Invincible Kungfu Healer

Chapter 39
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Chapter 39: The Might of the Yin Leg

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

He had only just realized how extraordinary the girl’s strength was at this moment. Although he had a desire to imitate it, instead he swallowed the desire. It was only then that he also noticed the many calluses on her hands and how firm her arm muscles were. Evidently, she was a someone who regularly trained in martial arts.

It was a good thing that Hong Lü had started his training in martial arts at such a young age. When he lost his balance, Hong Lu just took a big step out and stuck out his shoulders. Then he ran straight into the girl’s embrace like a charging bull.

Although dealing with the girl was a little low-handed, desperate times called for desperate measures so Hong Lü did not care so much. Just as Mo Wen said, there was no glory in winning but losing would bring embarrassment.

The tall and sturdy boy gave it his all in one hit. Since Hong Lü had summoned all his strength, this one hit was strong.

The girl panicked for a moment. She did not expect Hong Lü’s reaction to be that fast. She meant to throw out a punch but in her anxiousness, she subconsciously kicked out a leg and gave a direct kick onto Hong Lü’s crotch.



The two different sounds had rung out simultaneously. One was a cry of pain while the other one was really just odd grunt, as if someone was desperately trying to suppress something.

Between the girl and Hong Lü was a distance of over 6.5 feet which was formed after they collided. The girl fell to the ground in an instant as she held onto one side of her shoulder with a pained expression.

As for Hong Lü, he was crossing his legs at the moment and his entire body was curled up. Both his hands were covering his crotch and his face was pale. He didn’t move for a long time.

Wang Yuan could not suppress his amusement and could not stop laughing while he said, “Pft...that little lady is so fierce and tough! Haha...”

The girl had used the “Yin Leg” and that naturally did not go unnoticed by Wang Yuan. At this moment, paired with Hong Lü’s odd-looking movements, he laughed till his chest hurt.

Mo Wen’s lips could not help but twitch a little as well. It seemed like the girl had trained that technique really well.

It wasn’t just Mo Wen and Wang Yuan observing either. In the far distance, four other battalions were observing the match and all similarly exploded with laughter.

There were two combat rings on the drill ground. The ring that was attracting more attention was naturally the one where the girl from the 1st Battalion was fighting against the 4th Battalion. It was safe to say that the situation had been witnessed by at least half of the people gathered.

The girl climbed up from the ground and gave Hong Lü a fierce glare while saying, “I admit defeat”, before turning around and returning to her team. She knew that if they continued the battle, she would not be able to defeat Hong Lü.

Hong Lu’s previous strike was held back at the most crucial moment which reduced the strength of the hit by half. It seemed questionable whether or not she would even be able to stand up to him with the time remaining.

After all, combat practice is just a friendly competition. No one would go too harsh on purpose, especially if their opponent was a girl.

Hong Lü stood in the middle awkwardly, his face alternating between white and red. That girl had really damaged him. She had used that technique in front of so many people. He was unsure how long he would be teased and laughed at by his fellow trainees because of it.

Wang Yuan continued laughing as he gestured a thumbs-up at Hong Lü, “Hong Lü is awesome. I’m pretty sure we won’t even have to go out and fight. He can handle everything. Such a teammate is a good teammate.”

If he did not have to fight, then he’d be glad. If he also became a victim of the Yin Leg, then that would be something to cry about.

Hong Lü won two rounds consecutively and continued on to the third round. If he maintained his winning streak, then the competition would conclude and the 1st Battalion would lose.

The third person to be sent out by the 1st Battalion was a short-haired girl. Although her battalion had consecutively lost two rounds, her expression remained calm.

“I’m Wang Xiaofei”, said the girl as she walked out with a sweet smile. It was as if she was a cutesy girl and not a tough girl who was about to fight someone.

“Hi there, I’m Hong Lü”, replied Hong Lü. He saw that Wang Xiaofei was rather pretty and his face softened quite a bit. He revealed a smile that he seemed to think looked cool, “Little sister Xiaofei, don’t be scared, I will show mercy.”

“Thank you so much, big brother Hong”, Wang Xiaofei let out a sweet smile as she harmlessly blinked her eyes.

Hong Lü felt light on his feet upon being called big brother by Wang Xiaofei. His hands were behind his back and he tried to lengthen himself to appear taller.

“Then, I’ll start first alright?” Wang Xiaofei said while already heading towards Hong Lü.

“Don’t be anxious, take your time. I can even let you win.” Hong Lü said lazily. He assumed a laid back pose and looked as though he was waiting for the beautiful girl to enter his embrace and give him a hug instead of an attack.

“Damn it. That boy is too much. How can he do that? He’s lacking in principles! If I had known earlier, I would have wanted to be the first sent out. I want to have a sweet and lingering “combat” with Wang Xiaofei as well!” At that moment, Wang Yuan could feel the regret all the way into his intestines. How would he know that Wang Xiaofei was a soft girl who especially liked to be cute and lovable.

“There’s no hurry, it’ll be your turn to shine soon”, Mo Wen looked over at Wang Yuan and said while seemingly smiling yet not at the same time.

“Big brother Hong, I’m going to attack”, shouted Wang Xiaofei while she was still five meters away from Hong Lü. There was a sudden burst of speed and it was as if she had shockingly sped up by five fold and appeared in front of Hong Lü in the blink of an eye.

In the next moment, Wang Xiaofei’s fair, soft fist shot out fiercely. There were no superfluous movements, just a simple but strong punch.

Hong Lü, still a little light-headed from happiness before, just saw a flurry of actions before his eyes. Then, a small figure appeared in front of him. Closely following that, a swift and strong gust of wind was blown onto his chest. It was so strong that it even chilled his heart a little.

His expression changed in an instant. The punch was so fast there was no way of defending it. He simply used both his hands to block his chest subconsciously.

In the next moment, he felt an acute pain on his arm. He lost control of his entire being as he stumbled back and almost fell onto the ground.

It felt like he had received a hit from a steel hammer, especially in his arms, and the pain penetrated all the way into his heart. His entire arm was completely numbed and it felt as if his body parts did not belong to him.

After that punch, Wang Xiaofei did not stop. With a flash, she once again appeared in front of Wang Lü. Then, she hooked onto both of Wang Lü’s hands and actually lifted him up.

Wang Lü felt himself flying through the air as he was thrown up. After flying over 10 meters of distance, he fell violently onto the ground.

It was a blur of the seven elements in a moment and was so disorientating that he almost could not figure out where he was.

“F*ck!” Hong Lü’s eyes were staring directly at the sky. At this moment, the sky was blue and the clouds were white. Nature was so beautiful but he was even harboring the thought of dying already.

“F*ck! That... that can’t be real right?” Wang Yuan’s eyes widened as he looked at Hong Lü sprawled on the ground. His lips twitched for a bit and after a moment, he was shaking with anger while scolding, “Hong Lü that fellow. He really does not have any principles. It’s completely shameless and pushing his limits! Even if he wants to be in the beauty’s good books, he doesn’t have to exaggerate it to this extent!”

He did not believe that the previous scene was true. It had to be Hong Lü giving up on purpose. That fellow was just too shameless and did not know when he crossed the line.

“Big brother Hong, are you alright? Thank you for throwing in the towel to me”, Wang Xiaofei walked over to Hong Lü and bent over. Her huge eyes blinked and made her look very adorable.

“Little sister Xiao... Xiaofei... Can I go down already?” Looking at her pretty and exquisite face, Hong Lü just wanted to quickly roll away and never come out again.

Wang Xiaofei thought for a bit, “If big brother Hong admits defeat then he can go down,” she finally said with a wink.

“I’ve lost, I’ve lost, I admit defeat,” Hong Lu managed to get out before lifting himself off the ground. He shakily returned to the 4th Battalion area without looking back. The expression on his face was priceless.

“Your dream has come true, hurry go on up,” Mo Wen looked at Wang Yuan and laughed.

“That... Mo Wen, why don’t you go first?” Wang Yuan was stuttering a little as he looked at Mo Wen. He was not a fool and the previous scene was enough to show how strong Wang Xiaofei was.

She must be an ancient martial arts practitioner! Her skills were far better than his and Wang Xiaofei had very possibly achieved the Regulated Breathing realm.

An ancient martial arts practitioner who had achieved the Regulated Breathing realm would find defeating him a piece of cake.

“In other to fulfil your dream, I think you should still go up first. I will help hype things up by waving the flag and cheering.” Mo Wen shrugged his shoulders and suppressed his smile.

At this moment, Wang Yuan had the urge to tape his mouth up. All the trouble was caused by his big mouth.

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