Isekai Nonbiri Nouka

Chapter 29 - Regarding the Elves
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Chapter 29 – Regarding the Elves

Let’s rewind the time a little.

I was surprised when Ria’s group arrived.

「Eh? You use fire to cook meat? 」

「Eehh? By chance, is it prohibited to use fire here? 」

「No, that’s not the case …… I thought elf is a race that lives one with nature and hates fire.」

「Hahaha. How are we going to live without using fire?」

「With the power of nature….」

「Can you give an example?」

「Eh? Eh to…You get up as the sun rises and sleep as the sun sets. Your food came from trees. You treasure the forest and don’t use iron in order to not damage the forest.」

「Ehtto….Feudal lord-sama」

「How many times do I have to tell you to not call me feudal lord-sama…so?」

「Please don’t underestimate nature. If we live like that in the forest, we’ll die soon. We might not even last a day.」

「Y-yes. That’s right.」

I nodded to agree with Ria who answered wholeheartedly. I abandoned the image of elves I had in mind.

Though I intended to abandon it….

「You can do blacksmithing and mining work too?」

「Yes. We can do the blacksmithing work but the forge…we’ll rely on you for that. Please help us with that. Once you complete the forge, we can do various items made of iron.」

「That would be great…smithing….」

「Is there any problem?」

「No, it’s just….I didn’t expect that you can smith.」

「Ehh. But if we can’t smith, we can’t make knives or hatchet especially arrowheads.」


Dwarves won’t have their turn huh.


I followed Ria’s instruction and started making a forge.

A good chance to learn.

They have been traveling for as many as 200 years so it seems like it is possible for them to do most things.

The only thing they were not able to do is to settle down and to breed.

In order to settle down, food security is a must and they will only start breeding when they found a permanent settlement that is not dangerous.

Now that they found a settlement, the problems are that there are no men. Do they intend to recruit somewhere?

Let’s not ask for the details.

In reality, I’m in the position of the recruited man.

Ria’s group are also great in terms of harvesting.

They are especially good at processing wheat which I postponed sometime ago.

「This is your wheat?」


I thought that the ear of wheat I harvested before are already completely dry but it seems like that’s not the case.

After drying them more, they were threshed then milled.

It seems like the flow is similar to processing rice that I heard about.

Ria’s group thresh the stored wheat and mill them into powder.

Only then we were able to bake bread in an open fire.

「This is necessary for making bread.」

Rif showed me the necessary thing that is inside a pot.

Inside of it is something like a fermented fruit.

According to my memory from my previous world….I heard that it will not swell without yeast.


「Though you never settled down you know various things in details.」

「I’m already doing something like this before we became wanderers.」

I see.

「I’m glad that we can help you with your field. May I ask if we can also have fields of our own?」

「I don’t mind….Do you have seeds you want to raise?」

「Yes. The truth is, we collected them when we were wandering around.」

「Is that so? Then, I will assign you to a place where it can’t be affected by other crops.」

「We will not raise anything that will affect other crops. We will start planting at our backyard first. If we will encounter any problem, we’ll let you know.」

「All right.」

The AFT is convenient and its only limit is imagination.

Thinking about all the things I’ve done, my own strength will never be enough to be a self-sufficient farmer.

For now, I want to work one step at a time.

I know Ria’s group war potential and they also cooperated in my waterway making.

Together with Zabuton’s spiderlings, we became very efficient.

If this continues, we will be able to complete it within this year….

It’s that hard.

Anyway, the season is good and Ria’s group house was completed.

By the way, the kuros gave birth this year too.

I can’t figure which is the parents of the pups.

In short, without being accompanied by their parents, I can’t distinguish which pup is it.

I would appreciate if they can stand out like Fubuki…they are all black.

You can only individually distinguish them using their forehead, more specifically, the shape of their horn. You can identify them individually through the color of their horn, the shape, and how shiny it is…

Unfortunately, the newborn pups have no horns.

I’m also having trouble identifying them when the season changed and their horn started molting.

The kuros are clever so they sulk when I make mistake with their names.

And those who don’t have name yet stir up in order to have one for their self.

No, as expected, there is a limit.

Anyway, the mouth needs to feed increase again.

Let’s work hard.

I extended the new field area further down south.

The new field area became a four X eight field.

One field is 50 X 50 so the new field area is now 200 X 400 meters.

That makes an area of 80,000 square meters.

Since 1 hectare is 10,000 meters….it is 8 hectares.

I’m not sure if this farm area can be considered as big or small.

And because I’m nurturing it with the AFT, I can harvest three to four times a year.

Me, Loo, Tier, Ria, Ris, Riri, Rif, Rikoto, Rize, and Rita.

The kuros….more than 100 heads.

Ah, I use head to count kuro’s descendant.

However, the puppy has yet to grow so I’m not sure how to count them in.


Countless of spiderlings.

….the population increased so it is doubtful if the harvest will be enough.

Moreover, I’m worried if we exhausted the surrounding animals in the forest because of hunting.

If the kuros find crops, other than tomatoes, they like, I’ll plant them in large quantities.

When I began to feel the coldness of autumn, the fruit trees I planted for experiment bears fruits.

Although the amount can’t be considered as good harvest, there are still a moderate number of them.

Apples, pears, mandarin orange, orange, persimmon, peach.

While I was thinking if they’ll take a liking to it, I was surprised that they are all popular.

The kuros are eating peaches skillfully and left its hard seed.

I thought of eating the mandarin orange during the winter but Tier already ate them furiously turning her hands yellow.

Given her momentum, it will not last before winter.

Ria’s group loves apples and pears.

When I cut an apple into a rabbit shape, they were troubled whether to eat it or not.

Loo is competing with the kuros in eating peach.

If possible, I want her to eat in her adult form.

When she was eating in her junior high school form, my desire to protect her stirs up.

By the way, a fraction of the harvested fruits is handed to Zabuton and her spiderlings.

The result of my fruit experiment is thanks to Zabuton and her spiderlings.

All this time, I only planted trees as experiment but next year, I’ll do my best for the fruit area.

It is popular after all.

By the way, I love persimmon.

I like its texture and the kick of its flavor.

I feel good about the persimmons I just harvested.

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