Isekai Journey Of The Magic Archer

Isekai Journey Of The Magic Archer

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    Like every (Isekai) protagonist, I got reincarnated after getting hit by a hyper-speed truck.

    That was an empty and dark life anyway, so I was already looking forward to a decent, unknown afterlife.

    But... the world had a unique thing in mind.

    In this new world, I had parents, amazing ones at that.

    My father was a talented mage, and my lovely mother was a sharp and cunning merchant.

    Ignoring all of my weirdness, they loved me unconditionally.

    This was the life that anyone would love.

    Eating and cooking delicious food, practicing archery and magic, and playing with my parents.

    Everything was wonderful until... those demons separated us and it left me in a ferocious forbidden forest, just to be eaten alive by beasts.

    But dying wasn't even a question.

    I will go back… to them.

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