Isekai Nonbiri Nouka

Chapter 20 - Kuroichi and the Gang’s Partners
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Chapter 20 – Kuroichi and the Gang’s Partners

Kuroichi’s partner is Aris.

Kuroni’s partner is Iris.

Kurosan’s partner is Uno.

Kuroyon’s partner is Eris.

I decided those names.

To avoid mistakes, I made them to aiuoe order.

TN: aiuoe is kana’s syllabary order.

Kurosan’s partner is not Uris since Uno is a male.

By the way, Uno is the one who became the most familiar with me compared to the other newcomers.

When I’m playing with the Kuro’s, Kurosan bites Uno’s neck to drag him.

During those times, Uno has an “I don’t care anymore” face.

Hang in there.

The newcomers have begun living like the Kuro’s after a few days.

However, it seems like Kuroichi and the gang’s partners don’t want to enter the doghouse where Kuro and Yuki are residing. They prefer sleeping outside.

That is why my first job was to build a shed for them.

I thought of expanding the fields for future needs…

On the opposite side where the river is, I made a large space that can fit 16 fields, a four by four field, and enclosed it with log fence and moat.

Thinking about the future, the number of their children will increase so this space is necessary.

I left the log fence between my place and the new one but I fill up the moat on that side.

They might feel that they are isolated if the left the moat as it is.

Because I’m using the AFT, the supposed to be hard work became easy.

TN: It’s tiring to always type all-purpose farming tool so I’ll use AFT from now on.

I’ll make sheds for each couple to live in.

The place where the Kuro’s are currently living is supposed to be a warehouse. Considering Kuroichi and the others with their future pups, they won’t need such a large place.

Even if I say that, the size of the Kuro’s are large.

I guess they need a room of at least four and a half tatami mat.

Thinking about the entrance…I should consider the height too.

I’ll be troubled if they started fighting so building their sheds has been my priority.

…In the future, will the number of sheds increase?

I’ll think about it when the time comes.

I also dug a well in that place considering Kuroichi and the other’s drinking water.

Although building the waterway is progressing, it is still a work in progress and it is difficult to bring water to this place.

I dig in a downward direction with a gentle slope so that Kuroichi and the others can drink by themselves.

Similar to the first well, water came out after digging for about 10 meters so I was relieved.

As for their toilet, I dug shallowly in a certain place and prepare some partitioning screen.

TN: Wolves want privacy too when doing their business.

If it accumulates, I’ll just bury it and prepare another one in another place.

I have seen Kuro discharging a really big one by accident and the atmosphere between us became awkward for a while.

Besides during winter or at night, the Kuro’s usually go to the forest to do their business so this won’t accumulate easily.

I thought about the pups that will be born.

This place will be for those new dogs so I decided to call this dog area.

I asked Kuro and Yuki to move in the dog area but they refused.

Maa, I’m glad since I’ll be lonely…

Ah, no, I forgot about Zabuton.

The newcomers Aris, Iris, Uno, and Eris seemed to like tomatoes too.

It is probably a racial thing.

At some point, Eris got impatient and accidentally ate an onion but there seemed to be no problem.

I heard that onions are dangerous for dogs but is it different in this different world?

TN: Onions contain an ingredient called thiosulphate which is toxic to cats and dogs. The ingestion of onions causes a condition called hemolytic anemia, which is characterized by damage to the red blood cells. Onion toxicity can cause the red blood cells circulating through your pet’s body to burst.

No, I shouldn’t be careless.

Let’s warn them no not eat it as much as possible.

Looking at it, it seems like Eris likes onions so she was troubled a little.

The newcomers also liked the frisbee. They are crazy for it.

My arm got tired.

I drink tea for a change of pace.

The tea was growing too quick that it caught me off guard. I made tea bu picking up the buds.

In addition, I forgot that I had to roast it first.

My first tea taste like leaves on hot water.

As for the buds, since they grow too fast, I was able to harvest buds on a regular basis.

In regard to roasting tea… because I don’t know anything about the roasting condition, I can only use trial and error method.

As a result, the taste can’t be considered a tea.

But if you don’t compare it to the tea of my previous world, it is still drinkable.

At least it’s better than hot water.

The problem with the tea is the lack of tools such as tea strainers. I have to put the tea directly to the cup so I can’t drink to the last drop.

Let’s make a tea ceremony set next winter.

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