I've Turned Into A Fox Girl?

Chapter 260 Rise And Shine
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<The next morning>

Shaman, Elysia and Clara were snuggled up together peacefully sleeping. It had been one of the best nights of sleep they have had in a while as the bed quality was somehow much better than Freja's. Also after a night of stress relief, they were able to relax fully.

However, it would come to an end when a loud siren echoed throughout the room. The 3 girls all jumped out of bed terrified while also pulling out their weapons. They also used the system to put on some clothes since they were still in their birthday suits after last night's endeavours.

The siren quieted down when suddenly Elaina's voice boomed throughout the room.

"Shaman, Elysia, Clara, Silver and Elanor, please meet me in the barracks. Some servants will lead the way, so don't worry about getting lost. Also, be quick, if you are not here in 20 minutes I will drag you out in whatever state you are in." The girls were so surprised by the sudden announcement that it took them a moment to realise Elaina had actually broadcasted it directly to their minds.

After getting the message, the 3 girls fell back onto the bed relieved but also annoyed at the sudden wake-up.

"Urghh did she really have to wake us up like that." Elysia groaned in annoyance as she did not appreciate the crude treatment.

"What even is the time?" Clara wondered if they had slept in or something considering the rude awakening. Hopefully that would mean they wouldn't start their training right this instant.

[It's 8 am] Rea displayed a message in front of everyone illustrating the time and everyone rolled their eyes.

"I was hoping for at least a sleep-in. We haven't even had the chance to evolve to tier 7 and spend our points." Shaman was hoping they could get a day to themselves since there was still some housekeeping that needed to be done when it came to their system.

"We should be able to tonight." Elysia figured things shouldn't be too rough today since it is only day 1.

"We can only hope." Clara wished that was the case, but from what she could tell, Elaina seemed very strict.

*Sigh* "Let's not waste any more time, we should probably make a good first impression by being early." Shaman knew that Elaina had no connection to them other than being Freja's mentor, so there was no expecting any sort of special treatment. They were treated nicely for now, but that was most likely because of Freja so there was no telling how Elaina would treat them.


<5 minutes later>

After cleaning up both themselves and the room, they all exited the bedroom where they found demons waiting for them. The servants gesture to follow them and so they did, all the way to the back of the castle. ฦ’๐‘Ÿ๐žewe๐š‹๐‘›๏ฝ๐™ซ๐šŽl. ๐’„o๐—บ

Reaching an open area, They noticed Elaina waiting outside of a building in one of the corners along with two others.

It was Himeko and someone with blue hair who they have never seen before.

"Mom!" Just then, Silver yelled from behind while running up to Shaman. Turning around, Shaman gave Silver a hug and also spotted Elanor coming out of the door as well.

"Hey sweeties, did you sleep well?" Shaman stroked the back of Silver's head, enjoying the feeling of comfort.

"Mhm, although I didn't like how I was woken up." Silver also shared the same annoyance with everyone else as a mental wake-up was a new kind of alarm no one wanted.

"Haha, we didn't either so you're not the only one." Shaman was glad that she wasn't the only one, but at the same time, this was her son so a little bit of anger built inside of her.

"Anyway, let's head over, they are already waiting for us." Shaman pulled away from Silver and began walking towards Elaina. Everyone followed along as they all approached the barracks. As they stopped before her, Elaina stared at them scanning every part of their body.

Without saying a word, she walked up to Clara and flicked her horns causing them to go back to their original red form.

"So she wasn't lying." Elaina had to confirm that Clara was indeed her relative. Elaina had already guessed it was Clara, but without seeing the horns in person there was still some doubt in her mind.

"O-oh ummm." Clara felt her heart stop as her fake identity was just utterly destroyed in under a second. She didn't know how well the conversation about who she really was went so her mind braced for the worst.

"Don't be afraid, I have no anger towards you. As long as you don't threaten my position as the demon queen then I won't hurt you. Also, don't think that just because you are my cousin I will play family, you have to earn it before I consider you part of the same bloodline." Elaina's voice was very cold which was understandable, but Clara couldn't help feeling depressed.

Knowing for sure that Elaina was Clara's real family, it was a stab in the heart to hear her words.

Shaman and Elysia noticed the change in expression on Clara and so they grabbed her hand to console her. Himeko frowned upon hearing Elaina's words, but there wasn't much she could do.

*Sigh* "Moving on, I am still very busy so today will be short and more of a preparatory step for the coming months. Here we have Himeko who will be assisting me, and the girl next to her is Jane. She was a part of the pope's admirals, but she was smart enough to bail on him so she is going to be the one to forge your very own tier 10 weapons." After introducing the new girl, Shaman instantly recognised the name as it belonged to the person who made her current sword.

Saman wanted to speak up and talk to Jane, but right now it was neither the time nor place.

"To outline what we will be doing exactly, you will mainly be doing raids on the dungeon to get your tier up to at least 9, but that will be the final task of your training. What we will be doing before you head into the dungeon will be constant mock battles against many of myโ€ฆ remaining soldiers and me."

"Another point of focus is the use of your mana. It may seem odd, but there is a lot of waste in how lower tiers use their mana making you exhausted quicker. You naturally do learn how to be efficient, but that takes years if you do not have a mentor."

Now before I begin, I want you all to state your names, weapons, fighting style and elements." Elaina did a big exposition of what to expect which seemed reasonable, but at the same time sounded long and gruelling.

"I'm Shaman, I use a Katana and I'm mainly a close-range fighter. My elements consist of Ice, Stardust, wind, water and fire." Shaman wasn't sure if she should reveal she has stardust but thought it would be stupid to hide since it is her natural element.

Elaina raised an eyebrow upon hearing the rather long list of elements. She knew very few people that held more than 3 elements, so when Shaman counted 5 it made Elaina very interested in what Shaman is capable of.

"Elysia, I use a spear and bow making me ranged, but also close combat if need be. My main element is vampiric fire."

Once again Elaina was intrigued as she has never heard of this kind of flame, making her curious about Elysia's identity.

"My name is Silver, I use a scythe and my element is shadows. With that said I am more of the assassin of the group." Silver had accepted that he isn't very strong when fighting head-on, so he embraced his role as someone who is more subtle and uses tricks rather than fighting.

Elaina nodded her head finally seeing someone who is relatively normal, not to mention Freja also had affinity with shadows meaning Elaina was familiar with how to train him.

"C-Clara, I use l-lightning and 2 whip blades making me a mid to close-ranged fighter." Clara was still nervous, afraid of being judged so she ended up stuttering some of her words.

Elaina didn't show much reaction to Clara's response since it was exactly what she expected.

"I'm Elanor and my weapons are dual fans. My elements are holy nature and wind. I don't really know a specific role I fit in, but the closest thing would be restraining enemies from mid-range.

Elaina would need to see what Elanor is capable of before making any judgment, but one of her elements was quite unique.

"With that said, I can tell you are all on the cusp of tier 7, so I want to see how you fight." Elaina suddenly pulled out a double-edged axe which was similar to the demon one she used before, but this one was meant for training.

"Any rules?" Elysia suddenly became excited as she would love to go all out against someone much stronger.

"There are none, but I will be taking you all one-on-one and if you lot are still standing by the end we can also do an all-on one fight to finish things off."

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