Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 791 - The Falling Out of Two Ancient Powers! I
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Chapter 791 - The Falling Out of Two Ancient Powers! I

The surrounding space quaked and trembled as a horrendous pressure descended, a rumbling voice that shattered even the eardrums of weaker Nebula Rank beings resounding out.

"You did what?!"


The voice was explosive as it was followed by an action, the formation of a hand that was filled with the stellar light of the Dao of Withering reaching out towards Noah!



Pandemonium and mayhem ensued as all those weaker than at the Peak Tier GALAXY flew away at the pressure, the Holy Descendants around Noah and Anna being the quickest to run at the sight of the hand as the only figures that remained still in the face of this horrendous hand formed from the essence of a fully comprehended Dao were Noah and his summons along with Anna.

Even in the face of a terrifying Entity moving, Anna didn’t twitch as she stayed by Noah’s side!

Meanwhile, the body of the blue slime wiggled as the Queen Dowager had a cold look while looking at this palm, not making any moves as their master actually told them not to do a thing!

Noah merely looked at the coming hand that threatened to grasp all of them with his hands clasped behind his back, his gaze that of an ancient hero that wouldn’t be shaken by anything.

In the face of this strike, only a single being moved!

"Brother Primal, let us not be too hasty."


In front of Noah, a dragon’s claw had appeared out of nowhere as the figure of the Holy Emperor descended grandly atop a 6 headed dragon!


The claw of the 6 headed dragon glimmered with an intense light of destruction as it clashed with the enormous phantom hand of the Primal Emperor, the essence of Destruction gradually wiping away the essence of Withering as the illusory hand faded.


The bellow of the 6 heads of this fearsome dragon reverberated out as the horrendous pressure the Primal Emperor released was offset greatly. Its magnificent draconic heads locking on to the Primal Emperor fearlessly!

This was the PRISMATIC Animus of the ruler of the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter, the singular Animus that had given the Holy Emperor the strength to spearhead this Ancient Power!

It was due to this terrifying 6 headed dragon that had fully comprehended the Grand Dao of Destruction!

[Stellar Spiridoro](PRISMATIC) :: An Animus Summon at the Peak Tier GALAXY Realm. This creature stems from the lineage of the Ancient Kaijus of the Animus Universe, its body being one of the toughest things when it reaches its ultimate form. It has fully comprehended the Grand Dao of Destruction as it is now in the process of assimilation...

The deterrent that caused the Holy Emperor to be renowned as his Ancient Power was even eyed by others at a distance- it was a creature bounded to him who utilized a Lesser Dao, and yet the Animus itself had become a strong Entity through a Grand Dao!


The body of the Primal Emperor came to a stop as he coldly stared at Spiridoro, and the somber looking Holy Emperor that stood atop it.

"Are you sure about this, Brother Windsor?!"

His booming voice ruptured out as next to him, the figure of the other Aileron Entity materialized from particles of light.

The situation became extremely tense as many lesser beings scrambled away!

Meanwhile, Anastasia made her way over to Noah and Anna who were now looking at the broad back of the Holy Emperor and his Stellar Spiridoro.

A second later, Old Man Khan appeared beside the Holy Emperor as Holy Prince Rudolf was in tow, his gaze darkened as he stared towards Noah!

"We don’t know what truly happened, this genius Holy Descendant could be under the influence of something..."

The Holy Emperor continued calmly as all the Aileron Royals gathered behind the Primal Emperor, his gaze becoming increasingly cold as he saw the being who just said he murdered his grandson and 19 other Aileron geniuses being protected so closely.

At this point of the confrontation, the voice of the being that had caused such a state resounded out again calmly, acting like gas to fan the flames ever higher as they were just as explosive!

"That Prince Kirigan and his goons had appeared in front of me and Anna, threatening to teach me a lesson while apparently enjoying Anna before even their official engagement. I naturally had to defend myself and the honor of the Holy Princess, so I made some quick work of the Prince and the other Aileron Royals as many of them interestingly died while pleading for their lives. I never knew the Aileron Royals had such flimsy backbones..."

"Shut up!"


It was the Holy Emperor shouting out this command over Noah, this Entity knowing full well what this genius was doing as he left no path of retreat for either of the two sides, bent on telling things how they were and not even worried about covering the truth of what occurred!

The face of the Primal Emperor became even more deadly at this scene as rage billowed in his eyes, locking with the figure of Noah that floated calmly behind the Stellar Spiridoro as he etched this being’s image into his brain.

He then turned towards the Holy Emperor as he asked once more.

"I want the life of the culprit responsible for the death of 19 geniuses and my own grandson, Windsor! Will you grant this to me or not?!"


Words filled with conviction that said it could only be this way and no other resounded out, the gaze of the Holy Emperor cloudy as he looked at the calm Noah.

The Holy Emperor was truly angry at this juncture as this being just had to ruin such a perfect set of events! They had just reclaimed their Great Sage’s Legacy, with this same genius being the one who obtained it all and became the True Successor.

Along with the alliance they were forming with the Primal Winged Expanse, it would have truly been the greatest set of events primed to allow the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter to rise stably while having well defended borders in the hundreds of years!


He now had to make the choice between this singular genius and the alliance of an Ancient Power!

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