Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 2882 Treachery and Plots! III
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One moment, the visage of Curagulus was struggling and waiting to be taken to the true home of the Weaver of Extremity just like all the others.

And then in the next moment when this didn't occur, his whole demeanor changed as currently, he floated next to the Dikastes of Extremity freely while gazing with coldness towards the visage of Noah! freew ebnov el

When did he find out?

In the distance, the Weaver of Extremity had a cold smile as he voiced out.

{I found out the moment I first walked through the doors of the Arcadian High Hall. All those who were Dikastes hiding in other forms…including the shell of Curagulus.}

A shell of Curagulus!

The plots and means of the Dikastes of Extremity were terrifying as they left one of the most important figures in all this to maintain their form until the most important moment!

So long as they gained access to the lands and domains of the Insurgent before them, they could bring everything he had built down.

But even this…had failed.


The visage of Curagulus twisted as in its place, an oppressively powerful Vitalis Dikastes of Extremity appeared.

Seeing this scene caused the Weaver of Extremity to gaze with a sense of loss as he sighed, trying to pierce the veils of mystery to understand.

When was Curagulus truly Curagulus? The Dikastes taking his form…did such a thing mean they killed the original entity or was he locked off somewhere?

Such questions applied to all the forms of beings that the Dikastes of Extremity took for their disguise as at this moment, the answer was not entirely clear!

The Weaver looked at the mixture of Vitalis and Vacuous Dikastes of Extremity in front of him who gazed towards him with their terrifying serpentine eyes, each of them holding tendrils of his Existential Extremity Authorities within their wings as they held their own purpose.

He…also held his own purpose!

{How about it? You all are here, I am here. Why don't we have a bout and see if one side can hurt the other?}


The Weaver spoke nonchalantly as the Dikastes of Extremity continued to gaze at him coldly!

The intelligence of how the body of the Insurgent would disappear the moment they weaved their intent against him was now widespread amongst their forces, along with the fact that a minuscule shred of their authority would disappear thereafter.

They had to first understand his authorities and how to counter them before they proceeded forward, and anything else done at this moment would only be for the benefit of the Insurgent!

At the forefront, the visage of Cavalier Reylyra was cold as the pristine white of Vitalis flowed all around her, her intent weaving en masse.

|You are in a peculiar stage of existence right now where you may feel like you're making some difference, or that you're some Messiah who was capable of rising and doing something others couldn't. That the Seeds stretched out across the Vitalis and Vacuous Hyperversal Domains are some pitiable things you have to save. What you don't understand, Insurgent, is truly how futile all of that is.|


|And let me be clear- this isn't me talking or rambling for the sake of it. Truly, you do not know the futility in all of this. There is not a path where you somehow come out on top. There isn't a weaving of existence and extremes that somehow allows you to bundle your way through. I will tell you now that your actions will cause a great deal of pain in the long term. Pain to you. Pain to those you love. Pain to the innumerable other Seeds out there. The end will not be a pretty one, nor will it be a victorious one if things continue to unfold like this.|

Her serpentine eyes radiated a profound light of power and wisdom as she spoke, her wings spanning behind her gorgeously while the other Dikastes of Extremity gazed on coldly!

|To be honest with you, I empathize with all the Seeds across the Vitalis and Vacuous Domains. My colleagues and I may seem apathetic and cruel when talking about you all…but I do understand your plight. And it is because I understand that I am letting you know…the past state of existence is the best possible form of existence to be living in. Before you elevated any concepts to the Existential level. Before all of this began. Right now, we are involved. But soon…those we report to will be more involved and lay down their commands. From your perspective, I assure you that they will seem more cruel than anything you can imagine.|


|We have lived with you all for eons as at least we have a form of attachment. They…will not even consider you all living things. The reality you will unleash upon yourself and others if you do not stop…even I fear it, Noah Osmont.|


They didn't call him a seed.

They didn't call him an Insurgent.

Cavalier Reylyra called him by his name as she seemed to be weaving an intent from the depths of her heart!

The Weaver gazed at her and read her intent.

Many thoughts and weavings danced within his Vermillion colored pupils as he shook his head while beginning to disappear.

{It is better to struggle and be free than to be chained for eons.}


With these words, the Weaver of Extremity disappeared.

The only ones left behind in the Aletheian Dream of Arcadia were the Dikastes of Extremity as their intent bubbled silently.

Ferocious expressions appeared on all of their serpentine eyes moments later as massive circular rune circles of black and white appeared, swirling like cataclysmic disks that cut apart all surrounding reality- the Aletheian Dream of Arcadia being torn to nothingness within moments!

Thereafter, their figures began to disappear one after another silently- each taking a different path.

In the midst of swirling records of existence though, slivers of vermillion colored flames continued to shine as the Will of the Weaver of Extremity burned bright.

He had seen through their plays, so why had he followed along?

The answer was a simple one, and yet grand in its complexity.

But very simply…he wanted to answer a question.

The question being…just where exactly did the Dikastes of Extremity call home?

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