Isekai Nonbiri Nouka

Chapter 12 - Reconfirmation
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Chapter 12 – Reconfirmation

There are too many insufficient things.

I already know it but I was conscious about these again.

Currently, I want at least a seasoning. Salt.

Though the crops are delicious the way they are, I want saltiness.

Besides, salt is necessary if you are thinking about cooking and preservation.

However, there is no sea around.

I plowed around the area of my residence but all I see at the distance are mountains in every direction.

It seems like the place where I am is similar to a basin.

Because of that, finding a sea is hopeless.

My only hope is finding rock salt.

But will I be able to find one?


It would be pointless if I don’t look for it.

But before that, I need to plow the field again after finishing harvesting and raised the next crops.

I can produce my desired crop if I think about what crop do I want to grow in it while making ridges using the all-purpose farming tool.

Because there is a limit of storing crops, I will not make much this time.

I would like to do an experiment to understand what I can do and what I can’t do.

Because of that, I tried designating a part of the field for fruit crops.

It is easier to preserve fruits and I don’t have to panic in harvesting too.

For the time being, they will be apple, pears, tangerine, orange, persimmon, and peach.

Fruit crops came from trees so they don’t need ridges. I tried making assumption if I planted the seedlings here.

Although I intended to plant them in one field, I got a bit uneasy so I put four on one field.

I used two fields for them.

If the fruits grow well, I’ll plant more.

Next, the Kuro’s liked tomatoes so I planted them in two fields.

And, I also tried planting rice on one side.

It seems that rice grows from seedling then plant them in a paddy field….I don’t know the details about it.

I have to try various experiments.

In addition, I’m worried about whether I can make rice paddies using the all-purpose farming tool.

Currently, if I try using the water from the well for it, my physical strength will be wasted.

But I want to eat rice.

Rice seedling is just phase one.

Let’s experiment on creating a paddy field.

After that, I want oil so I’ll also plant rapeseed.

If it goes well, I’ll need to devise a method to squeeze them…

Can I transform the all-purpose farming tool into a squeezing tool?

Does that kind of tool even exist?

Will I be alright later?

From the squeezing idea, I planted sugarcane on one side.

Apart from salt, if this goes well, I can produce sugar.

In addition, I also tried plating soybean and wheat.

Through this empty field, I think I’ll experiment rice paddy here.

These cost me two days.

I feel rejuvenated.

I head for the forest in search of new things.

When going to the forest, at least one of the Kuro’s is accompanying me.

In some cases, my escorts increases.

I’m delighted but I want them to guard the fields…

I tried advancing on various directions but nothing particularly happened in 10 days.

No matter where I go, nothing changed; it’s still forest.

We encountered the usual fanged rabbits, big rats, and big wild boars.

The encounter rate is 30:8:1.

It seems that there are many fanged rabbits in this forest.

I saw a tall weasel-like animal but it ran away as soon as it sees us so I don’t know how exactly it looks.

Thinking about it, the kuro’s are aggressive so animals don’t get near us.

However, it is a pity that I didn’t find anything new.

Maybe it is not good that I advanced only to a degree where I could return to my residence by nightfall.

Although the directions I plowed to can be considered as mapped, I don’t think the soil will be flat again soon…

If I keep doing this, the forest surrounding my residence will be done for and it will be harder to secure woods.

I wonder if the day will come that I’ll need to secure woods somewhere else.

I thought about it while eating boiled spinach, radish, and carrot.

I want salt or other alternative seasoning.

I’ll look for 10 days more but if I can’t find anything, I’ll work hard for wood security.

By the way, in the 10 days where I was exploring, the rice and wheat germinated and small seedlings show up from the fruit crops.

I hope that I’ll be able to harvest fruits without any problems.

Plowing while searching.

I thought of something.

Should I really need to plow thinking that I need to secure woods?

In other words, I should try using the all-purpose farming tool other than the hoe.

A tool that is easier to move with other than a hoe….wheelbarrow?

Is it possible?

It is.

Oh, if there is a space where this wheelbarrow can advance to, I’ll go there.

Since I only need to push this thing and doesn’t have to plow, my movement speed also increases.

However, I thought of something.

I never got lost in the forest because I’m moving while plowing.

If I don’t plow, I’ll get lost.

Should I give up on the wheelbarrow idea?

When I thought about that, Kuroyon, who’s accompanying me today, came into the wheelbarrow.

It’s not heavy.

As expected of the all-purpose farming tool.

Kuroyon is wagging his tail as if he got a new toy.


That’s right, if I’m with the kuro’s, I will not get lost.

Why? The kuro’s are always entering the forest alone and come back with hunted rabbits.


It’s really a great idea.

Let’s go with that.

By the way, since it can transform to a wheelbarrow, I tried transforming it to a bike or a mountain bike but it was not possible.

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