Is that a Wisp?

Chapter 65 Five Elements Divine Soul
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Back at Shinja's place, the Heavenly Tribulation finished without any big issues. Krune had eaten two of the nine lightning bolts. So her job became a lot easier in the end. Of course, she was injured all over and will need some time to recover.

Yusa and Ao looked up in the sky and could see the clouds dissipating. That was the signal that everything was really over. They sent Shinja a Divine Sense message and rushed out in the direction Mile, and Krune disappeared. Sometime later, they could see Mile and Krune in the distance. Mile was healing Krune's injuries when they saw Krune was still in his human form. They let out a sigh of relief when Mile saw them approaching. She stopped sending spiritual energy into Krune's body and sent them a Divine Sense message.

"You'll take care of him from now on. I need to go back to check on Shinja. He has a lot to explain later. So don't try to play any tricks. He owns me a favor!"

Yusa and Ao didn't say anything, just nodded. They took Krune's body and went back to Kaley City. Yusa looked at Krune and couldn't help but sigh.

"It is probably because of the tribulation lightning he has inside his core. No! It's definitely because of that."

Ao nodded.

"There would be no other reason. The tribulation must have noticed its own power and moved in its direction. But that's okay. Krune is still alive, and his human form is still here. We just need to think about something to say later."

Yusa nodded as well, and they kept on their way to the city.

The next day, Krune finally woke up. When he looked around, he could see he was back to his house in the city. Around him, one could see his friends, but other than that, Mile was there too. He remembered what had happened and knew things got complicated. He put on a smile and looked at Mile.

"Thank you for your help yesterday, senior Mile. I would be dead if not for your help."

Mile shook her head and extended her hand forward. Immediately, a barrier appeared around Krune's house. No one would be able to see or hear anything that would happen there. She then looked at Krune.

"Let's cut to the chase. You are a wisp, right?"

Yusa's and the other's heart stopped for a second. Ever since Mile arrived in the house, she hasn't said anything. So they didn't know she found out Krune's real form.

Krune wasn't surprised at all. He had used his real form to resist the second Heavenly Tribulation. After all, he put a serious face and said.:

"That's right."

Mile looked at that and shook her head.

"You should already know that if I had told anyone about it, you would probably already be some Divine Soul expert prisoner. You would basically be their hope for a breakthrough, especially those that have been stuck in the same stage for a very long time."

Krune nodded and waited for her to continue.

"But wisps can also be considered part of the demon beasts. So I won't do that. I won't lie when I say I am also very interested in using your wisp energy myself. You could probably be my free pass into the Divine Soul realm as well. So, let me ask you: what can you offer me to keep me quiet?"

Yusa and the others would have killed Mile already if she wasn't much stronger than them. So they could only wait to see what happens if the worst comes to the worst. They will do everything they can to bring Krune away.

Krune shook his head. He doesn't have anything of great value except for his cultivation technique and the Rainbow Sect Secret realm. But he can't divulge any of those. He can't force the Core Formation Mile to sign a blood contract either.

"I don't have anything I can give you. Of course, I have some things, but they can't be given. So I would like to know if senior Mile has any idea in mind."

Mile heard that and smiled. That was what she was waiting for.

"I will ask some questions then. If your answer is to my liking, I will let this matter go."

Krune nodded.

"First, you have a rainbow core inside your universe foundation, am I right?"

Everyone's eyes showed an immense surprise. No one should know about Krunes rainbow core.

"You don't need to lie to me, only would a rainbow core owner have rainbow-like irises. Although it is faint, I can see it."

Were Krune and the other taken aback rainbow irises?

Yusa and the others looked closely, and sure enough, Krunes irises were rainbow-like now. But you had to pay attention to notice Krune also got a mirror and couldn't help but be surprised himself.

"When did it turn out like this?"

Looking at everyone's reactions, Mile understood that none of them had noticed it before, no wonder he didn't try to conceal it.

"Does it seems like you haven't noticed it before? Anyway, the fact that you have a rainbow core is true, right?"

Krune knew there is some story behind his rainbow eyes irises. Since she had already found out that he is a wisp, what's the point of denying this part?

"Senior Mile is right, I do have a rainbow core!"

He looked at her and couldn't help but ask.

"You seem to know something about this core of mine. Until now, even I don't know why it turned out like this."

Mile nodded.

"First, stop with this senior thing. I hate that! Second, you are right! I do know some things about rainbow cores."

Krune and the other looked at her and waited for Mile to continue.

"But what I know is very limited. It's said that, only when does someone perfectly harmonize with the five basic elements before the Foundation Establishment, they will give birth to a rainbow core. This is one of the most powerful cores we know about. Of course, the universe is enormous. There are probably other types we don't know out there. Thanks to this core, the owner will be able to give birth to an Five Elements Divine Soul and will have a limitless future."

Krune was puzzled.

"Five Elements Divine Soul?"

Mile nodded.

"I don't know much about it myself. But those who get a rainbow core can get this type of Divine Soul. It's said that their control will be matchless within the five basic elements. As to how much this control can help with their combat prowess, I don't know. There is too little information about it in our mercenary guild, or better, in our world. Makui Planet is too weak; that's an undeniable truth. Because of that, we know too little about the outside worlds."

Krune wasn't disappointed. At least it shows he isn't the first one to get a rainbow core. If one day he is successful in leaving the planet, he will be able to look for more information about that.

Mile then continued.

"Now, the rainbow core is one thing. However, even if you have control over the lightning element, it doesn't explain why you can use the Tribulation Lightning power. That is the power of the heavens; it should be impossible for you to control it, even if you have your rainbow core!"

Krune understood that as well. So he explained what had happened during his Foundation Establishment breakthrough. Of course, he had left the part about his Spiritual Energy Meridians outside.

" You let the tribulation lightning enter your little universe and guided it into your planet bit by bit. Some of its energy lingered inside of the planet and struck your rainbow core during its formation."

Krune nodded.

Mile took a deep breath. She'd never heard about something this crazy before.

"Your luck is out of the charts. Just a single misstep, and you would be fried wisp. But this is also good! With the power of the tribulation lightning, I'm looking even more forward to see your future."

"Now then, I will have to report it to the guild, but I will keep the fact that you are a wisp secret. You stay in your house for a few days. A rainbow core user is something that can't be taken lightly. The other guilds in and out of the Yule continent will do anything to take you away. Fortunately, your rainbow irises weren't very apparent. So people hadn't noticed it before. As long as I bring a technique concealing eye powers, you should be fine to walk around again."

Everyone was puzzled.

"Eye powers?"

Mile remembered that she hadn't explained it.

"Oh, right. Why do you think you can see through the other's skills flaws and give them pointers on how to improve their own abilities? That's the power of the rainbow irises, a side effect of your rainbow core."

Not only Krune, but Yusa felt enlightened too.

'I see! That's why Yusa can feel the elements a lot better but can't get close to what I can do. She more or less can notice the flaws and give a few pointers as well. But when things get too profound, she is clueless about what to do when it is related to others. I always thought that it was because I had more Spiritual Energy Meridians than her, or Lakin and Ruik. I thought that as long as they got more Spiritual Energy Meridians, they would eventually match my perception. But it seems it won't happen.'

Mile was about to leave when Ao asked a question.

"Mile, why are you helping us? I understand a rainbow core cultivator would be an amazing asset for the Mercenary Guild. But I still believe you would get a lot more benefits if you were to disclose Krune's identity as a wisp. Even if you say that it really is for the guild's future, Krune is a wisp. His life span is very limited. There is only so much he would be able to make for the guild in the future anyway. So why is that?"

The air became heavy after that, and everyone looked at her waiting for an answer.

Mile smiled and said.

"I won't lie by saying that I'm not disappointed with the fact he is a wisp. There is the life span thing and all. Let's just say I'm trying to make a bet, a bet that he will go further than anyone expects. When that day comes, I hope he remembers this favor of today."

Krune took a deep breath and said:

"You have no need to worry. If I really get that far, I will definitely remember this favor."

Mile then blinked at Ao and left.

Krune looked at everyone and said:

"Well, at least, I know a little bit more about this core of mine. I also know that although the Spiritual Energy Meridians are marvelous, they aren't omnipotent. I always wondered why my control is so much better than Yusa's or Lakin and Ruik. It probably has something to do with this perfect harmony that gave birth to the rainbow core like that she told us."

Yusa and the others didn't care, though.

"That's good! The Spiritual Energy Meridians gave us a great boost of power anyway. So, even if we didn't get this perfect harmony, there is nothing to complain about."

They weren't lying. Their achievements had far surpassed what they could have ever hoped for. They are totally satisfied with the results. There is nothing to complain about.

Krune just laughed at that and then started to control his spiritual energy to heal his human form injuries. He would have to wait a few days to receive the technique to conceal his rainbow irises anyway. So he will only bind his time. It had nothing to do with believing Mile or not. But that he had no other choice, but doing so.

At least, it didn't seem like she was lying; otherwise, she could have used the time he was unconscious to sell the information about him. In that case, he would have really be doomed.

In the end, Krune let out a sigh and said:

"Let's wait and see what happens."

He then focused on his injuries and, at the same time, on his tribulation lightning power both in his soul and rainbow core.

'What was that connection I felt between the two powers of Tribulation Lightning?'

At first, he tried to check the lightning in his soul first when he suddenly heard a voice: "Don't bother me. I'm sleepy. Come back later." Please visit Ζ’π‘Ÿe𝘦we𝑏nπ‘œπšŸπ™šΖ–. π’„πš˜π¦

Krune's expression became weird. Did that lightning power just talk to him?

"I see! I'm still too injured. I'm even hearing things now. I'd better go to sleep a bit."

It was then that he remembered one thing... He is a wisp, wisps don't sleep!

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