Isekai Nonbiri Nouka

Chapter 11 - Kuro’s Side
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Chapter 11 – Kuro’s Side

I don’t have a name.

I am a creature that wanders through the forest and lives the days of my lives by hunting.

I have always lived like that and I thought that I will still live like that in the future.

However, there was a fated encounter.

A female with the same form as me.

While thinking how good of a female she is, we were attacked.

I don’t know what it is but I counterattacked, but I can’t do anything.

I was confident with my fighting power but I was not able to do anything with the enemy.

When I was prepared for my death, female ordered me to cooperate with her and we were triumphant in the end.

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I was not able to do anything about it alone.

I have lived alone ever since but now, there are two of us.

When a male and a female are together, the female’s stomach will grow because they have done something.


I’m going to have a family.

Well, I don’t feel bad about it.

While we are spending our daily lives in the forest, when she was about to give birth, we met the worst enemy.

The inhabitants of the forest could only hide against it.

Grappler bear.

It is the king of the forest.

Its ridiculously big body match its power.

Even if its movement as a whole is slow, the movement speed of its limbs is fast.

Normally, if we meet it, we should escape immediately but female is pregnant and won’t be able to do that.

It is impossible to run away.

I used myself as a shield when the grappler bear was about to attack female.


I found out that it is impossible.

However, we can’t escape.

I have to earn her time to escape.

I thought so and stepped forward in a moment.

The grappler bear’s arms mowed down the nearby tree when it attacked me and female.

The splinter hits female but she was able to protect her belly.

It can’t be helped so I shielded her with my body and was blown away.


My whole body was tattered with a single blow.

Female got wounded too.

I faced it full of determination.

But the grappler bear disregarded me like ridiculing my resolution.

Is it a whim? I really don’t know but it must have already had a full stomach.


It’s irritating but I can’t do anything about it.

Rather than that, we should move before it changes its mind.

We left that place with me defending female.

Several days have passed since then.

My injured body is so heavy that I can’t hunt.

Knowing our condition, it is hard to catch a prey.

Hit and kill it.

If I grow excited, I won’t get anything.

It will only make me hungrier.

In any case, I, at least, need to feed female.

I’m concerned about the pup in her belly.

While thinking that I have to do something, we arrived at a strange place.

Trees were lined up in front of a soil that was dug up.

Apart from the dug up part, the trees that are laid down are trees that even I can’t scratch. They are called unfalling large tree.

Beside it is the same type of tree.

How many of it are lined up?


For the time being, I tried barking.

Due to hunger, my voice was more miserable than I thought.

However, it was not useless.

A human came out from the other side of the tree.

I did it.

It is a meager guy.

A prey.

The moment I thought so, bad feeling attacked my whole body.

I felt fear much stronger than the time we faced the grappler bear.

That feeling is coming from the guy in front.

Thinking about it, even if humans are meager, they are surrounding the outer part of the forest and do not go deep.

To be able to live alone in the depth of the forest, you need to be stronger than humans. This is such a place.

Yet, he’s here.

I must not judge him with his appearance.

Now, I just thought that we’re in a very dangerous situation.

I was convinced when that human took out a stick and took a stance.

I only barked but I have summoned such a person.

It’s too late to regret it now.

It seems that female, who’s behind me, had prepared. She lining up behind me now.

When it comes to it, I’ll just do what I can.

If possible, I wish he would at least spare female but such a convenient thing will never happen.

I looked at female’s face.

When I thought that this is the end, I got scared.

However, it is not the end.

The human invited me and female.

I did not feel like escaping for some reason.

When we followed the human, we saw a great boar.

It’s a big boar.

It is one specie who competes with us for the hegemony of the forest.

Even female and I can’t beat it together.

It’s down.

No, it has become meat.

I realized the strength of this human.

After that, human gave us the great boar and gave us a place for female to give birth to.

In addition, he can easily hunt prey in the forest for us.

I should give him my thanks.

In my mind, whatever happens, I don’t want to go against him.

No, female and I recognized this human as our master.

Though our pups don’t understand it yet because they were just born but I don’t want to oppose master if possible.

「Yoshi yoshi yoshi! 」

There is a problem.

Master treats us like dogs.

I, female, and pups are species called Inferno Wolf…

Will it be all right?

I’m a little scared if he ever found out that we’re not dogs.

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