 12: Princess, Trembling with Fear

(What.. what happened …?)

Marianne doubted her eyes.

The facts that happened are clearly recognized by her.

Raiace strengthened himself and weapons and attacked Hart at a speed exceeding ordinary people. Hart flew up to avoid the rush, and lightly struck the back of Raiace with the tip of a wooden sword.

TL : I think Author said that Hart lightly poke the back of Raiace’s head.. well whatever

However, this is only on the surface. There were a number of mysteries in the current flow.

The first thing that mysterious is the difference in ability.

The current magic level of Raiace is 9, and the amount of max magic level compared with Hart is about 20 times.

Magic power is directly related to the amount of magic level. The amount of magic power affects everything related to magic, such as magic activation time, power, duration, and parallel activation.

Therefore, it was impossible for Raiace who greatly exceeded Hart’s magic level to lose.

Maybe Raiace was careless. I’m sure he will say that.

However, Raiace has increased strength, increased agility, reduced weight, and increased reaction speed. Furthermore, weapon reinforcement was applied almost simultaneously by parallel activation.

At the age of 9, he was going to show off a terrible talent and be able to unwind with overwhelming power.

But, Hart’s magic level is 2, even if he try to counter it with defense-type magic, it will not trigger on time and he will get some broken bones without even reacting to what Raiace do.

However, the reality was going in the opposite direction.

「That’s what I’ve told you, Your Highness Prince, your ability is too different」 ( Gord )

Pick up what Uncle Gord said,

「 Uncle Gord, what is he…」( Marianne )

Marianne is so upset that she forgots the disctinction between public and private.

Gord responds accordingly,

「 No wonder that you’re surprised. Even for me, I don’t know what is that guy doing.」 (Gord )

「 What!」 ( Marianne )

「I can’t find any traces of magic, but he’s moving his body more than me who has strengthened with magic.」 ( Gord )

Although Hart, who has an extremely low magic level, has been practicing swords so that he can play an active part in the future, there is no other but Gord who can exchange swords in this castle.

「Trace … Yes, yes. When did he activate magic?」( Marianne )

Even if you have applied self-strengthening magic in advance, he with magic level of 2 will not have enough time. In the first place, it is impossible to stack multiple pieces.

Before, or after confronting Raiace? That is not possible. He was not chanting. No-chant magic can’t be performed with a single-digit magic level. Depending on the type of magic, you need at least 30.

「I do not understand」( Gord )

「Hey …」( Marianne )

Even his father, who spent 10 years together doesn’t know what he’s done. I can’t stop thinking about that.

However, it is also true that his movement cannot be explained without magic.

「Did he avoids Raiace by flying? Did he stop in the air after that?」( Marianne )

There was no preliminary action. Flying magic? This is impossible. Because it is B rank magic that can only be used at magic level 30 or higher.

「That ’s not magic, too?」( Marianne )

「What about?」( Gord )

「But, he should be casting some magic. Otherwise …」( Marianne )

Marianne moved her eyes to Hart.

Just as Raiace got up and swing his wooden sword to Hart. He swung the sword over and over again at the sword speed of an adult, cutting the wind each time.

「 Kuh, Damn! Why I can’t hit you!!」( Raiace )

Raiace swinging a sword with a face that seems about to cry.

In other hand, Hart dodge as if this fight is boring. He’s yawning like he doesn’t have motivation.

「Oh! Look at that Uncle , the current movement was also unnatural. The direction of movement has changed in the air, isn’t he floating in the air? Even if he doesn’t move his foot, he’s moving.!」( Marianne )

TL: Marianne calling Gord as Ojii-sama , should I keep it as Ojii-sama or translate it as Uncle?

「Ah, I don’t see that」( Gord )

「 No, surely, isn’t that weird ?」 ( Marianne )

「 Yes, that’s weird 」( Gord )

「Won’t you wonder what he did, Uncle?」( Marianne )

「It’s strange. I pointed out several times during the lesson and asked what he did, but that kid didn’t even know what it was.」( Gord )

Speaking of Margrave Gord Zenfis, he is a strong man who is said to have no one as good as him in this kingdom. The nickname of “Earthringing Warhammer” is not for show.

Marianne respects him who formed a party with the Lightning Princess to subdue the Demon King.

(I still respect him, but …)

A rather rough place wasn’t even hitting the ball.

「Look, Marianne. Hart is moving his legs.」( Gord )

「… Is it possible to hear our conversation?」( Marianne )

「… maybe」( Gord )

He still manage to hear our conversation even though we have some distance where our voice can’t be heard by him. I don’t understand anymore.

( Who in the world is he…?)

I want to find his secret, but I can’t think of a way.

「Daaaaaaamn !!!」( Raiace )

Raiace struggle and desperate. He was deceived by Hart’s brilliant move . The surplus momentum lost his balance and make him fall. High-quality clothes and a neat face were covered with soil, and nothing other than “unsightly”.

Raiace moved a little bit while standing on the ground.


TL : So this brat underestimated our MC , and now desperately trying to win a sword fight with magic attack?

Hey. it was a game with a sword.

「Raiace !! Stop it!!」 ( Marianne )

Gordo also noticed and tried to jump out. But not in time.

「Now!, eat this. Fireball!」 ( Raiace )

The protruding right hand of Rias was pointed at Hart who was on the side.


Now, the conversation between Father and the Princess have no progress

Although it was annoying to move the body, so I was flying around secretly, but, if you really watch my move carefully , you will notice it. Dad gave up a lot with what I’ve done so far, but I don’t know what if other people saw me.

Of course, it’s thanks to the barrier magic that I can move beyond the magic-enhanced Raiace. The barrier that covers my body works like a power assist suit.

But, it’s troublesome, since this power assist suit move a little roughly, so it’s easier to make it float in the air. I want to upgrade to strengthen it on a cell-by-cell basis.

Well, it’s okay to know that I’m using a strange magic, but when I looked at it,what if they examined me and say, “Is he the prince who was thrown away 10 years ago? It ’s hard to be suspected.

At best, you should be aware that my physical ability is high or great.

I tried to act to put my feet on the ground while try to dodge Raiace attack.

I wonder if it will end soon.

It ’s also possible to pretend to have been hit by his shitty attack. Well, should i wait until Raiace’s magical power is exhausted?

「Daaaaaaamn !!!」( Raiace )

Raiace, swinging down the wooden sword vertically with his last power.

When I dodge it, it was all over.

Clumsy. Too clumsy.

TN : Raiace has done his best with all that enhancement magic, and what our MC said? Clumsy. Bahahahaha

This feels good ! Well, actually not. Because there is father’s position.

Oh? Raiace is mumbling something while lying down.

Ah, he’s chanting.

Even though it is a rule that you have decided, you try to get revenge with magic attack.

It’s fireball spell.

「Raiace, stop it!!」( Marianne )

At this angle, if I avoid it, it will hit the castle wall. It’s okay to take it normally, but ….

「Now!, eat this. Fireball!」 ( Raiace )


The courtyard is wrapped in silence.

「Why, why? Fireball! Fireball!」( Raiace )

There was no change in the appearance of the hand extended by Raiace, who calls the spell name.

「Raiace, your magic has run out.」

Marianne-neesan came.

「 N-No!! I can still…」 (Raiace )

Raiace looked at my eyes and made a funny voice.

Indeed I think you may know. You’ve cast your magic properly …

I was making a plane barrier just in front of Raiace’s right hand. The fireball he released was sucked into it and disappeared.

TN : Plane here is plane on geometry. In mathematics, a plane is a flat, two-dimensional surface. A plane is the two dimensional analogue of a point (zero-dimensions), a line (one-dimension) and a space (three-dimensions). Planes can arise as subspaces of some higher dimensional space, as with the walls of a room, or they may enjoy an independent existence in their own right, as in the setting of Euclidean geometry.

It goes somewhere,not here.

I don’t know where it go beyond dimensions.

「Next, do you know what I want to say …?」( Marianne )

The frightneted Raiace says something unclear.

「Marianne , this guy――」 ( Raiace )

「 Don’t joke around!! Are you going to break the rules you set yourself, and expose you to the habit?」( Marianne )

TN: Oh, this brat habit is breaking his own rule..

「 Guhh……」 ( Raiace )

Raiace was guided by father and was accompanied by the escort knights and rested in the guest room.

This is the end. It was a waste of time.

Finally, I can go back to my room.

「 I’m sorry. My brother was rude. By the way, is your magic level is 2? 」( Marianne )

「… Yes, that’s right」 ( Hart )

That was the first conversation with my older sister.

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