Isekai Nonbiri Nouka

Chapter 3 - All-Purpose Farming Tool
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Chapter 3 – All-Purpose Farming Tool

The All-Purpose Farming Tool is a tool that can transform.

And I can freely put it in and out.

While using it, my throat doesn’t get thirsty, my belly doesn’t feel hungry, and I don’t feel sleepy at all.

However, is there a limit in using it?

For example, if I transform the All-purpose farming tool into a hoe then swing it on the ground, what will happen if I don’t pull it out?

In other words, it can be said that I should continuously swing the hoe.

This is the same with most tools.

But, for example, I hit a post with a hammer.

While I’m striking the post, it can be said that I’m using it but if I move from that post to another, I’m not using it.

When I’m making small items with the All purpose farming tool knife form, it is exerting its effect while I’m working with it but it doesn’t exert its effect after I finished it and move to the next article.

Even if those are just a moment, it will be a considerable amount since it stacks up.

In other words, right now, I’m thirsty, hungry, and sleepy.

After bathing in the morning sun, I went to the diagonal hole well I had dug yesterday. I took out the wood cup I made with the knife when I stand vigil until the morning.

Because the depth was about 1 meter, I draw water from the clean upper stratum as much as possible…

I can drink it.

I should be able to drink it.

I have no choice but to drink here because I am thirsty.

A man should be courageous.

I tilted the cup a little and try putting some in my mouth.

I am surprised that it doesn’t taste strange.

I think that it is an ordinary water.

I want to think it is.

Because I’m thirsty.

I resolved myself and drink it,


Later… If I won’t have a stomach ache, then there is no problem…

I have no choice but to wait for the passage of time.

Next is food.

Before that, I need to confirm the current situation.

I made a place to sleep on the trunk of a large tree.

The surrounding soil has become soft because I plowed it with the hoe.

I dug a diagonal well in a place slightly away from my place to sleep.

And, there is the five-meter wide road I plowed from the place I was transported to.

I didn’t mean to do that but the road is visible.

The distance might be about one hundred meters.

On my hand are the All purpose farming tool and the small items I created when I didn’t sleep.

The small items I made are cups and plates that were created by shaving wood.

Because I made it overnight, a moderate amount was made.


For now, I need to move around while swinging the hoe and look for something to eat.

A nut tree is ideal.

I would be happy if I’ll find apples or grapes.

Then, I immediately thought, I should lit a fire first.

I will not repeat yesterday’s failure.

I collect the wood chips which came from the time I was making the small room in the tree to sleep on. I transformed the all-purpose farming tool into a magnifying glass to ignite it.

Then, stabilize the fire by adding dry woods.

It took more time than I expected but I managed to secure the fire.

I was able to do it but… I’m scared to leave.

I’ll be in trouble if it caused a wildfire.

Because of that, food search is done in the range where I can see the fire.

In other words, I will plow the surroundings to expand my place.

I worked hard.

I continued using the hoe to expand the place with the tree I’ll sleep on as the center.

I worked too hard.

I expanded my space around 200 meters from the tree I made a place to sleep in.

After all, using hoe is fun.

On the way, I thought that I would have wood problems if I turn all the trees to fertilizer so I cut down the trees using all-purpose farming tool ax form.

I discovered it that time. Something like a crowbar to hook the trees…It seems that I can transform the all-purpose farming tool with just image even without knowing the name.

It was possible for me to move the trees with the crowbar without feeling the weight of the tree.

The all-purpose farming tool is convenient.

In the back of the tree where I’ll sleep in is a large tree of about 1 to 2 meters diameter.

With that, I won’t be troubled with woods.

Thanks to that, my searching for food completely went off my head…

Good luck or bad luck? Something happened.

When I was plowing the surroundings, an animal appeared to the place where I shook the hoe.

The animal looked like a rabbit.

However, the size is about the size of a medium size dog. Its eyes are showing hostility and although a rabbit, it has two long fangs on the edge of its mouth like a saber tooth tiger….Isn’t this a rodent?

In any case, I was not able to stop the hoe from hitting the rabbit when I swung it down.

It was done in with a single blow.

The hoe hit the neck of the rabbit that is bending forward. Then a crispy sound…

The part from the neck to the top became fertilizer but the body remained.


I was shocked from robbing the life of a living thing but my belly is honest.

I got the food I wanted.


Let’s eat.

I transformed the all-purpose farming tool to a knife and dismantle it.

Even if I say dismantle, I don’t know how to dismantle it. I cut the fur.

However, I panicked when I notice the internal organs in the middle of it.

I don’t think that it’s good to throw the internal organs.

Apart from the heart and liver, the things that the rabbit ate are in its stomach and intestines.

Thinking about how it shows hostility to me and thinking about its fangs, it doesn’t seem to be the type to eat grass. There is no way it eats grass.

Yeah, the intestines are not long as I thought so it’s carnivorous.

I worked hard removing it while avoiding damaging it and throws it away.

After that, I took off the fur.

I was able to turn the all-purpose farming tool into a frying pan but I gave up using it since I don’t want to put it over the fire.

After cutting the meat to small bite size cut, I skewer them into a wooden stick and hangs it to the fire.

I’ll barbeque it this time.

After this, I’ll process a stone and make it into a stone plate.

I can afford to do that because I was able to secure food.

I thought about it in various ways.

Because I’m currently eating the burnt meat.

Not good.

But it can only be said as natural because I grilled the meat with fire.

There is no seasoning.

But this is at least edible.

I only tasted hospital food for a long time because I was hospitalized for nearly ten years.

The last one was an intravenous feeding.

Thinking about it, this is a meat dish I cooked myself.

I became teary.

There is no reason not to eat this.


No matter how much I revise it, the result is a burnt bloody meat.

I can’t deceive myself.


I must do something about the food.

Renewing my desire, I ate it for the time being.

Still, there’s only a little food remains.

To make it not rot, I need a cold place…

I can only think of a well but I would like to use something as clean as possible.

Since there is no other method, I decided to grill them all to preserve it.

It seems that the meat will become hard you grill them but it is better than leaving them raw.

After that, I plow the internal organs and the fur with the hoe form of the all-purpose farming tool to turn them into fertilizer.

My stomach is still not painful so I judged the water of the well to be safe.

For the time being, my belly has swollen.

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