Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 2783 The Extremity of Quintessence! II
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Chapter 2783 The Extremity of Quintessence! II

2783 The Extremity of Quintessence! II

Noah's vision then gazed below him as past his feet, he saw the murky body of water end as further down, there was a congealed earth.

A solid state of matter as within it…the astonishing scene of trillions upon trillions of illusory figures could be seen entrenched on this earth- their hands raised up in a struggle as they sought to climb into the murky body of water!

He could see his son among the illusory figures with their hands raised high.

He could see Adelaide.

He could see a great number of people with their faces showing great torment and struggle as they just sought to grasp onto a line of demarcation that many would never cross!


At this moment, a glow began to radiate from Noah's chest as a flood of affirmations and information flowed in his mind.

Below him in the congealed earth that stretched out endlessly were Entities who had never grasped Extremity.

The further down they were, the lower they had achieved in their Boundary Layers.

Those close to the line of demarcation with their hands outstretched had arrived at the 17th Boundary Layer as they sought to enter the murky waters!

As they sought to enter the First Gradation of Extremity.

Noah retracted his gaze into this murky body of water once more as he saw the glow that began emanating on his chest…and it was the glow of Quintessence.

The moment it came to fruition, the countless murky chains holding his body in place began to burn and fall apart at a shocking speed!

When he gazed at his chest, he saw a Rune Scripture being into existence that read [QUINTESSENCE]. 𝒻𝑟ℯℯ𝑤ℯ𝘣𝘯𝘰𝑣ℯ𝘭.𝑐𝘰𝓂

And this Rune Scripture…was colorless.

It almost seemed transparent as if it didn't exist.

Its radiance was much more domineering and tyrannical as while all other figures around Noah with their golden or obsidian Rune Scriptures had managed to destroy a decimal percentage of the chains holding them down, Noah's murky chains were falling apart from his body at such a shocking pace that within moments, his upper body held no more chains.

And as the transparent glow of Quintessence continued to spread over his body, he felt a shocking sense of freedom and power erupting out as with a flash of brilliance…


He felt great and irreversible changes occur as his whole body was covered by the transparent glow.

And at this moment, no chains were attached to him.

Like dried and dead roots, they all flaked away!

His figure stood there, unbound by any of the chains that countless other illusory figures were bound by.

[You have stepped on the First Gradation of Extremity!]

[The First Colorless Hyperversal Existential Extremity Rune Scripture of QUINTESSENCE has formed, its immensity helping to constantly refine your Existence and acclimate it across the higher Gradations of Extremity.]

Prompts buzzed in his mind as he felt his Extremity Soul cheer the bathing of the Colorless Hyperversal Existential Extremity Rune Scripture of QUINTESSENCE, his Body and Origin also burning with excitement as after becoming bathed by this light…they began elevating in power and might!

[The Colorless Hyperversal Existential Extremity Rune Scripture is a type of Rune Scriptures that is unknown across Recorded History, with its capabilities and features only being written down after you test its limits.]


Another glow began to bloom on his chest.

After the first Colorless Hyperversal Existential Extremity Rune Scripture of QUINTESSENCE formed, another one also came to form as the intensity of the transparent light around Noah only became more potent!

His eyes radiated a shocking light of tyranny at this moment as he gazed around the other illusory figures bound down by their countless murky chains, while his body that was free of all chains…began to rise.


Like an erupting torpedo or missile.

While others seemed to be taking a snail's pace and moving a thousandth of an inch upwards, his body instantly shot up while surrounded by an immense transparent light as he crossed miles of the murky waters in an instant.

Around him, countless struggling faces were passed as the extremely murky waters only ever became slightly clear, with his speed being so fast that within a moment, he arrived at another line of demarcation.

The Line that demarcated the First and the Second Gradation of Extremity!

An innumerable number of souls were stopped below this line as when Noah gazed around him, he could see millions of Vitalis and Vacuous Lifeforms.

All of them struggling as one.

All of them seeking to find the same path.

All of them seeking to cross into yet another Gradation of Extremity!

Noah stopped below this line of demarcation briefly before his figure decisively shot upwards again.


Like an impenetrable layer, it stopped his advancement forward.

A great weight was pressed into his illusory figure that seemed to deny him entry- as if he didn't have enough authority or his Existence was not strong enough!

But the moment the second Colorless Hyperversal Existential Extremity Rune Scripture of QUINTESSENCE was finished, the transparent glow around Noah only became more intense as his existence received another round of feedback and refinement- the demarcation that stopped him buzzing as he broke into it a moment after.


The Second Gradation of Extremity.

The pressure here was more intense.

The waters were slightly less murky.

But in the surroundings, there were still a great number of illusory figures wrapped by many chains trying to move up ever slowly.

Noah continued to move up freely, but his speed had slowed down.

There seemed to be an active pressure pointing down unto him as unless he held more Rune Scriptures and held a stronger Extremity Existence, he would only get slower and slower as he climbed up.

But then…


A third Colorless Hyperversal Existential Extremity Rune Scripture of QUINTESSENCE began to bloom as he resumed his shocking speed once more.

But this wasn't all.

Around his chest, over a dozen Colorless lights bloomed in the next instant and sought to come to fruition as their strokes…did not read QUINTESSENCE.

One stroke trying to come to fruition began with TYR!

Another stroke began with PROT.

Another stroke began with LOO. fre(e)webno(v)el

Another stroke began with ASCE!

Different Rune Scriptures representing other concepts began to light up with immeasurable grandeur around Noah's chest, his illusory figure becoming bathed with an intense transparent light as against the pressure pressing down on him…he shot up at an even faster pace!

At the same time, his Will became more cognizant as he could feel the rest of his existence once more, his soul coming back into awareness of the outside reality once more as at this moment…10 milliseconds of the 1,000 milliseconds of his Records being infinite had passed.

The unfolding reality around his main body was utterly baffling to look at as away from it…the Infinite Hyperversal Haven was even more terrifying to gaze at.

Erupting seas of authority were booming all around as each of them…carried a trace of Extremity.

A maddening light of Manadynamics.

A burning glow of Entropy.

A halcyon glow of Dreams!

The Aletheian Havens shook and tumbled as immeasurable changes bloomed across them, the forming Extremity Vein that passed through all of them radiating a profound light at this moment as a myriad of colors began to flow across the infinity symbol that was this Extremity Vein- as if an engine was now becoming fully functional and cycling shocking might!

And the man responsible for this all…

His main body was surrounded by three swirling massive transparent Colorless Hyperversal Existential Extremity Rune Scriptures of QUINTESSENCE, a fourth one beginning to form as in his immediate surroundings- similar lights of Scriptures just like this has bloomed by the dozens.

This was occuring because…

[Your Nine Aletheian Havens have been completed.]

[The Extremity Vein of Quintessence within your Origin cycles and equilibrates your Authorities.]

[After the elevation of Quintessence, the rest of the Concepts with their Sources bound to you are elevating towards Extremity!]


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