Chapter 55: Challenge All New Students!
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Chapter 55: Challenge All New Students!

“I didn’t expect a waste with a recommendation letter for registration like you would dare to show up!” Seeing Huang Xiaolong arrive, Xiong Meiqi ridiculed him in a cold voice.

Huang Xiaolong laughed faintly instead, “Why wouldn’t I dare to come? Afterward, when I enter the top ten in the assessment, I’m afraid you’ll go back on your word!”

A sharp light flashed across Xiong Meiqi’s pupils: “I, Xiong Meiqi never go back on my word!”

Huang Xiaolong walked into the crowd and stood still. And at this time, the blond boy Jiang Teng stared at Huang Xiaolong viciously with dislike, then turned away. Huang Xiaolong’s face remained stoic.

And at this point, Li Lu came beside Huang Xiaolong, full of worry and said, “Xiaolong, can you really enter the top ten?”

On that year when Huang Xiaolong revealed his early-Fourth Order strength to defeat Huang Wei during the Huang Clan Manor’s Annual Assembly, Li Lu didn’t know about it.

“Don’t worry,” Huang Xiaolong gave Li Lu a comforting look, telling her not to worry.

A while later, seeing that everyone had arrived, Xiong Meiqi started to explain the new student assessment’s rules and criteria.

To test a new student’s strength, letting them battle was the best way to do it. Thus, the new students’ assessment was to let them battle against each other; each batch was divided into five groups and the opponent was selected by drawing lots. The winner of a group enters the next round of battle, finally determining the top ten students.

And the battle competition location was the Academy’s square.

Because it was the new students’ assessment day, there were a lot of older students watching, from ex-First Year students, Second Years, and Third Years.

However, just as Xiong Meiqi finished her explanation of the assessment process, a voice sounded, “Teacher Xiong, this is too troublesome; how about this, I will accept all the students’ challenges, the longer a student can last under my attacks, the higher his or her placement!”

Everyone was surprised and looked over where the voice came from and saw the one who spoke was Jiang Teng!

As Jiang Teng’s word resounded through the square, it caused a commotion among the observing older students.

“This kid is the one who was said to possess superb martial spirit, the Sacred Bright Tiger, Jiang Teng?! Really crazy! He actually plans to take on all the new students’ challenges by himself!”

“People are arrogant because they have the strength!”

Low-voiced discussions sounded between the older students.

And Xiong Meiqi was stunned.

Jiang Teng alone wanted to take on all the new students’ challenge?

There were almost one hundred people in this batch of new students.

At one corner of the square stood two tall old men and one of them was Cosmic Star Academy’s Vice-Principal, Xiong Chu, whereas the other old fellow had a pair of big eyes. Especially his ears, nearly twice as big as a normal person’s ear, etching him into their memory with just one glance.

“Principal, Jiang Teng is still young, a little too vigorous.” Xiong Chu said to the old fellow, “Although he is strong, there are almost a hundred new students– how can he accept all of their challenges?”

The other old fellow was Cosmic Star Academy’s Principal, Sun Zhang.

Sun Zhang wasn’t frazzled in the least, “No harm, all are children; being full of youth’s vigor is very normal. Not to mention, Jiang Teng has a superb martial spirits; even though the new students are quite numerous, don’t look down on the Sacred Bright Tiger’s ability!”

Sun Zhang’s underlying meaning was, Jiang Teng’s current capability could easily deal with this batch of new student’s challenges!

Xiong Chu couldn’t help but feel surprised.

“You will understand in a while,” Sun Zhang smiled and said to Xiong Chu.

While Xiong Meiqi was considering if she should agree with Jiang Teng’s suggestion, her father, Xiong Chu’s voice transmitted into her ear.

Everyone was looking at Xiong Meiqi, waiting for her decision.

Moments later, Xiong Meiqi looked at the group of new students, and then nodded at Jiang Teng, “Okay.”


When Xiong Meiqi gave her approval, the surrounding crowd grew noisier.

Xiong Meiqi actually allowed Jiang Teng to accept about one hundred new students’ challenges!

Xiong Meiqi walked up and waved both of her hands, setting a ten-meter wide circle on the square as the ring; the battle competition area would be within the ring, and the person who stepped out was considered the loser.

Jiang Teng was the first one to leap into the ring and stood in the middle with his hands behind his back. With a condescending demeanor said, “Who dares to come in?”

When his voice dropped, all around the square was silence.

“Me!” At this moment, a fat young man leaped into the circle. Without waiting, a bright light burst exploded from his body, his martial spirit floating above his head behind him. This young man’s martial spirit looked like a pudgy Sandyfern beast, and on top of its head were two soft horns, looking extremely cute.

Many of the new students laughed out seeing it.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head, this fella’s martial spirit indeed looked a little funny. However, Huang Xiaolong, who went to the library a few days ago, recognized this chubby young man’s martial spirit, it was a top grade ten martial spirit called Earth Dragon, but it didn’t belong to the dragon race– it was a mixed line of descent, having a trace of the dragon race’s bloodline, similar to an Asian dragon.

The fatty released his martial spirit and rushed up to Jiang Teng, his fist punching out; the power emitted was quite strong.

Huang Xiaolong could tell, this young man already reached mid-Third Order.

However, even though he was a mid-Third Order warrior, against a Fourth Order Jiang Teng, he was significantly weaker. Jiang Teng watched as the fist neared him, lifted his left hand as battle qi surged and punched out meeting the fat young man’s fist.

“Bang!” A low blast sounded, and the fat young man bounced back from the impact. The fat on his body vibrated as he staggered till the edge of the ring.

Jiang Teng stood on the same spot; his palm shot out across the air, and the fat young man was pushed out from the circle.

The fat young man possessing grade ten martial spirits, a mid-Third Order, lost!

From the beginning till the end, only three breath’s time had passed.

Gaps of shocked echoed through the crowd seeing this scene.

After that, there were six consecutive losses as new students went up to challenge Jiang Teng one by one; the one who lasted the longest was six breaths’ count, and the shortest one was out within a single breath’s time.

After Jiang Teng defeated the seventh person, suddenly Jiang Teng’s body from head to toe showered in a sacred brightness, glimmering. When it was gone, the tired Jiang Teng was once again full of energy, looking refreshed.

“This, this is battle qi recovery?!” Some of the older students exclaimed out loud seeing it.

Battle qi recovery!

When Jiang Teng advanced into the Fourth Order Warrior, the Sacred Bright Tiger evolved and its innate ability was battle qi recovery; isn’t this martial spirit’s ability a little too powerful?!

Some distance away, even Xiong Chu was a little astonished when he saw this and he finally understood why Principal Su Zhang said Jiang Teng could easily defeat all the new students. Every time he defeated a person, as long as he could gain a fraction of time, he could recover all his exhausted battle qi. Even if there were a couple more students, it posed no problem to Jiang Teng!

Xiong Chu’s eyes lit up.

Even Principal Sun Zhang was watching with a satisfied look on his face as he looked at Jiang Teng, he laughingly said, “Our Academy has been established over a hundred years, and never have any of the disciples entered the first one hundred spots in Duanren Empire’s Battle of the Imperial City. Now, Jiang Teng’s appearance gives us hope. After our careful guidance, twenty years later, Jiang Teng could definitely enter the top thirty spots in the Battle of the Imperial City!”

Xiong Chu broke out in a cackle, “Twenty years later, if Jiang Teng could enter the top thirty in Duanren Empire, it would be our Academy’s glory, ah. At that time, we would be rewarded greatly by Duanren Empire’s Emperor!”

Sun Zhang nodded, smiling from ear to ear.

At this time, Huang Xiaolong was standing among the new students, looking at the defeated students one after another and the high-spirited Jiang Teng, but he was in no hurry to step into the ring.

When Jiang Teng defeated the seventh person, Li Lu, who was beside Huang Xiaolong, suddenly leaped up, landing in the ring.

Seeing Li Lu coming up to challenge him, a cold sneer appeared on his face; he knew this woman was close to the waste that registered with a recommendation letter, Huang Xiaolong.

His eyes peeked at Xiaolong and when he turned to look at Li Lu, a cruel light flashed across them.

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