Chapter 50: Dare to Hurt Young Master!
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Chapter 50: Dare to Hurt Young Master!

After Zhong Yuan finished speaking, Xiong Meiqi eagerly added: “That’s right Dad! This waste deserves death! And not just him, the three guards behind him also. He is just a waste that relies on his family background to get into the Academy!”

Having said this Xiong Meiqi then pointed at Huang Xiaolong, adding “They should all be detained, let their family’s elder come here personally to collect them and publicly apologize to our Academy!”

Listening to this, Huang Xiaolong sneered but kept silent; he wanted to see what the female black bear’s (Xiong Meiqi) father would do.

Xiong Chu’s expression remained calm as he looked at Huang Xiaolong and the three people with him as he listened to his daughter and Zhong Yuan’s explanation. Finally, Xiong Chu said to his daughter “Bring me his letter of recommendation.”

Xiong Meiqi was rather surprised but still, she obediently brought out the recommendation letter.

Xiong Chu took the recommendation letter and when he noticed a minuscule mark at the bottom of the letter, his eyes narrowed! Without a doubt, this letter was issued by the Principal!

In every batch of new students, only ten recommendation letters were allocated and they were all handled by him (Xiong Chu), but this time there was an exception. The Principal, who in the past never bothered himself with such matters, actually requested a letter from him two days ago.

And this little one’s recommendation letter was sent out personally by the Principal.

Since the Principal issued the letter, he didn’t have the right to handle this matter; since this waste came with the Principal’s recommendation letter, he could only hand the matter over to the Principal.

Xiong Chu kept the letter and after some quick thinking, he said to Huang Xiaolong, “Little one, as long as you and your three guards apologize, I will forget this matter and not pursue it any further.”

Forget and not pursue!

Everyone present went blank, unable to believe it.

A Cosmic Star Academy teacher was injured, yet just apologies were enough to smooth matters over?!

“Dad, you!” Xiong Meiqi was so anxious that she blurted out those words but before she could say more, Xiong Chu waved his hand at her, saying: “Enough, say no more.”

The words Xiong Meiqi was about to say choked in her throat and having no say left in the matter, all she could do was to look daggers at Huang Xiaolong viciously.

Everyone thought Huang Xiaolong would just publicly apologize but what he said instead was, “Why must we apologize? I want them to apologize to me!” his finger pointing at Xiong Meiqi.

“What?!” his words resounded through the square, shocking the onlookers as they looked Huang Xiaolong in amazement; could this kid be insane? Didn’t he understand the meaning behind the words just spoken by the Vice Principal?

“What did you say? Want us to apologize?!” Xiong Meiqi almost exploded in anger; she was already dissatisfied when her father only asked them to apologize, not only that, the other side still acted like before, wanting them to apologize instead!

“Dad, you’ve seen it for yourself, this waste simply does not put the Cosmic Star Academy in his eyes!” Xiong Meiqi exclaimed as she turned toward Xiong Chu, almost yelling.

Xiong Chu was watching at Huang Xiaolong the entire time, his face sporting a gloomy expression; this waste who got the Principal’s recommendation letter is too obtuse, not knowing when to retreat. He had been very generous by allowing the other side settle the matter with just an apology, thereby giving the Principal face. However, this boy wanted a foot after being given an inch!

Huang Xiaolong smirked, and his cold eyes fell on Xiong Meiqi, “You have repeated over and over again that I’m a waste, that we came to make trouble; since this is the way it is, bring out the square’s recording globe. Let everyone see how exactly we caused trouble!”

A recording globe is a tool used to survey and record images, and in a huge square such as this one under the Cosmic Star Academy, there definitely were a few placed around the square’s perimeter.

Xiong Chu’s expression turned cold: “Go, bring the square’s recording globe over!”

“Yes, Vice Principal!” one of the teachers acknowledged with respect and hurried off. He soon returned, holding in his hand something that looked similar to a crystal ball.

“Play the recording globe!” Xiong Chu said.

The same teacher summoned battle qi and sent it into the recording globe. Within moments, moving images were projected in mid-air and from the images, what happened earlier could be seen clearly.

First, it showed Xiong Meiqi flinging Huang Xiaolong’s student plate to the floor, followed by Zhong Yuan rushing over together with two teachers, and upon arrival, told Huang Xiaolong to kneel down and apologize. Subsequently, Zhong Yuan attacked Huang Xiaolong and ended up being injured by Fei Hou who was protecting Huang Xiaolong.

Xiong Meiqi and Zhong Yuan looked gloomier by the second as the images flashed by.

Students and their families gathered from all over as the truth revealed itself before their eyes, and started to whisper amongst themselves.

Watching the images repeating the incident, Xiong Chu’s gloomy expression gradually turned sullen.

Once the replay ended, Huang Xiaolong sneered and said, “We didn’t make trouble, yet you accused us. That so-called teacher wanted to kill me and my bodyguard retaliated in defense, is this called making trouble? Should I have stood here and let him kill me in the name of not making trouble?” he asked while he pointing one finger at Zhong Yuan.

Zhong Yuan wanted to evade the issue and didn’t know how to respond, so his embarrassment transformed into anger and hatred.

Huang Xiaolong’s attention was on Xiong Chu as he said, “Now that things are as clear as day, and the recording clearly showed it wasn’t us who started this, why should we be the ones to apologize? Or are you saying we must apologize just because they are Academy teachers?”

Xiong Chu was reticent.

“Dad!” Xiong Meiqi wanted to justify her actions, but she was cut off by Xiong Chu who shouted: “Hold your tongue!” Xiong Chu turned to look at Huang Xiaolong, and said, “Little one, how about this, your registration and tuition fees for this year are exempted. And we will consider this matter solved!”

Registration and tuition fees all exempted!

The new students were stunned, their gazes zoomed towards Huang Xiaolong.

Injuring an Academy teacher was not only fine and dandy, he even had all fees exempted!

Staring straight at Xiong Chu, Huang Xiaolong slowly nodded his head, then said to Fei Hou and the two guards, “Let’s go!” The four left the Academy square.

Watching Huang Xiaolong’s receding silhouette, each person present had a different expression on their faces.

Xiong Chu did not say another word, his figure flashed and vanished from the square. Thus, the crowd gradually dispersed.

In one of Cosmic Star Academy’s chambers.

Xiong Chu was seated, a soft trace of starlight shimmered from his body. The mood of the huge chamber was stifling, making it hard to breathe.

Xiong Meiqi and Zhong Yuan had stood behind Xiong Chu for a very long time, but they dared not speak.

“That little one’s recommendation letter comes from the Principal.” said Xiong Chu suddenly after having been silent for a long time.

Xiong Meiqi and Zhong Yuan were shocked; sent by the Principal! This!

“Well, both of you can leave.” Xiong Chu spoke again.

When Xiong Meiqi wanted to say something, Zhong Yuan tugged at her sleeves, his eyes motioning her not to. Zhong Yuan saluted silently, turned and left the chamber.

On leaving the Cosmic Star Academy, Huang Xiaolong went back to the Tianxuan Mansion instead of returning to the Marshal Mansion. Arriving at the Tianxuan Mansion, Huang Xiaolong took a look around; after two days of cleaning, the weeds that grew along the corridors and the bedroom dust were no longer there.

Huang Xiaolong ordered Beastman Boli to gather all sixteen slaves and enquired about mansion matters. Afterwards, he gave Beastman Boli some gold coins to buy furnitures and flowers to decorate the mansion with.

Huang Xiaolong intended to live and train here once the Academy started. Tianxuan Mansion was much closer to the Academy and Academy disciples were allowed to stay outside the dormitory.

Having settled mansion matters, Huang Xiaolong headed back to the Marshal Mansion with Fei Hou and the two guards.

“What?! Cosmic Star Academy teachers dared to attack Young Master?” On returning to the Marshal’s Mansion, the two guards quickly reported what had happened today at the Academy to Marshal Haotian. Listening to his subordinate’s report, Marshal Haotian’s furious roar shook the entire Marshal Mansion.

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