Isekai Nonbiri Nouka

Chapter 14 - Waterway Making Begins
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Chapter 14 – Waterway Making Begins

Waterway making has only advanced a little.

I piled up soil from the waterfall to the reservoir and hardened it with a hammer.

Although I’m not getting tired since I’m using the all-purpose farming tool, I’m the only one working on it.

Moreover, I also need to take care of the field.

I spent 10 days to advance 500 meters.

Only one-tenth.

Moreover, I need to increase the amount of soil used as I go towards the waterfall.

I don’t think that it will be completed after 90 days.

Should I disregard night and day and work on it non-stop?

But if I do that, the kuro’s will be affected too.


Meanwhile, my planted tomatoes, rapeseed, and sugarcane can now be harvested.

Because of that, my waterway work was interrupted.

I focused on harvesting.

As usual, the kuro’s favorite is the tomatoes.

They eat it happily.

Since the rapeseed needs to be squeezed to take oil, I only harvested and stocked them.

I’ll take them out after for squeezing.

As for the sugarcane, the odor and sweetness spread in my mouth as I chew it.

Tasting sweet after a long time, I’ve teared a little.

When I was chewing a sugar cane, the kuro’s looked at me as if they want one too so I gave it to them.


It seems that among them, Yuki and Kurosan are the only ones who liked it.

Just like with the strawberries.

I cut and gather.

Wheat and soybeans need to be threshed so I’m a little troubled because I never thought about threshing at all.

There’s nothing I can do as of now.

For the time being, I’ll just cut it all and think about something later.

As for the rice….I intended to do something about the seedlings but I left it halfway because I prioritized looking for salt and making waterway.

I was not able to experiment on paddy fields too.

I made the reservoir for the rice paddy and I need the waterway for it….

I thought that they would be useless but I was wrong.

The seedlings grew up and grains showed up.

Since I did not plant them in a paddy field, is there a problem with the yield?

Or is it some different variety?

I only yearned for farming but I realized that I don’t know anything at all.

In any case, I also harvested all the rice.

The fruit crops are now big trees but not enough to bore fruit.

I guess it will take more time.

However, the growth rate is quite different from normal.

And, thinking about it.

Is it possible for me to plant cedar?


Am I worried about securing woods?

I should not panic. I need to do one thing at a time.

After finishing harvesting, I planted tomatoes on two fields and let the other vacant.

Even if I can do a lot of things, there’s a limit to what I can do.

First of all, I need to complete the waterway.

I resumed working on the waterway.

I’m endlessly working on it.

Because it is depressing to do only that, I searched the forest for a change.

I haven’t given up on searching for rock salt.

However, rock salt is a crystallized salt.

I probably can’t find any of it near the river so I decided to look for it in the opposite direction of the river.

There’s no result.

At the 30th day.

I noticed that the tomatoes I planted on two fields are almost ready for harvesting.

The temperature is falling.



That’s it!

I never thought about the possibility of winter!


Because the rate of growth of the crops is fast, I’ve been careless.

There seems to be season in this world too.

Perhaps this is not that strange different world.

How many days has it been since I got here?

I harvested twice and it will be the third soon.

It takes 40 to 50 days from planting to harvesting.

Considering 40 days, about 120 days?

It has been four months since I started raising crops?

I thought that it was spring when I arrived here……..

I died on May.

If that is the case, then it is September now, or should I consider October?

If this place is the same as Earth, it will be cold for some time.

Should I consider that the cold days will be for about at least 90 days?

For the time being, I need to secure food.

If it snows, it will be impossible to go outside.



This is not the time to make waterway.

I should farm in a hurry.

Potatoes, sweet potatoes, radish, and carrots are storable for a longer period of time.

And, I need fire to protect myself from winter.

I need firewoods to make fire.

Originally, firewoods are dried woods but using the all-purpose farming tool, the trees it cuts can be used as firewoods immediately.

I’m thankful for it.

I stacked a large amount of firewoods on the back of the large tree where I used to live in.

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