Is that a Wisp?

Chapter 1579: Farewell Krune
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Chapter 1579: Farewell Krune

"I'll eat you! Krunnnnneeee!" Turmul bellowed as he began to eat up Krune from within when tens of thousands of abilities slammed into him, injuring him at rates beyond what his Spirit Aberrant powers could negate.

When Turmul used the Qilin's power to devour his energy, Krune relied upon the authority of the True Spirits to negate it. His Hunger Law devoured everything like crazy, beginning to assimilate everything into it.

Turmul also devoured Krune in a similar fashion, assimilating everything into his. In this manner, within Krune's realm-sized wisp body, a war raged forth as both the entities fought to devour the other party.

Blazing fire erupted when it was frozen by multiple variations of ice. Space was expanded to shred Krune's body from within when spatial laws expanded the space there, maintaining itself.


Turmul condensed a Satellite Realm, causing it to self-destruct to create a terrifying storm that seemed intent on destroying everything in its path.

But suddenly, from within the collapsing Satellite Realm, a Realm Spirit was birthed that took control of its collapse, turning it into a stream of Godly Energy instead that reinforced Krune.

It was Zamura's power. And in Krune's hands, it attained a whole new meaning.

And with that, whenever Turmul used a Kun Peng's power, Krune retaliated by gaining control over the created celestial objects. As for the Realm Spirits, they leaped into the broken Realm Pestlor, devoured by the Hunger Law within as it quickly healed itself back to full power.

"Gah!" Krune grunted in pain as his insides were wrecked by the Taotie's power, not to mention the violent Power Storm of the eighth-generation God King that destroyed everything in its path. Turmul was retaliating with everything he got, gradually gaining an advantage when Krune grunted.


Hunger Law—I'm Hungry, Gimme Power!

This time, he stole Turmul's powers, causing his body to begin cracking as he strained himself too much. He had already stolen the power of everything in the Universe Realm through his Champion state.

Stealing Turmul's power beyond it was simply pushing himself over the edge, especially since his body was already breaking down, unable to handle the sheer might of the Champion state.


Turmul screamed in pain as a billion Lightning Needles stabbed through him using a Taotie's power, making all the injuries permanent, instantly pushing him over a critical stage.

After all, with his power stolen, he was weak while Krune grew stronger, raising the gap between them. Moreover, he kicked things up a notch by further increasing the Champion state's beam of energy, forcing his body to crumble faster. But in exchange, his power rose up even further.

"You damn… suicidal bastard!" Turmul screamed in shock as fear set in his heart, realizing that he wasn't able to win.

'If only I have enough time to digest all my gains!' He thought in regret, turning his tail to run away. Unfortunately, he was already within Krune's body.


Turmul slammed into the inner walls of Krune's body, cracking it up as he broke out time and again. However, mysterious chains streamed out of his body and wrapped around Turmul, dragging him back into Krune's body.

Every time this happened, Krune lost a portion of himself. Body, mind, soul, memories, a part of himself died every time Turmul strove to break free.

After all, his attacks targeted everything in existence, killing Krune little by little every time. But, Krune didn't let up, continuing to persist in the attacks as he devoured Turmul, not wasting any chance.

Initially, he was a silly wisp that only wished to survive, later gaining friends, family, and people to protect, people who relied on him. Eventually, it expanded to a continent, followed by a supercontinent, realm, realm cluster, and now, the fate of everything rested in his hands.

The weight was overwhelming, enough to crush him multiple times under the load. But, his tiny frame held it as firmly as possible, not because he was strong, but because he had no other choice but to take the helm and see it through to the end.

"Turia, connect me to Feifei," Krune said all of a sudden, contacting the Universe Realm through their connection as a Champion.

Turia did as told, transmitting the contents to Feifei through a Mental Energy stream as his voice resounded in her mind.

"I've been afraid, Feifei, afraid that I would lose you and everyone else. I haven't even talked much with you in the last ten thousand years. I was just… scared." His voice resounded as tears streamed out of Feifei, "I'm sorry for not being with you longer. But, even if I'm not with you, I'm sure you'll remain strong. Remember when in the Mountain Sect you wanted to bring our family to the God Realm?"

"I've made arrangements through Kulla already. She'll bring them all the moment you give the order. They'll accompany you for the rest of your life." His tone turned sad before chuckling after a moment. "Even though I won't be there with you, I'll be watching over you from the Graveyard of Gods. So…"

"Don't become cranky, alright?"

"Bastard…!" Feifei trembled in sadness, tears streaming out of her eyes as she gazed through Turia, of Krune's final moments, muttering with clenched fists, "I'm alone… Krune."

"Don't leave me."

"Keuk!" Krune was unable to control his tears any longer, but no more. He steeled himself, pulling Turmul into his body once again as suddenly, a rainbow-colored Wisp Core appeared before Turmul, pulsating with a strangely calm energy.

"You know… only now do I understand why wisps are like this. Sadly, my race's pinnacle moments are short-lived." Krune's voice resounded from the rainbow-colored Wisp Core. "The best shield is one that devours the attacks directed at it and turns it into an elixir to further its growth."

"W-What? What do you mean? It doesn't make sense." Turmul stammered, feeling a terrifying sense of foreboding as suddenly, his entire body began to be sucked into the Wisp Core. He gritted his teeth. "I won't be eaten up by you, dammit. If I cannot win, I'll destroy everything!"

Immediately after, his entire body shrunk into a rice-sized grain, exploding into a storm capable of consuming the Greater Universe itself.


Through Gegrafikan, Turmul obtained this as well.

But in response, the realm-sized wisp only sighed as the rainbow Wisp Core pulsed, and the entire ethereal body vanished.

A crack formed on the Wisp Core that revealed a mouth that clamped upon the rice-sized grain as a terrifying explosion resounded within. The resulting shockwaves alone cracked the Universe Realm's barrier, even though the entirety of the energy was contained within the Wisp Core.

The Kun Peng Chief arrived at the scene, staring at the rainbow Wisp Core losing all signs of life but rapidly consuming Turmul's entire existence, refining it into a power suitable for the Universe Realm to consume and grow even further.

He stared in shock, recalling the face made by Zule's grandfather moments before his death, a maniacal calmness of a gambler that put everything on a minuscule chance. His voice strangely trembled as he uttered, staring at the mystical entity before that that, for the first time in his infinitely long life, he was unsure about, feeling fear. "I-Is… I-Is that a…"


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