Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System

Chapter 621 - Return Of The Dragon King (2)
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Chapter 621: Return Of The Dragon King (2)

“Nie Wushuang, Emperor Qi!”

Coldness filled the eyes of Wang Xian in the sky as he headed to Rivertown at a super rapid speed.

“Twenty minutes. Xiao Yu, Shuqing, Qingyue... wait for me for another twenty minutes!”

Chillness welled in Wang Xian’s eyes as he murmured softly to himself.

At this time, Rivertown.

On this day, all the attention of the Underworld was on Rivertown where Sect Leader Nie Wushuang and Emperor Qi from Diabolism made a robust return.

In particular, the two supreme experts returned in an alliance instead of fighting with each other.

The moment they united, the lord of the entire Underworld was formed.

The Sacred Sect that they jointly formed was known as Eternal Sacred Sect.

Donghua Sacred Sect and Devil Corpse Palace did not merge completely as Eternal Sacred Sect, but Eternal Sacred Sect consisted of these two sects.

In other words, Donghua Sacred Sect and Devil Corpse Palace had become the sub ancestral sects of Eternal Sacred Sect.

Subsequently, Devil Spirits Temple and the rest of the factions in Diabolism had joined the Eternal Sacred Sect.

After that, Dongmen Clan, Dark Sect, Yuwen Sacred Clan, and Heavenly Sound Sect joined the Eternal Sacred Sect too.

With all the Sacred Sects joining hands, Eternal Sacred Sect was almost said to have unified the entire Underworld.

But none of the Martial Artist knew why Nie Wushuang and Emperor Qi had established the Eternal Sacred Sect.

They only knew that they were the future overlords of the Underworld.

This time, not only were the Sacred Sects within Eternal Sacred Sect here to annihilate the Dragon Sect, but there were various first-class forces from the Underworld here too.

Amongst which, the number of Inborn experts was over four hundred.

The rest that were below Inborn level hit six thousand people.

Nearly half of the forces of the entire Underworld were here.

“What a surprise. Two of the confidants of the Dragon King have advanced to Budding Realm!”

At this moment, the crowd was packed around the floating island of Bohai, Rivertown.

Nie Wushuang and Emperor Qi were staring at the two girls with a surprised look.

Adjaya and Lan Qingyue were pale as they spat out mouthfuls of fresh blood while staring daggers at Nie Wushuang and Emperor Qi!

“Qingyue, Adjaya!”

Guan Shuqing and Xiao Yu lost color in their faces as they hurriedly rushed to their sides, wiping the blood from their lips with a bitter look.

“Are you alright?”

Guan Shuqing was looking worried all over as she quickly spun around and cast a cold glance at Nie Wushuang and Emperor Qi. “Wait till Xiao Xian gets back. He will not let you off for sure!”

“Haha, the Dragon King? He’s already dead. Did you think that he has a chance like our Sect Leader did?”

Standing beside Nie Wushuang and Emperor Qi was the insolent Nie Wuya, chuckling. He swept his cold gaze at all of them. “It’s totally unexpected. Even two girls possessed such daunting strength. The Dragon King must have obtained a fearsome legacy. Tell us now, and we’ll grant you a quick death. Otherwise...!”

“Otherwise, you’ll wish you were dead. Hiak hiak!”

Beside Nie Wuya, a cold middle-aged man continued his words. He had a long tongue, which looked extremely horrifying.

“Who said my brother is dead? He’s not. Wait till he’s back, and none of you will be able to live!”

Xiao Yu stared furiously at the people in front of her as her cheeks became flushed with anger.

Among them, Xiao Yu, Sun Lingxiu, and Elder Fang could at most handle Dan Realm experts.

Guan Shuqing was slightly weaker. Only Adjaya and Lan Qingyue could match up to Budding Realm experts.

In fact, Lan Qingyue was only at Level 11. She could barely fight with a Budding Realm expert.

As for Adjaya, she had just obtained a legacy not long ago. As such, she could only combat the average Budding Realm experts.

On the other hand, Nie Wushuang and Emperor Qi had been advanced to the Budding Realm for quite a long time. After they were rescued by the Immortals and returned to the real world, they were given many elixir pills and a lot of Spiritual Equipment.

Given their current strength, they were almost twice as strong as their initial strength during that battle.

Adjaya and Lan Qingyue were trounced by these two people.

This plunged Xiao Yu, Guan Shuqing, and the rest into despair.

“Even if Dragon King is not dead, and he arrives today, he is bound to die for killing the experts of Donghua Sacred Sect. Today, the Dragon Sect must be annihilated,” Nie Wuya shouted with full confidence.

“Kill the rest of the disciples from Dragon Sect. Leave the sister of the Dragon King and his confidantes to us. I’ll make sure they spit out the truth!”

At this time, two elders in crimson robes were staring at Xiao Yu and the rest with one eye filled with Crimson Bugs.

They were the leader and vice leader of Crimson Bug!

Ever since the Dragon King had annihilated all their disciples, they had been trying to seek revenge frantically. Today was their chance!

They were going to pay back all the pain to the Dragon King’s sister and confidants.

“I’ll turn you people into the most miserable things in the Underworld, and make you suffer utterly!”

Both of them growled, their eyes bloodshot.

“Let the six girls live and kill the rest!”

Nie Wuya and Emperor Qi gave their commands as they held the weapons in their hands.


Surrounding them were Donghua Sacred Sect, Devil Corpse Palace, Heavenly Sound Sect, Dongmen Clan, and the various first-class forces with more than four hundred Inborn Experts.

All of them were casting their icy stares at those dragonians and Golden Swordfish on the floating island.

Four hundred Inborn Experts against two hundred of them was utter overkill!


Mo Qinglong swept his gaze at all the Sacred Sects, Sacred Clans, and the experts. With a bellow, he commanded them. “Kill them all. Even if we die, our Dragon King will avenge us!”


Fifty Dragonians had no hesitation as domineering demonic aura surged around them.

One by one, the Golden swordfish emitted a dazzling radiance.


The roaring of the killings soared in the sky while the war had completely broken out.

“The real battle has begun, and the Dragon King will be a piece of dead meat!”

“Four hundred Inborn experts against two hundred experts. They had double the numbers, and it would be a thrashing game!”

“I did not expect that the two confidants of the Dragon King were actually Budding Realm experts. This is scary. The Dragon King must have inherited some domineering legacy such that Nie Wushuang and Emperor Qi must lay their hands on it!”

“This time, those confidants are doomed. Look at Diabolism. All of them have cruel means. Perhaps they will turn them into corpses or even something worse than that.”

“It’s a good thing that we will annihilate the Dragon Sect. They are simply too powerful. I was scared when the two girls struck just now. They were daunting!”

Upon seeing the war break out, the surrounding disciples who were weak and not of any help in the battle were exchanging conversations with disbelief.

Soon, this war would end with the downfall of Dragon Sect, as Nie Wushuang and Emperor Qi were much stronger than before.

The fact that the Dragon King of Dragon Sect was dead also sealed the fate of Dragon Sect!

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