It's Hard to Control My Naughty Wife!

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Misha was surprised by Kia's attitude. She didn't touch her food. Was it because the food wasn't good or because she was tired of the food here?


"Are you sick?" Misha changed seats and took the seat next to Kia, pressing his knuckles to her forehead.

"I'm fine," Kia said fiercely, brushing Misha's hand off her head.

"You don't look fine, is there a place you want to visit? Or the food you want to eat?" Misha asked again in a concerned tone.

"No thanks, I just want to go home." Kia felt a little embarrassed and avoided looking Misha in the eye. She didn't want this man to know what was on her mind right now, especially what she said earlier.

His ego would only get bigger and bigger and it would be difficult to get rid of him.

"Then let's go home, I want to see my daughter," Misha said lightly while holding Kia's hand. He was in a bad mood after talking to Daniel and remembering how the man said that Mika was not his daughter.

It seemed, at that very second, he wanted to fire the impudent man for even daring to say that Mika was not his daughter.

The man really didn't know what to say and what not to say…

"You said it very easily," Kia said in a criticizing tone.

"Don't tell me that she's not my daughter anymore, because I wouldn't believe it," Misha growled, pulling Kia out of the restaurant.

Luckily, this time Kia didn't say anything and just stayed silent, following where Misha wanted to take her, as they walked to the car park.

But, before getting there, Nadia waved her hand from a distance and called out Kia's name.

Realizing this, Kia pretended not to notice it, however, it was difficult to do so when Misha looked confused at Kia's reaction to the person who called her so excitedly.

"Someone calls you," Misha informed her, although he felt that Kia knew this too.

"Ignore it." Kia didn't want to communicate with this person at all and preferred to stay away. She just wanted them to leave immediately. "Where did you park the car? Why did you park it somewhere far away?" Kia grumbled as she quickened her footsteps.

Hearing the grumble, Misha could only stare at Kia who looked irritated. He wondered if the woman approaching them bothered Kia so much that she looked annoyed when approached.

Meanwhile, Nadia continued to chase after them, until she was standing in front of them both, gasping for air at having to run so far and fast to catch them both.

"Kia!" she cried, panting. "Didn't you hear me screaming for you?" she asked in a slightly annoyed tone.

But, Kia was not so affected. "Oh, sorry, I didn't hear you. What is it?" She had an innocent expression, so it was hard to tell if she was lying or not right now.

"Seriously… you didn't hear me calling you that loud…" Nadia complained, she wiped the sweat off her forehead and straightened herself.

"What is it? I'm in a hurry." Kia reminded Nadia's intention and purpose for calling her.

"I just wanted to ask if we're having a shift tomorrow?" Nadia didn't think about what question she would ask when she called out to her earlier, therefore, she just uttered the first thing that crossed her head.

"You can go back to the restaurant and have a look. I'm on the morning shift." Kia then pulled Misha's hand to leave immediately. "If you have nothing more to say, I'll be leaving."

"Wait!" Nadia held Kia's hand and immediately rushed to speak before Kia could escape from here. "Tomorrow there will be a get-together, why don't you come together with your lover?"

Kia knew it would turn out like this. "I'm busy, I can't come." She did not directly admit that Misha was her lover but preferred to avoid the invitation.

"Oh, but this is really your lover?" Nadia asked again. She looked like a busybody who couldn't leave Kia alone. "You said he was 'yours', so I wonder what kind of relationship you two actually have…"

Kia's expression immediately turned into a very surprised one, she turned pale and moreover there was a feeling of unease after seeing Misha's expression.

At that moment, Misha felt irritated with what Daniel said today and when he heard what the woman in front of her said, he was stunned.

"What did Kia say about me?" Misha asked in a voice so polite and gentle that it made Kia shudder when she heard it. Such an attitude didn't suit Misha's personality at all, she wanted to ask him to stop, because it was truly scary.

"She said that you were 'hers'," said Nadia, repeating what Kia had said a while ago. "I don't know what she meant by that…" Nadia then covered her mouth shyly after saying that, as if she found what Kia said was very unreasonable.

However, Misha smiled even wider and Kia really wanted the ground to split and swallow her whole right now because she couldn't stand seeing Misha smiling triumphantly like now.

He was much more terrifying and dangerous when he smiled.

"Yes, she is right, I am 'hers'," Misha said without a second thought. He gripped her hand very tightly.

And instantly, when she saw Misha's happy smile, the smile on Nadia's lips was erased and she stared at the handsome man in front of her in disbelief.

Meanwhile, Kia could only hold her breath and also her emotions. Her head started aching as this woman kept blurting out without thinking twice.

"What? So, you two are in a relationship?" Nadia looked displeased when she said that. "Did you know that she already has a child?"

Nadia only had one goal when she mentioned Kia's child, which was to bring her down, but of course that didn't apply to Misha.

The man just chuckled and said proudly. "Of course I know, I am the father of that sweet girl."

After saying that Misha immediately grabbed Kia's hand to leave, they didn't need to spend their time there.

On the other hand, Nadia was flabbergasted, she was at a loss for words to reply to this, even when Misha left her behind, she still stood frozen in her place.

He is the father of Kia's child? That's impossible, right? Especially when Nadia saw the car Misha was driving out of the parking lot. It was not just an expensive car that you could get just because you have money…

If that man was that rich, why did Kia have to work at this restaurant?


"'Yours', huh?" Micah asked with a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. He seemed to enjoy the fact and wasn't shy about bringing it up when they were out of the parking lot of the restaurant where Kia worked.

"You seem to be very good at dealing with women," Kia said in a sarcastic tone, she ignored what Misha said. "Oh, I sometimes forget that it's really your thing."

Hearing that, Misha frowned. "Are you jealous?"

Kia turned her head quickly and showed a facial expression that looked as if she had just seen something disgusting when she heard that. "Should I? You can fuck her for all I care like what you did four years ago."

Kia could see the look of surprise that crossed Misha's face when he heard this and how he couldn't find any words in return, not even to apologize, because he knew Kia didn't care about his apologies.

On the other hand, Kia was happy because she could see the change in Misha's expression at that.

"The Tordoff family party will be in one week, I think we have to find a dress that fits you," said Misha, breaking this silence. His tone didn't change in the slightest and this made Kia a little disappointed.

Did she have to say anything louder to make this man remember what happened? Why did Kia have to bother feeling like this when she had been able to suppress her feelings so well in the past and suppress her anger and annoyance?

"I told you I wasn't going with you, didn't I?" Kia said in an even tone. She looked down at the street and realized that Misha wasn't planning on taking her back to the apartment. "If you take me away other than back to my apartment, I'll jump out of this car."

Hearing the threat, Misha turned his head. He looked at Kia closely, trying to find out if she was really serious about her threat or not.


And immediately Misha grimaced, he recognized that cold, emotionless expression. It was the same expression Kia showed him four years ago when she didn't even care if he was with another woman.

The same emotionless expression that made him remember this woman for four years and wonder how she really felt.

And for the first time, Misha had to admit that he felt uncomfortable with Kia's expression.

Therefore, he turned the car toward the road back to her apartment. "Okay. Maybe next time we'll go look for the dress."

Kia did not respond to the suggestion at all and continued to pay attention to the road in front of her.

For some reason after reuniting with her family, her emotions seemed to be all over the place and this made Kia unable to think clearly.

Somehow she felt very tired, even though she didn't work for a long period of time.


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