Chapter 32: Fei Hous Martial Spirit
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Chapter 32: Fei Hou’s Martial Spirit

There were ten or more disciples of the Purple Robed Sword Sect pursuing the pair; seeing that they had stopped running, the disciples scattered out and surrounded the four people at the bonfire.

“Senior Brother Cheng, what shall we do?” A Purple Robed Sword Sect disciple asked a middle-aged man with a distinct sword scar on his left cheek.

The scar-faced middle-aged man looked at each person that was surrounded and stopped when he got to Fei Hou. His brows creased into a frown when he realized that he couldn’t determine Fei Hou’s strength.

“Senior, we are disciples of the Purple Robed Sword Sect, we hope that Senior will stay out of this matter.” After a brief pause, Zhang Hua added, “As long as you do not interfere, we will allow you to leave safely.”

After all, they were within the borders of the Luo Tong Kingdom and not in the Yunhai Kingdom; Zhang Hua would prefer to avoid trouble if he could.

Fei Hou didn’t respond, instead, he looked at Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong’s expression remained blasé as he looked at the Zhang Hua. “Are you saying that if we interfere, then we wouldn’t be able to leave safely?” Although the other side seemed polite, Huang Xiaolong, however, detected the implied threat in their words.

As a person born in the Luo Tong Kingdom, seeing disciples of his kingdom’s premier academy being hunted, it was only natural that he would be slightly partial to help the Cosmic Star Academy’s disciples.

Just like in his previous life on Earth, if people from his country were bullied, he would be biased in his support of his fellow countrymen.

On hearing Huang Xiaolong’s response, Zhang Hua’s expression sank.

“Kid, what did you just say!” shouted one of the disciples seeing a fledgling dared to speak in such manner to Senior Brother Cheng, and just as he was about to scold more, suddenly, a shadow flashed and the disciple screamed clutching his face: “My face! My face!”

There were two lines of blood running down on both sides of his face.

It was the Violet Spirit Devourer Monkey who attacked him and, after attacking, he settled back on Huang Xiaolong’s shoulder, and then bared his teeth at the disciple.

“Animal, you are courting death!” Anger welled in that Purple Robed Sword Sect disciple and he imbued battle qi into the long sword he was holding and attacked, slashing directly at the little violet monkey.

When the other disciples saw that one of their own was hurt, they couldn’t resist and they attacked together.

Bright rays of sword light surrounded Huang Xiaolong.

Zhang Hua wanted to stop them, but it was too late and he watched the rays of sword light hurtled at Huang Xiaolong. Suddenly, the rays of sword light vanished and the four disciples who attacked were flying, spitting out blood in midair.

When they hit the ground, their bodies jerked twice and became still; they were all dead!

Fei Hou looked coldly at the four bodies before he turned towards Huang Xiaolong and asked respectfully, “Young Master, are you alright?”

Huang Xiaolong shook his head as he said, “I’m fine.” The truth was, even if Fei Hou did nothing, the four Purple Robed Sword Sect disciples couldn’t have hurt him, he could tell that all four of them were only Fifth Order warriors.

Zhang Hua and the other disciples of the Purple Cloth Sword Sect disciple were shocked as they looked at the four lifeless bodies lying on the ground. Anger caught up, and a cold light flickered in his eyes as he turned around to look at Fei Hou, “You dare kill disciples of the Purple Robed Sword Sect?”

Fei Hou just stared at Zhang Hua with an even colder expression and said, “Those who dare to cause harm to the Young Master, will die!”

This was one Asura Gate’s rules; if anyone dared to harm the Sovereign, all of the Asura’s Gate disciples must kill the person with their utmost effort!

Anger raged in Zhang Hua’s heart, and his expression became ice-cold: “Good!” Then he waved his hand signaling to the disciples and said, “We are leaving!”

Then he turned to leave. The disciples were all stunned.

“Leave? Who allowed you to go?” At this moment, spoke Huang Xiaolong with an edge in his voice.

Huang Xiaolong saw the hate and animosity in the middle-aged man’s eyes, and he knew that if the he were allowed to leave, he would definitely return for revenge in the future, and the Huang Clan Manor wasn’t that far away from their current location. If the scar-faced middle-aged man discovered his identity, then the Huang Clan Manor might be in danger of annihilation. So, Huang Xiaolong decided not let these Purple Robed Sword Sect disciples leave.

Murder flitted across Huang Xiaolong’s heart.

In his previous life, the number of criminals that died in his hands was no less than twenty. The fact was, Huang Xiaolong wasn’t a soft, kind-hearted person.

The scar-faced middle-aged man and the Purple Robed Sword Sect disciples paused, and their expressions changed in the same moment Fei Hou moved. As Fei Hou dashed forward, behind him, a river emerged!

The river emitted a flickering silver glow as if it was made of numerous swords lights.

This was Fei Hou’s martial spirit, Silver River!

Silver River was also a variation martial spirit.

Fei Hou immediately soul transformed after releasing his martial spirit! His body turned soft and flexible. Moving as if he had become a silver-colored river, he wound around the disciples of the Purple Robed Sword Sect and horrifying screams came from their throats as pillars of blood shot out of their bodies. Without exception, all of them crumbled to the ground. In a blink of an eye, they had all died.

In the time needed to take six to seven breaths, all the other disciples of the Purple Robed Sword Sect disciples, as well as the scar-faced middle-aged man, Zhang Hua, died.

The two disciples of Cosmic Star Academy were rooted where they stood, filled with fear as they looked at Fei Hou. They were very aware of the strength of the Purple Robed Sword Sect disciples who had been pursuing them; after all, the scar-faced middle-aged man was a late peak Seventh Order warrior! Other than him, there were two other Seventh Order warriors!

By this time, Fei Hou had returned to his usual self and retreated behind Huang Xiaolong.

Only then did the two youngsters come to their senses.

“This, er.., this little brother and Senior, thank you for your saving grace, we will show our gratitude in the future!” The young man’s voice quivered as he cupped his hand in salute. He then grabbed the girl’s hand and quickly left in panic. Long after, he turned his head back looking at the direction they came away from in fear.

Fei Hou’s face sank seeing the two ran away in panic when he had just saved them, so he asked Huang Xiaolong, “Young Master, should we...?” Fei Hou made a silencing gesture.

A certain light flitted in Huang Xiaolong eyes, but in the end, he shook his head. “Forget it.” Although he too was disgusted with the manner which they fled from him, he understood that they were afraid he would silence them just like the Purple Robed Sword Sect disciples.

Also, he wasn’t worried that the pair would spread the story about, for it wasn’t in their interest if this incident came to light.

“Let’s leave this place.” Huang Xiaolong said to Fei Hou after the disciples of the Cosmic Star Academy had faded from sight. He had lost interest in staying here.

“Yes, Sovereign!” Before they left, Fei Hou incinerated the bodies.

Thus, two people and one little monkey entered the Silvermoon Forest.

Having Fei Hou, a peak late-Tenth Order warrior traveling with him, Huang Xiaolong wasn’t afraid of encountering any powerful demonic beasts.

A month later, somewhere in the Silvermoon Forest, two bright rays of light flashed by and a big black bear roared as it fell, crashing into the ground. Afterward, Huang Xiaolong silhouette emerged in mid-air.

In the past month through killing demonic beasts, through combining his martial spirits’ innate talent–Space Concealment and Phantom Shadow–Huang Xiaolong could now easily kill a Stage Six demonic beast.

The black bear Huang Xiaolong had just killed was a mid-Sixth Stage.

At this moment, the little violet monkey leaped off Huang Xiaolong’s shoulder towards the big black bear. Its tiny claws slit across the skin, dug out a beast core, before opening its mouth and swallowing it; then it removed the bear gallbladder and gave it to Huang Xiaolong.

A mid-Stage Six black bear’s gallbladder was much more potent compared to the Fourth Stage Bara Floret Python’s snake gallbladder that he took last time.

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