Isekai Nonbiri Nouka

Chapter 35 - My Home
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Chapter 35 – My Home

It was a big solid house.

I wonder why.


It seems to be my new house.



Why this big?

「Because I want a room of my own. 」

「I have thought that our previous house is small for a long time. 」

「It’s the village chief house so it’s supposed to be like this.」

It has already been completed so I guess it can’t be helped.

Although it is big, it is similar to a log cabin since it was built without using nails.

I guess this is the size limit.

It also has the basic rectangular shape.

Though it is a big house, it is light and the center square is empty.

Houses during the middle ages are usually u-shaped or r-shaped.

On the contrary, my house is a long house where the long side extends to the east and west.

Only the door part bulges a little.

The bulging part is the entrance.

Immediately after entering is a big hall.

The width is roughly 10 meters.

The length of the room…. is about three times of that, about 30 meters.

The height is about seven to eight meters since it goes all the way to the second floor.

There are several pillars that are necessary as roof support but those also give a luxurious atmosphere.

「We could use this as a meeting place. 」

Rafa sticks out her chest and says that.

There is a big door in the depths of the hall and it is not a bedroom door but something like a courtyard.

Of course, it is the big tree where Zabuton lives.

If you think about it, it feels like my new house is something like a gate protecting the tree.

Just like Ria’s log house, there are doors and stairs that go up to the second floor to the left and right of the hall.

The end door on the left side of the first floor seems to be my private room.

I thought that I would like it on the right side to be closer to the toilet outside but it has its own private restroom.

「There’s a slime below it so use it well. 」

There are three toilets on the first floor.

Two are placed beside the stairs and one is in my private room.

My private room consists of a toilet, a bedroom, and a warehouse.

Each of the rooms, except for the toilet, in my private room is much bigger than the shed we have been living before.

「The curtains and sheets are prepared by Zabuton.」

Looking out of the window of my bedroom, I saw Zabuton waving its leg so I waved back.

The kitchen and the dining room is on the right side of the hall. Now we can easily cook indoor.

There is an exit door in the kitchen where the outdoor kitchen is.

The outdoor kitchen has roof so we can still use it even if it’s raining.

In addition, there is a stair built in the kitchen for the underground food warehouse.

I get up using the stairs on the left side of the hall. Private rooms are lined up there.

It seems like Tier and Loo have one each.

But why are they still empty?

Let’s not think about it.

On the other side of their rooms are room slightly larger than their own rooms.

It seems like they are going to use it either as workshop or warehouse.

All the rooms have the same size of window that gives sufficient light.

This is a very good house.

「Spend this winter here and say anything you are discontent with that we can improve it later.」

Maa, I was surprised with how big the house is and thinking that I requested something like a basement and big pillars made me feel guilty.

Let’s not think about it.

By the way, the log fence between this new house and the previous one was removed and the moat was also filled up.

The kuros can jump over them effortlessly so I understand that they are not very useful but still, having them disappear makes me a lonely.

TN: Those have sentimental value. They are part of the first log fence and first moat he built.

Because of that, made the previous moat a flower bed.

Besides things to eat, this is like an experiment of what more can I raise.

I’m not sure what to raise so I planted garden rose for the time being.

The big house was completed but the elves were not the ones who actively worked on it.

The one with the most contribution is probably Tier.

Tier created a golem with magic that greatly contributed to the construction.

That earth golem she created can divide itself into 30.

If strength is needed, she turns it into a fewer number. The fewer they are, the stronger and powerful they are.

If the work is simple, she divides them into a larger number.

By the way, it seems like when she first come here, she used it against the kuros but it was destroyed before I came.

I discovered or you can say that I was not aware of one thing.

It is the strength of the trees around this forest.

They are considerably hard.

They are very excellent building material but the disadvantage is the logging and processing is very difficult.

However, with the use of my AFT, I can cut and process them with ease.

I thought that Ria had me do it for contribution purposes but I didn’t know that my existence is the reason why the house was completed early.

It’s good that I was useful.

The comfort of living in that house was not bad, so I moved at once.

My previous house was not dismantled. It will be used as a warehouse in the future.

Naruko was installed on the ceiling of the hall of the house.

A thread was attached on the naruko extending to the top of the big tree where Zabuton lives in.

This will be Zabuton’s signaling device.

From now on, instead of beating the tree, the signal will be the naruko.

I’m grateful for it.

The puppies have increased a lot this year.

To the point that it’s impossible to count them.

Two of them are pure white puppies like Fubuki.

Is there a certain probability for a genetic divergence to be born?

Since those two can be easily distinguished, I’ll give them a name.

TN: Difference of the illustration above from the description in this web novel; no door for MC’s bedroom, no door at the back of the hall for the courtyard, nothing is written here about the rooms above the kitchen.

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