Isekai Nonbiri Nouka

Chapter 7 - Dogs
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Chapter 7 – Dogs

Two dogs are accompanying me from behind as I walk.

They are quite obedient.

They crossed the moat and the fence and went inside my place. I invited them near the bonfire as it is but they did not get near.

Does it mean that beasts are scared of fire?

I thought about such a thing but it seems that the reason is different.

The two of them approached the body of the wild boar that I knocked down.

Because the wild boar was large, I only cut a necessary amount and left it.

…… Are you hungry?

I think it’s decreasing.

Wait, wait.

Wild boar meat was more delicious compared to the rabbit meat.

I’m not going to give it all to you.

I quickly cut the wild boar meat with the knife form of the all-purpose farming tool.

I secured the thigh part for the time being.

Then, the sirloin afterward is the…..ribs…….it was easy because I felt no resistance when using the knife form of the all-purpose farming tool.

I wrapped the meat I secured with large leaves and carried it to my tree trunk crib.

These large leaves were discovered at the outer part of the field that I reclaimed.

I gave the leftover meat and the bones to the dogs when I was done.

The two of them started eating wild boar with great momentum.

I thought about cutting it into smaller pieces so that it will be easier to eat but it didn’t seem necessary.

Anyway….I understood what I should work on next.

There is no table.

Thinking about it, I have been using the ground up to now.

I should have noticed it sooner.

I took a moderate size log and split it into two vertically. I then scrape the top of the half circle a little flat so that it won’t move.

The table of wild design is now complete.

In addition, I also prepared log chairs.

I feel that the cultural level has risen up.

While working on those, the dogs were chewing wild boar meat.

They ate a considerable amount.

I think that they have eaten more than their body size.

Well, I guess its better for them to eat it than be wasted.

I leave the eating dogs and thought about building a hut.

Once I harvest something on the field, I need a place to store it.

It’s a storehouse rather than a hut.

I had the feeling when I made the toilet.

Even if I had poor knowledge, I have the all-purpose farming tool.

However, an above the ground house is too difficult for an amateur.

In the end, I only can build something like the toilet.

The only difference would be the size and the floor.

The size is around 8 tatami mats.

It is going to be a storage place so I want it to be on a reasonable size.

By using thick trees as pillars on four corners, there will be no problem in strength.

The floor is not made of woods but the ground.

Considering that it is a crop storage, I thought that it would be better for it to be exposed to the cold ground.

After this, I’ll make shelves where I can place the crops.

By the way, by the time I tried getting woods to make shelves, the dogs had finished eating.

The wild boar has become bones.

What’s with her stomach?

I thought about it when the female dog screamed in pain.

Did she eat too much?

I tried to approach it in a hurry but the male dog howls and obstructs me.

I thought it wouldn’t be the case but the female dog wandered around and screamed again.

What’s this?

…….By chance, is she going to give birth?



She’ll give birth in such a place?


A place where she can give birth to.

In my tree trunk crib?

I kept the meat there.

If that is the case……

I induced the two dogs to go to the just made storehouse.

It’s better than an open field.

I guess the female dog thought so too and obediently entered the storehouse. She came and fall in the corner.

The male dog is looking at me anxiously.

Childbirth ……Childbirth ……

It is useless.

I don’t have a single fragment of knowledge about it.

For the time being, the day draws to a close.

If the sun goes down, the temperature goes down too.

I decided to lit a fire in the storehouse.

I lightly dig the ground near the center of the room and make a simple fireplace shape. I spread ash over it.

After that, I put woods on top of it and lit it up.

Smoke escapes from the lighting window.

There is no door too so they will not be fumigated.

After that is… drinking water.

I instantly scrape a log to an improvised bucket and carried water there.

It seems that I didn’t make a mistake because the female dog gulps down water immediately.

Afterwards…is she gave birth here, the puppies will fall on the ground….Is it alright for them to be directly on the ground?

However, I don’t have a blanket or anything similar.

If I knew that this would happen, I should have secured the rabbit fur or the wild boar hide.

From what I have seen on TV before, horses gave birth on straw.

However, there is no such thing as straw in this area.

It might be possible if I enter the forest and collects grass but it is already dark.

Even if I keep on plowing, collecting grass in the dark forest is an arduous work.

Can’t I do anything?

While thinking about it, the female dog takes action like digging the ground.


I put out the all-purpose farming tool and transform it into a shovel.

The difference between a shovel and a scoop is a part where you can put your foot on. For me, scoop is something that can be used with one hand.

I imagine a shovel then hold it with both hands.

It doesn’t matter.

I dug up a corner of the storehouse with a shovel.

Originally, this area is soft because it has been plowed by the hoe.

It softened more now that I’m using the shovel there.

I softened an area about 1 tatami mat in the corner of the room with the shovel.

The female dog understood what I had done and dug a hole in that soft place and hardened it using her paws and body to make it the birth place.

I only watch her afterward……

They are probably feeling vulnerable since they just met me.

I left it to the male dog and left the storehouse.

The day has fallen completely and it was already awfully dark outside.

I hope you give birth safely…

I can’t go to sleep as it is and decided to make accessories near the bonfire near my crib.

By the way, the wild boar’s bones looked scary at night so I plowed it with the hoe and it had become fertilizer.

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