Is that a Wisp?

Chapter 75 Since When Krune is so Thoughtful?
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Crack by crack, time passed. It took over two days for Cassy to adapt to the pain. Shinja didn't do anything in the meantime. She just stayed there looking. She didn't cultivate or practice any skill. Krune wondered when those two had got that close, but that was a good thing. Lakin looked a lot more relaxed at that moment. Krune took a look at Cassy in the center and nodded his head.

"The worst part is over. The highest risk for our wisps is when we start. The first time we attack the core center is the most painful one. But once you go further, the pain will diminish. Of course, it's only the second day. No doubt, there is still a lot of pain in the soul. But now that she overcame the first two days, she should have no problem in finishing the process. You only need to wait for whether she succeeds in forming a foundation that can be accepted by the heavens or not."

Shinja heard that and just sighed, relieved. As long as there was no more danger of fainting, then that was good already.

Day by day went by. Krune and the others kept looking at Cassy once a while and went back to cultivate, train or cultivate their soul techniques. Shinja had also calmed down and taken her time to cultivate again, but she kept her Divine Sense locked at Cassy all the time. Divine Sense would only use a lot of spiritual energy if you kept it spread to its max range. But Cassy was just a few meters away from her, so she could keep it as long as she wished to.

Little light had been awoken for a long time already. It couldn't help Krune with cultivation techniques or anything like that. However, he still knew the power of the Tribulation Lightning better than anyone else. Krune finally found a good use for little light knowledge, which is how to use the best the Tribulation Lightning in his skills or Divine Sense.

"So, what do you think? Is it better to use my instantaneous lightning movement fused with some Tribulation Lightning or just use Tribulation Lightning directly?"

Little light pondered a bit and shook his head.

"It isn't a good idea to use only Tribulation Lightning for the movement. My power might not attack you anymore. But it is still extremely tyrannical if it is just once or twice. Then that's okay! But if you overuse it in your movement technique, your body definitely won't be able to hold for long. You should first find the best balance between the normal Lightning Element and Tribulation Lightning. Search for the exact point where your body can sustain the added power of my Tribulation lightning without sustaining any damage first. If you do that, it should also help to fortify your human form."

Krune nodded but then noticed one thing.

"You said my body should still be able to hold the burden once or twice if I use Tribulation Lightning only during it. It means that it can still be used that way. Is it okay if I try it once?"

"If it's only once, then there should be no problem. But remember that it will be quite painful after that. Make sure to take your time to recover as well."

Krune nodded and decided to try it out. He absorbed the Tribulation Lightning, circulated it around his body, and activated his instantaneous movement technique. And, with a flash of purple lightning, Krune disappeared from his spot. When he appeared again, he was more than 300 meters aging from her Divine Sense. She spread all the time to keep a look at Cassy and to guarantee that nothing would happen in the surroundings.

For this reason, she saw the moment he used his Lightning Movement. For a second, she thought she was hallucinating. But when she noticed it wasn't an illusion, her jaw dropped!


Really fast!

'How is that possible? Even if I used all my power as a Core Formation Realm cultivator, I wouldn't be even half as fast as he was.'

She was about to ask Krune how he did that when she heard another scream. She immediately ignored Krune and looked at Cassy, but she noticed something wrong.

"Wait! Since when does Cassy have a man's voice?"

Wisps without a human body have a voice that can't be considered manly or womanly, if anything, it's quite neutral. Shinja had already noticed that while talking with other wisps. Since that's the case, who screamed just now?

Only then, she noticed the one who screamed was none other than Krune. She looked at that and didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Krune was rolling on the ground. His body had some sparks of lightning coming out of it. There was a burnt smell coming from it too. Quite a few spots of his body seemed to have been fried. Suddenly, it seemed he came out of a barbecue, and the meat was none other than himself.

"This thing is painful as hell!"

Little light heard that and just laughed.

"What do you think my power is? Were you expecting something as gentle as the water element? My power is the Tribulation Lightning. I wasn't lying when I said that it is extremely tyrannical. If not for the fact that my power didn't wish to really hurt your body, you would have become a fried wisp already."

Krune smiled bitterly, but he wasn't sad. The speed he moved just a moment ago was something that could definitely become a trump card. Of course, as long as he didn't lie down on the ground to scream out of pain right after using it.

When he finally stabilized his condition, he noticed everyone looking at him. Or at least, that was the case for those who had faces. But Krune could feel the wisps were looking at him too.

"Ancestor has quite a few weird ways of training."

"Shh, Ancestor fetishes aren't something for us to comment about."

Krune wanted to cry. Who the hell would have such fetishes!

"Cough, cough. This was the backlash of my movement technique. It's very fast, but it causes a lot of damage to the body. Don't mind me."

Krune could see their doubtful eyes but decided to leave. He focused on healing his body instead. Although he is used to pain, it doesn't mean that he likes it.

Shinja then sent him a Divine Sense message.

"How did you do that? Even I can't be that fast, and I can control lightning element too."

Krune just answered.

"That's because I used Tribulation Lightning instead of a common lightning element. But you can also see the side effects. It's not something I can use all the time."

Shinja was already expecting that.

"So it was really Tribulation Lightning. Don't you think you are risking too much by circulating it in your body? This is totally different than summon its power outside to use your Heavens Fall after all."

Krune laughed after hearing that. With little light in control, the Tribulation Lightning will not kill him unless he overdoes it. Of course, he couldn't tell her about little light's existence.

"Don't worry! My control over its power is already very good. I've been expecting this result. It looks like I got badly hurt. But these are all simple injuries; one day is more than enough to recover from it."

Shinja had no reason to doubt him since Krune is confident he can use it. Then she will just trust his words. Please visit Ζ’π‘Ÿπ‘’π™šπš eπ—―π˜―π—Όπ˜ƒπ‘’πš•. cπ’π’Ž

Time kept flowing. Lakin told Krune his wisp foundation took around one month and a half, so he believes Cassy will take around the same time. This would give Krune's group more than fifteen days before the Mercenary Selection. It was more than enough time to rush back to Harta City.

Finally, after 42 days, Krune and the other Foundation Establishment and higher cultivators felt the power of the heavens descending and entering Cassy's wisp body. The acknowledgment of the heavens started. It was a very fast process. Not long after, that power disappeared. Cassy was still there, and her core was shining like any other wisp core. It just increased a bit in size. Wisps also grow up when they advance a realm. It's just that it isn't much of a difference if compared with demon beasts.

Lakin and Shinja approached her after that to check if everything was okay, Krune did the same.

"Shinja, Lakin, Ancestor, I succeed!"

Lakin and Krune just laughed. They knew it was a success the moment the power of the heavens disappeared. Shinja simply embraced Cassy's core while crying out of happiness.

"Very good! It's great to see another Foundation Establishment wisp! We will show everyone our race isn't as weak as they think."

Hearing Krune's words made Cassy very happy. It was then that she remembered her name was something temporary. Although they all think her gender will be set as female, there is no way to be certain she would definitely be one. It was just a theory that gender would be decided according to their personalities, after all.

Cassy asked Shinja and the others to give her some space. She had already inquired before as to how to change into a human body. So she wanted to give it a try.

Shinja didn't know why Cassy had asked that, but she agreed anyway. Krune and Lakin had already had an idea, so they were also curious to see what the results of the transformation would be. Although it won't give a 100% certain conclusion, it will pretty much set it in stone.

Slowly, a body started to form. Like Lakin and Krune, the first time she transforms will take longer than the next transformations: body, limbs, head, hands, feet, in just a little while. Her body finally finished taking form. It turns out that they were right, Cassy really became a female wisp as they had expected.

Cassy is very young, even for a wisp, so her body looked like a 16- to 17-year-old little girl. It turns out she was quite lovely, totally on the cute side, of course. Compared with Shinja, who had a Pure Yin Body, Cassy was still quite off. It's just that there was a little problem, once again. Like Lakin and Krune, after the first transformation, she ended up naked!

Shinja was just about to rush over to cover Cassy's body when she noticed someone had a faster reaction than herself. It was no other than Krune. He took a robe out of his spatial ring and covered Cassy with it.

Not only Shinja, but even Ao and Yusa, who had been observing until now, were also surprised. Since when is Krune so thoughtful? But they soon noticed that it was just their imagination.

"When you are in your human form, make sure to use clothes. Humans are extremely annoyed about those things. I know it is a burden, but you will get used to it. Otherwise, Yusa and the others will start buzzing on your ears all the time."

The reason he gave Cassy clothes wasn't she was naked, but because he thinks that humans are annoyed when they see another human form naked. They just sighed. It was already a good improvement. Before, he would simply let her walking naked without saying anything at all.

"Thank you, Ancestor. They are quite uncomfortable, indeed. I have never used anything on my wisp body before. So it's quite a strange feeling."

Lakin had already come back to take a look. In fact, his reaction before was as fast as Krune's. But there was no way he could be faster than his master.

"Well then, let me give you a hand. You will definitely need it."

Except for Ruik and Krune, everyone was puzzled about what Lakin meant. It was then Cassy tried to give her first step when, suddenly, she fell on the ground. She only avoided hitting her head because Lakin held her in time. She tried to move her limbs to stand again, but they just moved around like headless snakes.

Ruik saw that burst in laugh.

"So she is the first female worm wisp. She is not the least bit better than the two of you back then."

Krune and Lakin heard that, and their faces got gloomy. Ruik just so happens to have been present when the two of them first got their human forms. He will totally remind them of those shameful moments of their lives until the day of their deaths.

"I wonder if I beat Ruik's two heads hard enough, will he forget about that?"

Lakin heard that and couldn't help but nod his head.

"Master, that's a splendid idea!"

And just like that, the Rainbow Sect Leader slept that night with his body hurting all over.

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