Isekai Nonbiri Nouka

Chapter 23 - Savage?
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Chapter 23 – Savage?

When I came in front of the girl, I had the kuros fall back and take off my jacket to temporarily cover her body.

It seems like it gives the girl a breather so she approached me.

「Don’t be scared. 」

As I said that, the girl bit my neck and sucked my blood.

TN: Wild waifu uses leech life + attract…

The girl grows rapidly.

Until a while ago, she looks like a lower elementary schooler now she looks like in her upper grade.

Her body, which is full of injuries, recovers in a dash and becomes glossy.

「Eh? Eh? Eh? 」

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I was surprised when the girl suddenly sucked my blood and it made me unable to move. Kuro made his move and took the girl away from me.

After that, the dogs attack the girl.

「Wait, it’s a misunderstanding. Stop attacking, please. 」

Fubuki dashed, the girl was thrown in the air and was attacked by the dog again before she hits the ground.

When the girl fixes her posture in the air, another dog jumps high and slams her on the ground.

It’s a body slam.

Seeing that, I regain my composure.

「Ah…wait wait. 」

I stopped the kuros.

The kuros obediently followed me but they are still in their attack mode posture.

As for the girl, the kuros badly bruised her again and she returned to being a lower grade elementary schooler.

No, she’s smaller now compared to earlier.

「Are you an enemy? 」

「N-no no, please tell these fellows to calm down!」

「You sucked my blood but you’re not an enemy?」

The girl before me might be a vampire.

I don’t have any idea if there is anyone else can do that.

「I apologize for sucking your blood. I would have died if I stayed in that state any longer.」

「When you suck blood, you recover?」


That’s why the kuros attacked her.

She immediately sucked my blood as soon as I let my guard down.

「Will there be any effect now that you sucked my blood?」

I heard that if a vampire sucks your blood, you will turn into a lower class vampire…

「…I-it should have had a charm effect but…it looks like it doesn’t work on you.」

TN: …It has no effect.

「Will I also become a vampire…Will I become an undead?」

「You won’t. If you dislike it, I won’t ask for your blood anymore.」

「…I see. In other words…I won’t be facing any problem with what had happened. 」

「Yes. I only drank your blood to recover. I apologize for the sin I committed unto you so please overlook it. 」



Let me think.

「For the time being, do you want to suck a little more of my blood?」

It seems like the girl and the kuros were surprised with my proposal.

「I-is it alright?」

「I don’t mind. You’re not an enemy, right?」

「Ah, ahhh….」

The girl bit my neck while being modest.

Chuchu, she’s sucking it.

The girl’s body grows from a lower grade elementary schooler to an upper-grade elementary schooler and finally into a junior high schooler.

The wounds on her body disappears beautifully too.

A mysterious spectacle.


The girl shows a satisfied expression.

I checked my body.

Though my blood was sucked, there is no effect.

In my previous world, I understand how bad you’ll feel if blood was extracted from your body…

But I don’t feel like my blood has decreased.

「How about a little more?」

I asked her to suck more.


「It’s okay, it’s okay.」

「O-okay…thank you.」

The girl sucks my blood.

From a junior high schooler, she grows into a high schooler.

As expected, I don’t feel like losing blood at all.


「Can you drink a little more?」

「I-I can….」

The girl sucks my blood further.

From a high schooler, she became a university student.

「Fuu…any more than this…」

The girl says that as if hesitating.,.. no, she is not a girl.

Beside me is a beautiful woman.

She can suck that much blood without me being affected thanks to the gift god gave me when I came into this world.

Healthy body

This might also be the reason why the charm has no effect on me.


Before me is a beautiful woman.

Moreover, she’s naked.


I told the kuros to disperse and decided to invite her to my house.

「Eh, eh, eh? What? Wai…eh?」

Did I act like a savage?

The number of residents increased.

TN: MC used snusnu… ( ?° ?? ?°)

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