In the Second Generation of the Trench, He Changed To the Ruanfan Script

In the Second Generation of the Trench, He Changed To the Ruanfan Script
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In the Second Generation of the Trench, He Changed To the Ruanfan Script

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    When Wei Lizhou woke up, he found that he was actually a dog licking male partner in an F4 school danmei novel.

    In the novel, Wei Lizhou, the licking dog obsessed with the protagonist, has nothing left until the end.

    The Wei family property was divided up by F4, and even his life was lost because of the protagonist.

    Wei Lizhou after awakening: Wouldn’t it be nice to be a second generation? If a good person doesn’t do it, why do you have to be a dog!

    Wei Lizhou kicked over his dog-licking script.

    When Wei Lizhou first met the protagonist Shou, the protagonist Shou and his brother Yu Yiqing were being made things difficult by a group of dudes.

    According to the original plot, Wei Lizhou was supposed to stand up for the protagonist Shou, but this time he saved the protagonist Shou’s cannon fodder brother Yu Yiqing.

    Because Yu Yiqing helped Wei’s father when Wei’s family went bankrupt in the original plot.

    Wei Lizhou always thought that he saved a poor little boy, so he protected Yu Yiqing like an old hen all day long, worried that Yu Yiqing would be bullied by the protagonist Shou and F4.

    But he didn’t know that Yu Yiqing was not only able to fight on par with the F4 families in the later stage of the original text, but also…”poor little” he had just been reborn from the previous life!

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