Isekai Nonbiri Nouka

Chapter 722 – Bron’s Midnight
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Chapter 722 - Bron’s Midnight

My name is Bron.

A beastman who is beginning to think that I was a fool to try and learn culture at a banquet.

Maa, let’s just get along with them.


It was midnight when I finally got out of the banquet called “Fisherman’s Reflection Banquet”.

I headed to the inn where I reserved a room in advance.

There are teleportation gates in Shashaato City that would allow me to return to the royal capital or go to village Five but considering the nature of my job as a welcomer, it would be better for me to stay here.

Thus, I decided that I’ll stay at Shashaato City as much as possible.

I don’t think I was wrong to do so.

Until I did.

No, I’m not regretting it.


It’s just a result of me going with the flow.

Let’s just accept it.

I have no regrets.

But I have to reflect.


When I was near the inn, I saw a group of people moving busily even though it was already midnight.


However, they are all wearing high-class butler and maid’s uniforms.

And they seemed to be looking for something.

The only thing I can think of is that…something must have happened to their master.

Did he fall and they are currently looking for a healing mage?

However, the places where they are looking at is kind of strange.

There’s no way you can find a healing mage if you open the lid of a trash can.

Perhaps they accidentally threw something important.

The man in butler clothes saw the thinking me.

What is it?

Why are you staring at me?


Oh, the other party seemed to know me.

Maa, where did we meet?

I can’t remember…

「We serve Count Pugyaru.」

Count Pugyaru?

Gol’s wife’s Enderi’s family.

I see. It is not surprising if we have met somewhere.

「Excuse us but, have you seen the family head?」

No, I haven’t seen him…

Don’t tell me that Count Pugyaru is missing.

「Yes. He’s supposed to be in his room alone but suddenly…forgive my impertinence but, can you help us search for him?」

Ah, yes.

「Have you contacted the governor?」

「Yes, I have. They are already helping with the search. However, because there was an event, they won’t be able to conduct a large scale search until tomorrow…」

That’s true.

However, I’m sure Miyo-san’s men are already searching for the count.

I heard that the governor is an excellent man so I’m sure he’s working as hard as possible.

What’s the current status of the search?

Is there any chance of the teleportation gate being used?

「It seems like he didn’t use the teleportation gate. However, considering the possibility of kidnapping, it is difficult to determine if passed through there or not.」


If they hid him in a box, it would be hard to tell if he used it or not.

That’s the problem with teleportation gates.

I’ll report this to Uncle Demon King later.

However, kidnapping is the worst-case scenario, right?

Is it possible that he moved alone?

「That’s also quite possible. Our lord prefers to move alone.」

Is that so?

「Yes. Especially when it comes to business.」

I see.

What was Count Pugyaru’s purpose for coming to this city?

「He heard that there was a big explosion incident near this city so he went here to investigate.」


I heard that Uncle Demon King has already investigated and taken care of that incident.

「This is just between you and me but, it seems like our lord took an interest in a book that was taken from the place that exploded.」

A book?

I’ve never heard of it.

「We don’t know if it’s true either because our only source of information is unconfirmed rumors…」


Well, I don’t care about the authenticity of that information.

What I want to know is whether it could be the cause of Count Pugyaru’s disappearance.

Considering what you just said, could it be that Count Pugyaru went to the explosion site alone?

Probably not.

If Count Pugyaru is alone, he might have a better chance of finding the whereabouts of the book.

He acted alone to get the book.

Do you think that’s possible?

No, I’m sure the count should have informed someone even if he wants to act alone…

For now, let’s assume that Count Pugyaru is looking for a book.

However, most of the bookstores are already closed because it’s midnight.

I don’t have any idea where he might be trading books behind the scenes.

Since the butlers who are searching for the book have already contacted the governor, I guess they don’t mind if things get a little out of hand.

The problem is that something might have happened to Count Pugyaru.

But, let’s ask them first.

If this gets bigger than expected, will it be okay?

「It’s fine. I’m sorry for troubling you.」


I wrote a letter for Youko-san of Village Five asking for help.

We are against time so I’ll make it brief.

Count Pugyaru is missing.

I want additional manpower to search for him.

I also want information on the usage of the teleportation gate.

That’s about it.

I’m sure Youko-san will understand the severity of the situation and send someone right away.


By the way, butler-san.

「What is it?」

I’d like to confirm something for the sake of research.

Does Count Pugyaru ever hide in a trash can?

「For the Pugyaru family, escaping is not a shame. Their family motto is “If you ever escape, use every means possible.”.」

I see…in other words, he will do what it takes to escape even if he has to hide in a trash can.

「He hasn’t done it yet but some of her daughters have already done it.」


I hope you’re not talking about Enderi-san.

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Now, there’s one thing I forgot.

The acting village chief of Village Five is Youko.

There’s no doubt about it.

However, at night, Youko returns to Big Tree Village.

It’s currently night.


It seems like my letter traveled to Village Five using the teleportation gate and from Village Five, it was sent to Big Tree Village.


Village Chief appeared.

「I’m not good at searching for people but in cases like this, number means a lot. Let’s do our best!」

The dragon king appeared.

「I have to show my grandchildren and great-grandchildren my good points.」

The gatekeeper dragon appeared.

「Let them taste the radishes I’ve harvested.」

Why these three?

The high elves oneesan and the lizardmen oniisans behind are enough, right?

Ah, Gucci-san’s here too.

Why are you holding your head?


You want to talk with me alone?


「Bron-sama, things have turned to worst. However, fear not. I will protect village chief. No matter what happens, I’ll protect him.」


How about Dors-san and Doraim-san?

「Nothing will happen to them even if you leave them alone. However, I have a request for you.」

What is it?

「They are just the first batch. The second batch will come soon.」

Second batch?

「Village chief’s wives. Since it was such a late hour, they’re kind of murderous.」


Their precious nighttime with village chief…

I interrupted them so they should be furious.


You’re not going to ask me to pacify them, do you?

「No. When this is all over, I would like you to back me up when the blame falls to me for some reason.」

Are you saying that this…fiasco is related to Gucci-san?

「It’s not just me. It’s related to ancient devils. Don’t put it the other way around, okay?」

Ah, yes.


An ancient devil(Gucci-san) appeared.

He seems to be focused on defending himself with everything he got.

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