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This content is taken from 𝙛𝙧𝙚𝙚𝔀𝙚𝓫𝒏𝓸𝓿𝙚𝒍.𝓬𝓸𝓶

Chapter 187.1

The phrase big brother flabbergasted Yaoniang and Jin Wang. They looked at each other and Yaoniang gave him a meaningful glance to say: this is what happens when you show up uninvited. Jin Wang couldnt be bothered to retort. He went to sit beside her, holding Erbao in his arms.

Wu-shi made tea for Jin Wang, and Jin Wang thanked her, addressing her as auntie, with a strange expression on his face. At this time, Huiniang called for Yaoniang outside, and she hurried out, leaving Jin Wang to his own devices.

When she saw Xiaobao and Yuchan as she went out, Yaoniang hurriedly told Xiaobao that his father was inside before hurriedly leaving.

The Su Family really didnt have enough manpower. They even had to invite outsiders to help with the wedding banquet, but there had to be someone to supervise them. Su Xiucai was busy greeting his colleagues, Yao Cheng had to go to the door to greet guests, and Huiniang was busy running back and forth between the yard and the kitchen, so she couldnt supervise. This was why she called Yaoniang for help.

The West Wing, which had been vacant all the time, was purposely vacated. A few tables were set up for entertaining distinguished guests. The yard was also full of tables, and the wedding banquet team was busy coming and going. As time passed, more and more guests came to offer their congratulations, and most of these people were the neighbours of the Su Family.

Wu-shi had a good temper and got along well with her neighbours. Today, the Su Family was holding a wedding. With such a big commotion, naturally, everyone came to offer their congratulations.

Standing at the door, Yao Cheng led people in one by one. There was Uncle Mao, Aunt Hua, Aunt Ma, and Aunt Ma. It was admirable that even though he didnt spend his time at home, he was still able to recognize these people, and even knew them by their names.

One of the older women had a very loud voice. As she walked through the door, she yelled: Mother of Yucheng, congratulations, congratulations!

At this moment, Wu-shi could no longer be worried about Jin Wang. She hurried out from inside to greet them. Thank you for your good wishes and for taking the trouble to come here!

Aiya, what are you talking about? As his auntie how could I not be here for Yuchengs wedding? By the way, this is

These words were said referring to Xiaobao who was in Wu-shis arms. Xiaobao did not escape Wu-shis clutches in the end and was held by Wu-shi as she chatted with Jin Wang about how Xiaobao looked like his uncle. As soon as this old lady with whom she shared a good relationship with came, she rushed out with Xiaobao still in her arms.

This child looks really energetic. Look at this boy, he looks like a little grown-up! He doesnt look like the grandson from your eldest daughters family, is he from your younger daughters?

Wu-shi said loudly, Yes. Hes the grandson of my youngest daughters family. His name is Xiaobao. Xiaobao, call her grandma. She is Grandma Guihua.

Embarrassed, Xiaobao said Grandma Guihua!

Aiyo, how eloquent! I can just tell you will be a high-ranking official when you grow up. Come and let Grandma Guihua carry you so your grandma can go welcome the guests. Grandma Osmanthus will bring you candy and pastries to eat!

It could be seen that this old woman had a good relationship with Wu-shi. Carrying Xiaobao, they went to sit at the nearby table. In the middle of the table was a plate of dim sum and fruit, the dim sum included sweet cakes and pastries, and the fruit plate was filled with melon seeds, peanuts, red dates and so on.

The banquet hasnt started yet, so these were snacks for the guests who arrived first.

Yu Chan had been watching from the sidelines. At first, she was surprised by the old womans open nature. Seeing her carry Xiaobao away, she subconsciously followed her.

Here, the one whom Yao Cheng called Aunt Hua had already sat down with Xiaobao in her arms and was peeling a handful of peanuts for him to eat.

You have to eat the peanuts with the skin. This red skin is the most nourishing.

Seeing Yuchan coming so abruptly, Aunt Hua took a look at her. Lass, which family are you from? Why havent I seen you before? Are you a relative of the Su Family?

I am, I am Yu Chan didnt know how to reply. She wanted to say she was a maid, but she was afraid it would be too unexpected.

It was only when Xiaobao called her Yu Chan that Aunt Hua stopped asking her as she said, Oh, you are from Yuchengs younger sisters in-laws family, arent you? Come, come, take a seat.

This series of titles made Yu Chan confused, but she soon understand her meaning. She was indeed from the princes manor, so Aunt Hua wasnt wrong. Yu Chan hurriedly nodded her head.

During this period, several other old women came. Most of them were women of the same age as Wu-shi. After they arrived, they chatted with each other and gossiped about the latest things they heard. Some of them lavished compliments on Xiaobao, without forgetting to praise Wu-shis good fortune.

Hey, have you seen Yuchengs younger sister? Earlier, I said I was going to help in the kitchen but was stopped and I happened to bump into her. Tsk tsk tsk, Ive never had the chance to see her in the past, but today I saw her. So tender and beautiful, I dont know who has such good fortune to marry such a beautiful wife.

When Xiaobao heard that they were talking about his mother, he perked his ears to listen.

Someone laughed seeing his reaction, This little boy is so sensible and obedient.

You mentioned his mother. Of course, hell pay attention.

Several old women smiled, and one of them interjected, That young lass is so pretty. I wonder if her husband is here today?

Hey, now that you mentioned it, the Su Family has moved here for so long, yet I havent seen the younger daughters husband yet.

The two of them are probably busy wit their own matters. Even though the young lass came back today to help out, she has been running back and forth, making sure everything is running smoothly.

Since he can marry a fine young lass, the man definitely couldnt be too bad. fr(e)ewebnovel

Thats hard to say. Havent you heard of the saying that a good man does not have a good wife, while a poor man marries the flower?

Bah, bah, bah, what are you talking about? Today is a happy day.

The old woman who said the wrong thing hurriedly pretended to slap her mouth. She said with a smile: Look at my mouth.

Before she finished her words, Xiaobao suddenly called out: Father!

Following the sound of his cry, the eyes of all the old women present immediately turned toward Jin Wang.

Wu-shi had left in a hurry, leaving behind the two people in the main room, Jin Wang and Erbao. Originally, there was also Hong Chou, but Hong Chou was ordered by Jin Wang to go and help Yaoniang.

Normally, people wouldnt enter the main courtyard of a residence casually, but today was different. From time to time, people would go in or out to get things or find someone.

Everyone who came in saw a man sitting inside, so good-looking it was as if he had walked out of a painting. However, as soon as they asked Jin Wang a question about what they were looking for, he wouldnt know the answer and both parties would feel awkward.

Jin Wang couldnt remain like that any longer, so he came out with Erbao in his arms. He wanted to find Yaoniang, but unfortunately, he didnt see anyone he recognized. He was looking around when he heard Xiaobaos voice.

The old women were stunned for a moment, before coming back to their senses.

This is the younger daughters husband?

The child called him father, so youre definitely not wrong!

He looks so handsome!

These old women dont know the meaning of being reserved and dared to say anything. TO be honest, a lot of elderly women in commoner families were like this. They were the elders, and the other party was someone from a younger generation. They were used to being on intimate terms with those from the younger generation.

Come, come, husband of Yuchengs mothers younger daughter. Is there no place to sit? Come sit here!

Another poor man was confused and disoriented by this series of addresses.

However, Jin Wang still came over because Xiaobao was here.

Yuchengs mother is really something. Leaving her own son-in-law here and neglecting him. Child, you mustnt blame her. Your elder brother-in-law is marrying today, and the whole family is so busy their feet can barely touch the ground.

This must be the second child of the family. He is just as fair and tender as his brother.

Since both of the parents look so fine, the children will naturally be good-looking as well.

Come here. Let grandma hold you.

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