Invincible Kungfu Healer

Chapter 14
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Chapter 14: Qin Xiaoyou’s Difficulty

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

In his old lifetime, Mo Wen started training his Inner Qi from the young age of five. Coupling his family’s technique with their specially concocted medicine, he had spent a whole 15 years before his Inner Qi was fully developed. Now in this body, the conditions were just incomparable to those in his previous lifetime. Moreover, Mo Wen had passed the crucial training period age. Starting to train at 18 years old could mean that there would be no real result for the rest of his life.

“If only there were legendary miracle drugs available.” Mo Wen sighed helplessly.

The situation did not look optimistic. It was possible that even if he worked hard his entire life, it would still be difficult for him to reach the same standard of his past life. In that lifetime, he started training from such a young age and his family had cultivated a favorable environment for him. Moreover, he consumed many enhancing medications to boost his Inner Qi. All of these circumstances allowed Mo Wen to achieve such a fully developed Inner Qi by the age of 20.

But now, he did not have anything to help him, so how would he reach that kind of standard?

Mo Wen heard of rumors touting several kinds of miracle drugs that would make him seem like a reborn person. Using them would enhance one’s Inner Qi. Even for a miracle physician like himself, Mo Wen had only ever heard of its existence and never saw them for himself.

It’d be much more useful for Mo Wen to believe in his own abilities to train his Inner Qi instead of in the existence of miracle drugs. Mo Wen sighed helplessly. Whether or not he could regain his Inner Qi from the previous lifetime was up to the heavens.

Brushing off the weeds that had clung onto his body, Mo Wen got up and stretched a bit. Although he had not slept for the entire night, he still felt refreshed as if he had been meditating.

“Hmm, where did Qin Xiaoyou go?”

Mo Wen glanced over to the long bench and realized that Qin Xiaoyou had disappeared. The sky had just become bright and she slept for barely two hours so where could she have run off to?

He circled the surrounding areas and looked for her but did not see any hints. This made him feel a slightly disappointed because Qin Xiaoyou had left while he was training. He had prepared to probe into what sort of barriers she had faced. However, now that she was gone, that would not be possible.

Just as Mo Wen felt helpless, a gentle voice suddenly came from behind him. “Mo Wen, you’re awake already?”

Behind him was the petite shadow of Qin Xiaoyou.

“Where did you go?” Mo Wen smiled and said bitterly. He had not found her during his own search and thought that Qin Xiaoyou had already left. In the end, she appeared on her own.

Qin Xiaoyou waved a bag of food in her hand in front of Mo Wen before placing it on the long bench. “I went to buy breakfast. You should eat it fast, I’m about to leave.”

Qin Xiaoyou stretched her hand to smoothen out some messy tendrils. She did not even consider staying longer and turned to leave after setting the breakfast down.

Mo Wen held up the food and started to eat as if nothing happened. His gaze was set on Qin Xiaoyou, who slowly walked into the distance. When her back view had almost disappeared from his sight, he stood up from the long bench instead and quietly followed suit.

Qin Xiaoyou seemed to be unfamiliar with the surrounding area. She turned left and right a couple times before finally walking into a tall building.

“Leading Military Hospital!” Mo Wen looked towards the grand plaque in front of him and his lips inadvertently curled upwards into a smirk. He had just been here yesterday and was here yet again.

“What is Qin Xiaoyou doing here at the hospital, is someone in her family sick?” Mo Wen stroked his chin thoughtfully. He quietly followed her in.

The Leading Military Hospital was big and people who didn’t know the layout would find walking through difficult no matter how long they spent wandering around. Even though Mo Wen had been here once, he still was not familiar with the Leading Military Hospital’s winding hallways. However, he was not worried. After all, Qin Xiaoyou was leading the way.

The two of them walked into various wards one after another. Finally, they stopped in front of a ward on the eighth floor. Qin Xiaoyou seemed to be comfortable in that environment as she casually pushed open the door and entered.

Mo Wen stood by the door and looked through the glass window. He realized that the room was a joint ward with four beds in total. Qin Xiaoyou was currently by one of the bed spaces taking care of a middle-aged lady with a pale complexion.

“Had her mom fallen sick?” Mo Wen furrowed his eyebrows. He knew very little about Qin Xiaoyou’s family. Just like him, she belonged to a single parent household and her mother had raised her alone. As to what happened to her father, he did not know.

Moreover, Qin Xiaoyou’s family situation was not good either. Similar to Mo Wen, she hailed from a low-income family.

Mo Wen silently left the eighth floor with some sense of what was happening with Qin Xiaoyou. He went to the main lobby which was quite empty in the early morning. Only a few nurses were on duty.

Mo Wen walked over to the customer service counter and asked a young nurse, “Excuse me, may I ask what is illness that the patient in ward 806 bed 032 is suffering from?”

“Sir, may I know who you are?” the young nurse lifted her head and looked at Mo Wen suspiciously. Patient illnesses could not be casually disclosed to just anyone.

“I am her next of kin and preparing to foot the bill.” Mo Wen continued to smile. His face did not even redden when lying.

“Next of kin...” the young nurse held a pen and tapped her head twice, seemingly having been put on the spot. She looked at Mo Wen and blinked twice before pointing to another counter in the main lobby, “The payment counter is over there, I don’t hande payments.”

“What about my previous question?” Mo Wen forced a smile. How were the nurses nowadays so astute!

“That, I don’t know either,” the young nurse rubbed her hands together and gave him a scathing look almost daring him to ask her again.

The edge of Mo Wen’s lips twitched a little and he had no chocie but to walk over to the payment counter. If he had not guessed incorrectly, Qin Xiaoyou was short on money for the medical fees, which was why she had secretly been wiping her tears after running to the park.

He walked over to one of the windows to think for a bit. Indeed, Qin Xiaoyou had owed the hospital over five thousand in medical fees. For the healthcare nowadays, it was surprising that they had not chased the mother and daughter out already. If they continued not paying the medical fees, they would no way of continuing their stay in the hospital.

Mo Wen used all of the ten thousand that he had taken from the ruffians yesterday to pay off the medical fees on Qin Xiaoyou’s behalf. Even though he was also poor, money was not too big of an issue to him. With his new abilities, he would not starve to death regardless of the situation.

After paying, Mo Wen left the hospital. He did not tell Qin Xiaoyou about this matter. It wouldn’t be easy for him to explain how he had aquired ten thousand dollars. Moreover, he did not want to put too much pressure on Qin Xiaoyou. Thus, when he had to sign the documents, he signed them all under Qin Xiaoyou’s name.

Just before he had left the hospital, he encountered someone.

A senior over 60 years of age briskly walked over full of vigor, a happy smile on his face. Who could it be other than that old guy Han Jiangong. “Brother Mo, I can’t believe I bumped into you again, what a coincidence.”

“Brother Han, it is indeed a coincidence.” Mo Wen smiled but was quite surprised. In such a big hospital like Leading Military Hospital, one wouldn’t think they’d run into familiar faces so frequently. Especially people like Han Jiangong.

Each of them respectively called the other little brother and older brother. This seemed to stun onlookers in the main lobby. With such a large age gap between them, they could be grandfather and grandson. Yet, they still called each other brothers?

“Why did you come to the hospital? You should have come and found me directly,” Han Jiangong asked a little curiously. Mo Wen just left the hospital yesterday so why would he be back again?

“I came to see a friend,” Mo Wen smiled gently.

“You have a friend in the hospital? Why didn’t you contact me earlier? I can’t help much in any other aspects, but with affairs related to the hospital you should certainly find me.”

After hearing his words, Han Jiangong had looked at Mo Wen with an expression of mock displeasure. He really wanted Mo Wen to owe him a few favors. This would come in handy and Han Jiangong would not pass on this opportunity.

Mo Wen’s eyes sparkled and he smiled while saying, “My friend’s mother is occupying bed 032 of ward 806. I hope that you take special care of them. Also, I want to understand her medical condition.”

Although he had already paid ten thousand on Qin Xiaoyou’s behalf, the hospital was well-known to suck people’s money away. If the illness was more complicated than ten thousand wouldn’t be enough. If she needed to continue residing in the ward, the money Mo Wen just paid wouldn’t even cover the length of a stay.

Now that Han Jiangong had popped out of nowhere, Mo Wen actually did not mind asking for his help. After all, Han Jiangong had owed him a favour previously.

“Haha, it’s a small issue. Just a small issue.” Han Jiangong smiled candidly and he waved his hand before walking to the customer service counter in preparation to ask about about Mo Wen’s friend.

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