Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 782 - Exceptional!
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Chapter 782 - Exceptional!

His steps were light as he stepped forward free of worries, the others only glancing at this genius as they recalled that he had three PRISMATIC Summons.

Their gazes rapidly changed at this as they thought of the three tests, with their hearts pounding the more they realized just what was about to happen!

Anna simply stood behind as she sighed while getting ready for a show, her twinkling eyes watching as essence began to converge after Noah reached a certain point.


Runic circles appeared beneath his feet as a unique light was over him, the cold voice they heard before ringing out.

[Legacy Disciple #1(Alexander) currently undergoing the Trial.]

[First Trial- The Test of Aptitude...]

The test that would measure Noah’s aptitude started off as it would see his comprehensions in the Dao of Summoning relative to his age and time he embarked on this Dao!

He didn’t know how the shining light that came from the Tower and washed over him did this, but he knew that it was harmless as it washed over him and very soon shone with luminous splendor.


Seconds passed as the light only increased in color, this process taking much longer than the first trial taker as the entity monitoring the Tower seemingly had to be sure of the results it was seeing!

[Legacy Disciple #1(Alexander), Test of Aptitude- Exceptional!]


The Holy Descendants looked forth with alarm as Noah merely nodded, Anna merely shaking her head behind him as he continued.

[Second Trial- The Test of Quality. Summon all of your Animus Pets!]

Before the words even finished, Noah erupted forth with a grand light as his three PRISMATIC pets came forth.

The shimmering figures of the Colossal Helios Leviathan, Void Serpent, and the Mercurial Obsidian Panther appeared grandly as the light of the Tower scanned over them, another few seconds passing as the voice only came out some time later!

[Legacy Disciple #1(Alexander), The Test of Quality- Exceptional!]


Wild essence waved out as Noah only nodded grandly, his figure and the three summons disappearing as they entered deeper into the Great Sage Aoin Tower.

[Third Trial- The Test of Combat!]


He appeared in an expansive room similar to the first, with an Animus Summon at the Low Tier GALAXY Realm releasing a powerful air roaring out towards him.


The Obsidian Panther moved in an instant as it pounced on the beast that looked like an Armadillo right away, its single claw leaving a gash on its hard skin as it cried out painfully.

A few seconds later, the Armadillo received even more gashes as it wailed painfully, its huge size and speed not being able to even see the Panther as it seemed like it would be facing death soon!

Yet the moment the Obsidian Panther was about to land the last attack to reap its life, a spatial light covered it as it was teleported away!

Noah sighed at this scene as his conjecture was proved correct- the Animus Summons they would face on the last Trial were actually the rewards listed on the illusory screens, and they wouldn’t be allowed to kill thm as the moment they were defeated with their lives threatened, they would be taken away.

This meant that he wouldn’t be able to farm GALAXY cores from however many Summons he would end up facing!


Yet the Tower cared not for his thoughts as the next two enemies were teleported in, both his Void Serpent and Obsidian Panther moving against them. The past stage and this one were all beasts of the Low Tier- so they posed no challenge for Noah as he cleared the first, second, and third round of enemies with ease.

After the third round which consisted of four Low Tier GALAXY Realm Animus Summons, the fourth round was a Middle Tier Draconic Phoenix!

Yet even this Middle Tier GALAXY summon faced defeat when ganged up against Noah’s 3 pets...

Those watching the illusory scenes on the screen had agape expressions as those that considered themselves geniuses had to change their opinions on what that term truly meant!

As the Holy Descendants watched the scenes of Noah’s battles, they were all so mesmerized that all of them failed to realize that even until now, none of the beings from the delegation of the Primal Winged Expanse had come into the Tower.

This would be a shocking realization later as they watched the culprit of wiping away this delegation exceed all they knew about geniuses as he passed the fourth round and went on to the fifth.

The fifth round was against two Middle Tier GALAXY Realm Animus Summons, and when they were faced with Noah’s pets that were all at the Low Tier- the two summons were still beaten!

"No way..."

"Is the gulf of a PRISMATIC summon that huge?! That they can even match those a realm above them...!"

The Holy Descendants could not help but exclaim as they watched the scene of 4 more enemies being brought to face Noah, each of them of the Rare rarity and being at the Middle Tier GALAXY Realm.

When the battle began against these powerful enemies, even Noah’s pets felt the strain as the battle actually wasn’t decided in just a few minutes!

Sighs of relief could be heard from the Holy Descendant as they saw that even a monstrous genius such as this could have limits. They were about to watch the eventual defeat of this round as they wondered how many points Noah would gain from the Exceptional Ratings of the first two trials, as well as what ratings he would receive for this last trial.

Yet their expectations...would be shattered once more as the moment Noah’s pets began feeling the strain of fighting 4 enemies a level above them all at once...he finally moved himself as he...provided support!

||Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust||.


The Holy Descendant watched in a stupor as they had forgotten the combat power of the Summoner himself, watching as a single cast skill from Noah brought down an oppressive air against the four Middle Tier GALAXY Summons.

A second later, Noah did something that the audience would never get to understand, his body shimmering with a golden light as the Sins of Envy and Pride were activated, the attributes of the enemies being dragged down a level while Noah’s strength was enhanced, his palm stretching out as the swirling essence of the Dao of Summoning pumped into his pets grandiosely!


With this change in battle, his pets used the disruption to their advantage as very quickly...the enemy summons began to be defeated.

"F.u.c.k.i.n.g hell..."

"This...this isn’t real..."

Disbelief was the only thing present from the Holy Descendants as even Anna shook her head on the side!

They watched on with bated breaths as all 4 Middle Tier GALAXY Realm Animus Summons were defeated as they were taken away in a flash of light.


Even the entity overseeing the regulations of the tower seemed to be at a loss as nothing happened for a few seconds, and the resonant voice resounded out once more.

[Final Battle!]


The moment the words finished, an even brighter spatial teleportation occurred as a single creature flashed in.

Majestically at 300 meters with a dark coating and beady eyes, a terrifyingly large Tarantula had made its appearance as it roared in front of Noah!

Its rarity was Ultra Rare.

Its rank was Peak Tier GALAXY!


It let out a terrifying bellow as it thundered forward!

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