It's Hard to Control My Naughty Wife!

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Apple, Jayden and Gladys immediately rushed into the room when they heard someone shouting and it went without saying that either Pyro or Misha had woken up from their sleep and found one another in the same bed.

"Don't shout like that, you make my head hurt," Misha grumbled, he didn't even care where he was right now. "Stop being so dramatic."

He pushed himself up to sit and looked around, to find, besides Pyro, there was Jayden, Apple and also Gladys, standing at the door.

However, instead of thinking that it was a strange thing to wake up like this, he ignored it and lay back down again. His head was still throbbing painfully, therefore, he wanted to continue sleeping.

"If you have seen enough, you can close the door, I still want to sleep a little longer."

And those were the words Misha said before he closed his eyes again and went back to sleep. How could he be so indifferent to his surroundings, when he was in a room that wasn't his own?

Meanwhile, the four people there couldn't help but stare at Misha, who had now gone back to sleep.

"What happened to this kid?" Pyro asked while rubbing his face roughly. He looked at Misha who looked very haggard and didn't look like himself at all. His face looked a little pale and there were faint wrinkles between his eyebrows, which indicated that he wasn't in a good shape.

"He drank too much last night," Apple explained. "Looks like he's hungover."

Pyro took a deep breath. He didn't know what Misha's problem was, because he was always so secretive, but what he did know now, this man was in big trouble, because otherwise there was no way it would bother him to this extent. He wasn't the type of guy to be easily distracted by trivial matters.

"Let him sleep then," muttered Pyro, who then immediately got up from his bed. He didn't want to lie down with Misha especially after he hugged him earlier. These children were indeed unpredictable, even though he had known them since they were little.

Meanwhile, Jayden immediately went over to Pyro and helped him to sit on the wheelchair.

After that, their breakfast went on quite uneventfully, except for Jayden fighting with Gladys here and there, but other than that, everything was fine.

After breakfast, Gladys had to leave because she wanted to meet her friend, while Jayden had to go back to the office. Looking at Misha's current condition, he didn't think it was the right time to disturb his cousin.

After all, before this, Jayden had been bothering him a lot by being absent at the company due to personal matters, so it seemed it was time for Jayden to switch positions with Misha.

"If he wakes up or he goes somewhere, just tell me, okay?" Jayden told Apple that his cousin hadn't woken up. He didn't say it clearly, but it could be seen that he was quite worried about Misha's unbiased attitude.

"Of course," Apple immediately agreed, and then escorted Jayden to the front door, where he kissed her forehead before he left.

"Ah!" Jayden exclaimed, his eyes wide, as if something shocking had just crossed his head.

"What is it?" asked Apple worriedly. "You forgot something?"

But, then Jayden's expression softened and he smiled sweetly at Apple. "Don't you see, our future together?"

Apple frowned. What nonsense was Jayden saying right now…

"What do you really want to say?" asked Apple confusedly when she saw Jayden smiling sweetly at her.

Instead, Jayden clicked his tongue and said impatiently. "I go to the office early in the morning and you accompany me to the door and I kiss you before leaving for work, don't you see that we are like a married couple?" Jayden said enthusiastically.

Apple was about to say something, but then they both could hear Pyro screaming from inside the house.

"Don't fantasize too much, get to work right away! Otherwise I'll come up to you and throw you straight into the Tordoff company," Pyro growled, which made Apple laugh when she saw Jayden's grumbling expression.

"He really knows how to spoil the mood," Jayden grumbled, who then immediately stole a kiss from Apple and ran away before he heard Pyro's rambling again.

Once outside, he immediately got into his car and continued on his way to the office.

However, just as Apple was about to enter the house, she noticed a small commotion going on. Since she had just seen off Jayden, this successfully caught her attention and made her go out of the house to see what was really going on.

And what she saw made Apple feel a little uncomfortable, because there, she found a woman in her forties, talking to Adrian in a high tone.

However, that was not all that bothered Apple, because she knew very well who the woman was.

"Mother?" Apple furrowed her brows in confusion when she saw the woman. They had not seen each other for about ten years and even so, Apple certainly still recognized her mother well.

"See? You heard that yourself, didn't you? I am her mother!" cried the woman while scolding Adrian because he said that she couldn't go straight into the house to meet Apple, because he had to confirm the woman's identity first.

"You want to meet her?" Adrian asked Apple. He looked a little annoyed when facing the woman, because she kept looking at himself with a condescending look, even though they had only met for less than three minutes. How could this woman make him so annoyed? It definitely required extraordinary abilities…

"Okay, what do you want to talk about?" Apple asked her mother. She wondered what made her mother come looking for her.

Only, when her mother was about to walk into the house, Apple stopped her.

"We'll just talk here," she said firmly.


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