Isekai Nonbiri Nouka

Chapter 34 - Bath
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Chapter 34 – Bath

With the completion of the bathhouse and everyone’s understanding, the equipments were arranged quickly.

The location of the bathhouse is on the southwest side of the reservoir.

I wanted to build it on the east side of the reservoir but considering the drainage, building it on the west side can’t be helped.

Furthermore, considering the future(expansion) of the reservoir, it gave me no choice but to build it in the western part of the southwest area where the log house of the elves are.

Because of that, I expanded the southwest area to include the bathhouse in it.

I somehow expanded it to a size of a four by four fields.

Even if I say that, I will just dig a moat and add log fence so it will be complete in a few days.

I made sure that the log fence and the moat will not affect the drainage and waterway of the bathhouse.

The bath is also totally exposed/unprotected.

If something were to happen, I want it to at least buy time as much as possible.

Though I like open-air baths, being too open is embarrassing.

Even though we already have intimate relationships, I want to build fences as courtesy.

Though it might be okay for now, seeing women bathing defenselessly in the open might cause some sense of immorality.

So I decided to fence it.

I tried not to block the view from the bathtub as much as possible. My aim is to only prevent someone’s intrusion.

Next thing I thought is about water drawing.

Though I made a waterway to be able to draw water nearby, it still has to be poured on the kiln to make it hot.

It is quite laborious.

Because of that, I decided to make a device to drew water.

It is a watermill equipped with a lot of wooden buckets.

It may be easier to understand if you imagine a Ferris wheel.

The buckets are the gondola of the Ferris wheel that draws water.

Drawing water below and pouring them when it reached the top.

It should have been fully automatic but I’m only an amateur.

Certain skills are needed to make it properly.

However, at least it’s an improvement compared to drawing water manually.

After that is making bath equipments.

Bath chairs, pails, etc…

Loo, Tier, and the elves are pleased with the bath and are using it non stop.

How can I use it if you’re there…? Thinking about it, it seems like I have to make the opportunity myself.

Kuro’s pups returned.

As they came back with partners, their number increase again.

Thinking about it…

I have to make houses in the dog area again.

They came back smoothly this year.

However, there is no eye-catching dog like Fubuki and Masayuki.

By the way, Masayuki did no leave. I don’t know who it is but his partner is someone’s female pup.

Then, I noticed someone standing out.

They are completely…. different.

The kuros who just came back brought five female high elves with them.

It seems like the pups have driven them here for some reason. They were not allowed to escape.

They were protected by Ria’s group and explained everything while crying.

After that, it was decided to have them live here with Ria’s group’s recommendation.

「I am Rafa. 」

Rafa, Raasa, Raraasha, Raru, and Rami.

It felt like the time with Ria. Their names were similar and they also ran away from their village 200 years ago because they are family.

Though this is the first time I heard it, it seems like Ria’s group of seven are also sisters and cousins.

TN: That moment he realized that he had an orgy with sisters and cousins.

Likewise, Rafa’s group are also sisters and cousins.

For the time being, I had the five of them live in Ria’s group’s house.

We have to build a house for Rafa’s group as well.

We suddenly became busy.

It seems like I have to make my house next year.

Or so I thought.

However, the increase in work speed due to the addition of five high elves that survived in the forest was more than expected.

A log house similar to Ria’s has been completed in five days.

Given the momentum, we next build my new house.

The location was the place where I made my first field.

There were suggestions to make it in the southwest area but I find it difficult to leave that tree.

Zabuton, Kuro, and Yuki are also living there.

For the new house, I’m mainly the one taking lumbers and processing them.

I was not requested during the assembly.

They used rope made by Zabuton to dexterously assemble it.

This one also looks similar to Ria’s log house.

As the saying goes, “Leave mochi to mochi makers” so I leave the assembly to Ria’s group. I gather lumber and process them as requested.


Perhaps it might not have been completely good to entrust everything to them.

I thought of that when I realized how the house is.

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