Chapter 2923: Assist His Highness!
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Chapter 2923: Assist His Highness!

When Li Xue and the others saw what the demons were doing, their expressions fell.

“Lord Li Xue, what do we do now?!” Wang Quyang panicked.

Li Xue, who had always dealt with matters calmly, started to reveal a trace of anxiety. “Quick! Pass down my order! Request for every single cultivator in the Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave to protect His Highness! All Primal Ancestors and Dao Venerables are to rush to the Dragon Fish Creed right now to fend off the invaders!”

Hu Yifeng and the others hastily agreed.

“Inform the various patriarchs of their creeds in the other regions and request for them to come over to protect His Highness too!”

Even though they would arrive too late to the party, Li Xue no longer had a choice. The invasion was too terrifying, and the combined might of twenty creeds in the Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave was not enough to hold them back!”

As Li Xue slowly regained her composure, orders flew out one after another.

Giant runes started to light up all of a sudden around the Dragon Fish Creed, and they seemed to illuminate the entire region.

A godly dragon started to materialize, and that was the ultimate ability of the Dragon Fish Grand Formation!

The godly dragon was the formation spirit of the Dragon Fish Grand Formation, and it was strengthened by generations after generations of experts. For several billion years, it had received tempering from god knew how many peak-level Dao Venerables, and one could only imagine how strong it was. Not to mention the fact that the formation spirit was originally a peak late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable Realm beast of creation…

There were even rumors going around that Huang Long himself had once reinforced the formation in the Dragon Fish Creed. That was the power of a God of Creation they were talking about!

It was a formation that was imbued with the power of a God of Creation!

As soon as the formation was activated, a layer of light covered the bodies of the disciples of the Dragon Fish Creed. The disciples who were fighting the demons felt their power increase many folds. They felt like they ate some sort of power pill that boosted their strength.

Usually, those who ate a pill to boost their strength would feel a backlash after the effective period of the pill ended, but the light was a different existence.

They could also feel that the demons attacking them were suppressed by the light that covered them.

When they were strengthened by the light around them, the demons were suppressed, on the other hand!

The disciples of the Dragon Fish Creed carried out a wanton massacre of the other party!

In an instant, blood filled the skies.

Black rain and golden mist filled countless sacred lands lying around the region.

The golden mist was formed from the blood of the disciples of the Dragon Fish Creed, and the black rain was the blood of the demons.

Very quickly, the invasion alarmed the various creeds around the Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave.

Zeng Lin and Yin Yue also received the news in the Silver Shadow Creed.

“What?! The demons from the Outer World are invading the Dragon Fish Creed?!” Yin Yue screamed. “They are currently requesting reinforcements from the various creeds in the Divine Tuo Holy World!”

No one else knew that Huang Xiaolong was in the Dragon Fish Creed, other than her and her master!

“Master, we have to go there immediately!” Yin Yue yelled in panic.

No matter how talented Huang Xiaolong was, she felt that there was no way he could fight the entire army from the Other World by himself.

Zeng Lin saw the anxious look on Yin Yue’s face, and she chuckled softly, “Are you worried about the little brat?”

Yin Yue’s face turned red, and she tried to deny, “Master, I am not worried for Young Master Huang! I’m thinking of His Highness Huang Shuai! After all, he is the Son of Creation. If the demons manage to injure him…”

Zeng Lin laughed happily. “I didn’t say anything about Huang Xiaolong!”

Yin Yue’s explanation only made things worse for herself.

In an instant, her face flushed red.

She might not have interacted much with Huang Xiaolong, but she realized that she couldn’t get him out of her mind since the time he had left. Every time she thought about him, a weird feeling would form in her heart. It was something she had never felt before.

“With Young Master Huang’s current strength, no demons would be able to harm him. Even if he ran into their entire army, he would be able to escape unscathed. There is no need for you to worry about him,” Zeng Lin said.

“Of course, since we know that Huang Shuai is the target of the demons, we can’t sit here and do nothing.”

Half a day later, the experts of the Silver Shadow Creed charged towards the Dragon Fish Creed.

At the same time, experts from all over the Divine Tuo Holy World were rushing over as quickly as they could.

Not a single power dared to remain idle when Huang Shuai was in danger.

In the Golden Sun Forest, Huang Xiaolong was completely out of the loop as he continued to refine the blood essence left behind by Huang Long.

Several dozen years passed once again…

By the time Huang Xiaolong refined the first drop of blood essence, he had reached the peak of the late-Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm. He was only a single step away from entering the Dao Venerable Realm.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he felt that the world before him was turning transparent. His mind became extremely clear, and it was a feeling he couldn’t put in words. He felt that there was a veil separating him from the actual Huang Long World in the past, but after refining the blood essence, the veil had disappeared.

With his dao soul covering the lands, Huang Xiaolong realized that he could observe the situation outside the sealed space. In fact, he managed to cover the entire sacred land that housed the Golden Sun Forest easily.

“Huh?!” Huang Xiaolong gasped in surprise. He realized that the sacred lands around him were shattered. It was as though the apocalypse had happened when he was stuck in cultivation, and the entire region had turned into one of ruin.

He also noticed the demonic qi lingering in the air as a scary thought flashed through his mind. Demons from the Outer World!

From the demonic qi in the air, he knew that the number of demons who had managed to enter the Divine Tuo Holy World numbered in the trillions!

Retrieving his transmission symbol, he realized that the experts around him had sent him several reports about the invasion.

He learned that demons of the Outer World had invaded the Dragon Fish Creed to stop Huang Shuai from entering the Dao Venerable Realm.

The grand battle had lasted for several years, but with the help of the various creeds and the Dragon Fish Grand Formation, they had managed to force the demons back.

With a weird light flashing in his eyes, Huang Xiaolong counted the time in his head. If that was the case, Huang Shuai should be done refining the energy in his tribulation soon…

“Doesn’t that mean that I have to enter the Dao Venerable Realm as quickly as possible?!” Huang Xiaolong thought to himself.

As soon as Huang Shuai were to leave seclusion, the Dragon Fish Creed would hold a ceremony to proclaim him as the leader of all the creeds. As such, he had to enter the Dao Venerable Realm before the ceremony!

When that happened, he would personally appear at the ceremony. Weren’t they thinking of presenting his head to Huang Shuai? He would twist off Huang Shuai’s head with his own hands during the ceremony to shut them all up.

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