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Chapter 186.3

Lancao had already prepared herself to be slapped, but who would have thought that such an unexpected person would appear?

Why are you here?

Before Su Yucheng could answer her, Xia Dazhu scolded, Where did this cripple come from? Coming over to my house to fight, are you looking for death?

Xia Dazhu did not look like a pushover. He had wide shoulders and a thick waist. He swung his fist with power while cursing with his mouth. Although Su Yucheng had difficulty moving, he had trained in the Wucheng military forces before. He really wasnt afraid of these fancy moves with no substance that relied purely on strength. He dodged his opponents fist and tripped Xia Dazhu with his good leg. He fell to the ground with a crash, but Su Yucheng was also sweating profusely from the pain.

Master, are you okay?

Great! You damn girl dare to ask your sugar daddy to beat your brother! Having a cripple as your sugar daddy, youre really promising! Im going to beat you two to death today!

Seeing Xia Dazhu struggling to get up from the ground, Lancao grabbed Su Yucheng and ran away. freewebno(v)el

Lancao ran very fast, and Su Yucheng followed her with his limp leg. They didnt stop until they ran a long way and were far away from the alley of the Xia Family house.

Why are you here? Lancaos expression was complicated.

Su Yucheng grinned. His Highness Jin Wang agreed to let me marry you.


Lancao was stunned before noticing that there was something wrong with Su Yuchengs facial expression. Remembering the injury on his leg, she hurriedly said: Lets not talk about this for now. Lets go to a medical clinic to get your wound checked.

After arriving at the medical clinic, sure enough, Su Yuchengs wound had reopened. After getting it bandaged again, the two of them sat in the medical hall for a while before leaving.

It was already dusk. The two found a corner and stood there.

His Highness has agreed to our marriage. Lancao, can you marry me?

Lancao didnt speak.

Su Yucheng became a little anxious, Before you said you were not good enough for me. I dont think you arent worthy of me. You said that it was because youre a maid n the princes manor. Now that you are free, and His Highness has agreed, do you have any other reservations?


If you have any difficulties, just tell me, and I will definitely solve them.

I dont have any difficulties, said Lancao in a complicated mood. Then she said, Im just afraid that you will regret it in the future.

I wont regret it! said Su Yucheng firmly.

Lancao sighed, Then remember what you said today.

You mean you agreed?

She nodded, and Su Yucheng was as happy as a child.

Afterwards, the two discussed the details from now until their marriage. Su Yucheng didnt want Lancao to return to the Xia Family house, but Lancao insisted. She said that Xia Dazhu would not do anything to her, saying that he had been like this ever since he was a child, and she had never been hit by him before.

Su Yucheng could only let her go back and said that he would come to propose marriage soon. But regarding Su Yuchengs identity, Lancao discussed it with him to conceal it and not mention a word of his connection to Jin Wang Manor.

In the blink of an eye, another month passed. The Su Family in the Xia Tangzi Alleyway was bustling with excitement as red decorations hung all around.

The Su Family had no relatives in the capital, so they only invited a few friends of Su Yucheng, a few friends of Father Su, and the Yao Family.

Yaoniang also came, bringing along Xiaobao and Erbao with her, saying that she had specially asked for permission from His Highness and the consort.

Wu-shi wiped away her tears happily, holding Erbao in her arms, unwilling to put him down.

It was unusual since Erbao was usually not fond of being held by strangers, yet he let Wu-shi carry him. Wu-shi said that Erbao looked like Su Xiucai, her own father, and Su Yucheng, after all, nephews often look like their uncles. All in all, little Erbao resembled around a dozen people.

Fortunately, Xiaobao was now old enough to walk around by himself. Otherwise, he likely wouldve gone through this experience as well.

Taking advantage of the excitement outside, Jin Wang came in through the gate, dressed completely in cyan. Due to the number of people coming in and out for the wedding today, no one stopped him. Yaoniang was instructing the servants about welcoming the visitors later when she saw him coming, so she hurriedly greeted him.

Why are you here?

I cant come?

Its not that you cant come, but didnt you say you wouldnt come? It was agreed that only Yaoniang would come with the two children. For a person as cold and intimidating as Jin Wang to appear, what if he frightened the Su Family?

After all, in the hearts of the Su Family, Jin Wang was a prince with a domineering personality and Yaoniang was only an unfavored concubine. If he appeared, everything would be exposed. Huiniang was especially busy today and Wu-shi only cared about her relatives and grandchildren. Su Xiucai was busy greeting the guests, leaving her and Yao Cheng to manage everything else going on.

When Huiniang saw Jin Wang, she was terrified. Your Highness!

Yaoniang hurriedly said, Sister, since you are here, dont address him as Your Highness. Tell them, just say She looked at Jin Wang. After a glance, she thought of an excuse, Just say that His Highness happened to pass by, and came in to experience the customs of the common people. Make sure they dont slip up in front of the guests.

Alright, alright. Ill go tell mom. Have your brother-in-law go tell father.

Jin Wang was led to sit in the main room. There were only Wu-shi, Erbao, and a maid in the main room.

As soon as Jin Wang came, Erbao stretched out his arms toward his father for a hug. Wu-shi was a little hesitant as she thought about her daughters instructions not to address him as His Highness. She said, This big brother, please take a seat. Ill prepare some tea for you.


Wu-shi: Big brother, is the tea delicious?

Jin Wang: Delicious.

Wu-shi: Its good that you enjoy it. Big brother, please be nicer to my daughter.

Yaoniang: Mother, why are you calling him big brother?

Wu-shi: Then what should I call him? Young man? Little brother? Junior? He is not young at first glance. He looks older than your brother!

Jin Wang who is not young: O__O

Authors note: Big brother is an older womans affectionate address for a man younger than herself, which appears in spoken language. It shows respect for people and closeness.

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