Isekai Nonbiri Nouka

Chapter 8 - Life with Dogs
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Chapter 8 – Life with Dogs


Four new lives were born in the storehouse.

There are four black puppies similar to the male dog and female dog.

A female dog might have had a hard time but I felt like it is a simple delivery.

Am I too much influenced by TV?

It can’t be helped.

Because I could only watch TV when I was confined in the hospital.

In any case, the female dog seems to be safe. That’s good.

Well, it’s breakfast.

Anyway, as a celebration for puppy birth.

I’ll give the good part of the wild boar meat which I secured yesterday to the dogs.

I call the male dog and hand over the meat. He then took it to the female dog.

No way, is he dominated?

No, I think it is normal for a man to take care of her woman.

Besides, it is just a proper act since the female has just given birth.

I add woods on the bonfire and replenish the drinking water in the storehouse.

I wonder if I should extinguish the fire but if they are troubled by it, I think the dogs will take some action.

Since they have done nothing this morning, I judged that there is no problem.

But if a newborn puppy will burn itself, I’ll feel sorry.

I should make a fence around the fire.

It will increase the fireplace impression.

I should also have breakfast.


….Speaking of which, the body of the two of them were badly bruised, are they going to be okay?

When I look at the male dog’s body, it’s certainly full of scars but it’s healing.

Seeing their state yesterday, do they have high healing ability?

Anyway, since they don’t mind it, I guess there is no problem.

「I’m going to look for food. I’ll leave this place to you. 」

I said that to the male dog and decided to head for the forest.

I divided the wild boar meat into two so they’ll have food.

There is still rabbit meat but I preserved it by roasting it so it’s unreliable.

I can get over with it using the all-purpose farming tool but those two can’t.

Well, they have lived even before coming to my place so they might be able to do something about it…


Those two….I’m planning to keep the six of them including their newborn puppies but what plan do they have?

Did they just come to me give birth and plan to leave when the puppies grow up?

If so, I feel somewhat lonely.

I want them to leave me at least one puppy cause it was cute.

I guess it will not be possible.

No, no, wait, wait.

It is not yet certain that they’ll leave.

For the time being, let’s have them think that my place is a good place.

And, if possible, I want them to help me protect my field.

Therefore….I need to secure food. I have to show them that I’m a resourceful master.

Ten days have passed since the puppies were born.

The two dogs and puppies were completely taken care by and were indebted to me to look for another place.

I hope that they can assist me with my work.

Surprise number 1.

The two parent dogs are able to lightly jump over the log fence and moat that I made.

They can jump at the height of about two to three meters and a distance of five to six meters.

Then why did not jump over when they came here the first time? It is because of their injuries? Or is it because the female dog is pregnant?

Well, the parent dogs move around without permission and come into the forest and hunt rabbits etc.

I wonder why they did not eat it as it is and brought it before me. Do they recognize me as their master?

Or are they ordering me to remove the fur?

Well, I’m saved because they secure food.

Also, because I’m a bit uneasy, I expanded the width and the depth of the moat.

Still, parent dogs are jumping over without minding it ……

Surprise number 2.

The growth rate of puppies.

The puppies’ bodies are getting really big.

They are small and cute in the early days but in just 7 days, they stopped drinking milk and start eating meat like their parents.

If you look closely, their teeth are beginning to grow and the fangs are also showing.

However, they still have that cute atmosphere.

Surprise number three.

The dogs, both parents and puppies, are guarding my field.

To be precise, they were driving away the birds that are approaching the field.

Moreover, when they found suspicious bugs, they bark and call me.


Also, I was worried about the dog’s excretion for a while but I was thankful that they are doing it in a specified location.

These dogs might be highly intelligent.

By the way, I focused on securing food and building a new storehouse these past ten days.

The reason for those are more mouths to feed and the dogs are treating the previous storehouse as their house.

I did not have a hard time securing food because of the all-purpose farming tool.

Since I already have an experience in building one, the new storehouse is more steady.


Is it more comfortable living there?

My crib is built by making a hole in the tree trunk.

Because it is in a tree, I can’t use fire in there.

Should I make my crib the storehouse and make this my new shelter?

After considering it… I made a floor by arranging wooden boards on the ground of the new storehouse and decided to live there.

Afterwards, while looking at the state of the field, I secured some lumbers and started making small items.

Specifically, plates and cups.

The plates and cups that I used until now will become the dogs.

Compared to the time I first created one, I became able to make the new one’s remarkably well.

I think that it is a level that I can sell them.

However, I am not satisfied with that and now I am challenging uniting woods.

Up to now, the only process I could do is cutting from a big wood and its disadvantage is being a little too heavy.

***TN: He is basically saying that he is going to try making tools made by a union of different wood parts. So far, all small furniture he made are solids, which are either carved or cut from a single trunk ***

Though plates and glasses are just fine, things like buckets that can store water are heavy and hard to use.

I have the all-purpose farming tool so I can pick them up using the hook but I don’t want to rely on it on everything.

If I can make something by uniting different wood parts, I can make something lighter.

The end goal is a tub. I’ll try making a bucket for the time being.

How can I prevent water from leaking?

I’m also securing leaves.

Its main use is as wipes for the toilet.

Next is bed.

I found grass and collected it for the purpose of using it as toilet wipes but after using it, I understood that I shouldn’t have so I just keep it as it is.

If you enter the forest, it is hard to look for something because it grows to some extent.

So, I started collecting them in order to use them as bed although I’m surprised that I gathered more than expected.

They are not heavy but it is quite a labor to take the grass I mowed from that place just to make a bed.

But the result of that hard work is wonderful.

By the way, the puppies are the first to get a bed.

It was scary to have a grass bed near an open bonfire so I cleaned up the doghouse first.

I put the grass bed because of the delivery but at least they won’t be cold now.

I wonder how long this grass bed will hold.

It is a little depressing thinking that it is necessary to collect again when it withers.

Can’t I do anything about it?

It is really early but the growth of the bud on the field is good.

By the way, I began anticipating what was growing up.

Carrot, potato, cabbage, tomato, pumpkin, cucumber, eggplant, radish, spinach, corn, watermelon, strawberry.

Those are the crops I’m imagining when making the ridges.

So the crops you pray for when making the ridge will grow?

I want to experiment, but for the time being, I don’t want to do something again until the crops in front of eyes can be harvested.

Anyway, I haven’t raised a crop until now.

I don’t even know how much water is good or bad.

Moreover, the crops that I know of do not bloom this quick.

In other words, these might be plants unique to this world.

So, I divide one side of the field. I plowed around the perimeter of the ridge using the hoe form of the all-purpose farming tool on one side, I put some fertilizer and water the other, and did not do anything on the next.

Let’s predict how it will affect the harvest.

One thing that is common to all crops is insect extermination.

Because it did not know how to make agricultural chemicals, I thought about using fire but thinking about how it will influence the crops, I didn’t do it.

Thinking about it, insects dislike water so I changed the form of the all-purpose farming tool to a watering can and sprinkled water.

I discovered that the insects hate water when I was watering the crops.

After that, when I found a pest-like insect, I transform the all-purpose farming tool to a watering can and water it to eliminate it.

By the way, the dogs did not try to eat insects at all.

It seems that they’re good with the meat of beasts.

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