In a Different World with a Smartphone

Chapter 550
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I've had a lot of trouble.

You did it, Kayabu!

Alice ran to hug the crystal beast for a long time.But some moved faster than that.

"Well done, Yuuki!" That's my son! "

"Ahh! Yumina-sama, that's my role!"

Yumina rolls on the ground and hugs the dirty eternity.

“If my son grows up, he can't, so it's my mother's prerogative now.”

Alice, who complains, looks sideways at Yumina as if she had won.I wonder if this is the beginning of the struggle between my daughter-in-law and my sister-in-law.What should I do with my uncle?

"I don't think it was as strong as I thought.Lise, did you lose your hand when making it? "

"... just a little. If eternity doesn't win, Alice will be sad."

"Oh, Lise too? Actually, I'm a little..."

"Master Mel... Now, what is the meaning of the ritual..."

Oh, that means that our crystal beast that you pulled out of your hand fused so well, right?


At the side, three mothers of their daughter [Alice], who had decided to become the daughter-in-law of their son [Kuen], were arguing.After all, she seems to be sweet to my daughter.

"Grrrr...! It was a terrible mistake...!"Hah!? That means this ritual is invalid ─ ─ ─ "

"Father? Originally, my father fought for eternity without any help.If you ever complain about that again, I won't talk to you again, will I? "

"There's nothing to complain about..."

Ende, with the eyes of a dead fish, completely surrendered to Alice.You're getting used to seeing my father and daughter, Oko.

At any rate, this led to Alice's engagement.

I wonder if Alice will ever marry and become a queen... after all, I'm a little worried...No, as my son's daughter-in-law, you're very welcome.

I had no choice but to count on Yumina's skills.Worst of all, Alice and I are going to have a sidekick who is good at aristocratic socializing.

Of course, I didn't want to push Alice or anyone I hated.

Well, this is also about the future, so it's still a long way ahead.Shall we bless the two of them now?

◇ ◇ ◇

(?) Alice, who became an eternal fiancé, was to be chased by Ladies' Education from the next day.

He was to be strictly punished for his etiquette, cultivation, dance, and social skills.

It is mainly Yumina who teaches, but in addition to the royalty of Lou, Hilda, and Sue here, Leanne, who was a diplomatic ambassador of Mismid, also led the diplomatic negotiation technique.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,I thought Alice was pathetic... but surprisingly, Alice kept the knowledge and skills she needed for the queen one after another as if the sponge absorbed water.

“Alice's adaptability is fast with origami.Once you're motivated, you're sure to make it. "

That's how he describes Alice, who became his fiancé.Is that genius skin? I wonder if they resemble my father's [Ende].

As a side-effect, I was grateful that Linne and Stef had become positive for Ladies' Education even after losing to Alice.

“I'm not asking you to change your character.You just have to switch in public.You don't show your cards that easily in battles, do you?I'm wearing the armor of a lady to make room for the fear of the opponent. "

If Lean was that easy to understand, Linne and Stef weren't as good as Alice, but they had worn decent manners.

Even though the children are working hard, I can't show if I'm not working hard.

In order to make the [Divine Core] necessary to make the artifact, I have been working hard to compress the divine spirit since the morning.


Little by little, the magic chunk slowly compresses to make it smaller.Don't be in a hurry. When a strange force is added in a hurry, the compressed spirit flashes all at once.

I managed to compress the softball, but I can't make it even smaller from here!?I don't think I'm going to lose my temper.

Even if it is only a little smaller, it is twice as burdensome as the effort it has taken so far.

That's enough for today! How good would it be if it could be saved?


Perhaps because I was thinking of such a foolish thing, the balls of madness bounced and scattered grains of light around me.

Hah... I'm losing again. How many times has this failed?And at the same time, it's incredibly fatigued.I don't feel so tired running the full marathon.

Tsk, tsk, tsk!


When I was stolen from my strength, I was suddenly hit by a tackle from the side, and I was brilliantly blown to the ground.Didn't I just say 'ku'?!

The painful flank is clinging to Stef's cheek.

"Stef...... no more jumping with [Axel]......"

"Dear! Stef, I want to go!"


I returned Stef's words with doubts as I rubbed my twitching flank.

What, in the ocean?

"Rinne-sama told me!"I also want to open it to Stef! "

"Rubella? Oh, Zalatan..."

When I went to the Great Tree Sea with my children to defeat the Dinobot, I ran into the mass rampage [Stampede].It was Zaratan, the giant tortoise demon that awoke from sleep.

It was a big beast like a giant beast, but it wasn't a giant beast, so it was a terrible beast.According to Kana-san, she was a very quiet demon beast, but that size would cause catastrophic damage just by walking.

Even if you go to the sea, you won't be able to meet Zalatan?

Coonne-sama said that if you can find it, you can!

"Stitching. There's nothing I can't find, but..."If you were in the deep sea, what could you do?With the Whale-over-Gear Vahl Albs, I can't go deep, but I don't want to use it if I can, because it's being turned around to explore for the Evil God Apostle.

Projection of the world map into the air on your smartphone and search for Zalatan.

"There's a lot of them..."

Looking around the world, Zaratan seemed to have quite a few of them.

That said, I felt like I didn't have thirty.No, well, there were thirty of them at that stage, which was quite a bit.

Some are in the sea, and some are on land.Is the one on land the same hibernation we met?After all, it seems to hibernate in a thousand years.

Sleeping on land, there's nothing you can do about the deep sea.

Forget the one in the deep sea, and search again.

"Huh? There's one close to the Egret Kingdom."Maybe this is the Zaratan we met.... "

It's not strange in terms of its position.In the island nation near the Great Tree Sea, the Egret Kingdom is known for its guardian deities and people.The great breeding of the Tentacular has caused serious injuries, but it has already been revived to preserve the peace of the Egret Kingdom's oceans.

As expected of Zaratan, Cesar Penthe is not an enemy of Zaratan, but Zaratan himself is not going to fight because he is quiet.

If we go to the Egret Kingdom, we'll be able to see this Zaratan.

I thought I told you to go to the beach when all the kids were together.Shall we fulfill the promise at last?

Alright, let's go see Zaratan.

I did it!

Stef jumps up with joy. In terms of feeling, it's like going whale watching while bathing in the ocean.If the whales really come out, I can't take a bath in the sea.

Bring the kids to the beach... oh, isn't it like a happy and friendly family?

But perhaps Linne would like to take Alice with her, and her dad [Ende] would also follow her."No, because Alice and Chuyu got engaged, they're already like family..."

Hanami-san and Misaiba-san are also going.I don't think the doctors will go.

Let's take the Knights off duty with us. It was a comfort trip.

Well, I need your permission from the King of Egret first.

Let's go together! I was thinking of such a plan while slowing down Stef. [M]

◇ ◇ ◇


As soon as I opened the [Gate], Stef had a floating ring that used the [Axel] to run all the way down the beach.

"Hey, Stef! Don't wait!"

Gold, the crown of the mother [SU] and [Gold] who rushed after it."I'm fine..."

Everyone who has already changed into their swimsuits is stepping onto King Egret's private beach.

Surrounded by rolling rocks, it's like a secluded sandy beach.It's an ideal beach for royalty to enjoy privately.

King Egret was pleased to give us permission to use this beach.Speaking of which, if Zalatan were to come to Egret, I would have done something about it.

"It's been a long time since I've had a beach bath."

I've been very busy since the kids arrived.

Hilda and Yae walk along the sand.

"We haven't seen the ocean in a long time."

"In the future [over there], my fathers have been busy, and we haven't had the sea together for the past few years."

In the conversation between Yakumo and Frei that followed, Stef was convinced that the tension was so high.Hmm, I'm sorry about the future.

Yae and Yakun, and Hilda and Frey wore the same color swimsuit.It is not only them, but each of them is a swimsuit of the same colour as their own children.As soon as I said I was going to the beach, I immediately ordered a whole bunch from Mr. Zanak's clothing store.

No, only the Bermuda pants with black lines on white.Even though it was like a girl, Yumina chose a man there. Of course.

Hanami's sisters are also changing into swimsuits and heading to the sea.Sister Various Blades was also watching out for the Knights.

I invited everyone from the Knights to take a vacation, but why do you feel like an underwater drill when you have a blade?

Mel-sama, why do I have to wear this swimsuit?

"Everyone is wearing it... and if that's the rule in this world, we have to follow it."

"Alice asked me to wear it."

Alice's mother, the Freys Trio, took Alice to the beach.Each of them wears a dress of different colors.Alice had the same ice blue dress as Mel.

The three of them looked like humans thanks to the [Mirage] pendant.

Before, there were three people who wore the phantom of [Mirage] until the clothes, but when they were touched unexpectedly, the hard texture of the skin was transmitted, so they began to wear real clothes after disguising the skin with [Mirage].

That said, wearing a swimsuit seemed like the first experience, and it seemed rather confusing.

"Mothers look so good!" Hey, Dad? "

Um, yeah, it looks good on you.

Ende was fresh, too, but she looked like she was junior high school student somewhere.

"Ahhhh, kuuhn!" How about my swimsuit! "

"You look great. You look great on Alice." It's cute. "

It's been a long time since you've flattered me ~

"I just told you the truth?"

Alice twisted and twisted herself as her words turned bright red.

"Ugh, that's nothing...!" Is that really the son of the winter night?If it's winter night, say, "What's going on? 'Even though I'm about to say something like that..."

"Shut up."

I stared at Ende who said extra things.As expected, I would say, "You look good.""That's not how it is, Ms Park..."

In the meantime, the Knights will set up tarps in their tents and beach chairs on their beach umbrellas to make it easier for everyone in the Knights to spend time at the beach.

"I'm even setting up a beach volleyball net, but everyone is willing to play..."No, I'm off duty, and I'm also on a comfort trip, so I don't mind.

Coral, Obsidian, can you keep an eye on the area?

To Your Will

Roger that ~

I wonder if the coral and Obsidian are happy in the sea for the first time in a long time, and I go towards the sea with pleasure.

The Egret Kingdom is the territory of Cesar Penthe, the guardian god, so I don't think there is any strange demonic beast, but just in case.I don't know if there's another Tentacler or something like that.

The younger group of children seemed to be trying to get into the sea right away, but when the older group did the preparation exercise, they obeyed me honestly.Basically, our children listen honestly to what their sisters and brothers say, so they are helpful everywhere.

All the children who finished the preparation movement ran to the sea together.

He said he wanted to see Zaratan, but the outgoing Stef was jumping into the sea first.Well, Zalatan will be fine later.It didn't seem to be moving offshore.

Everyone else seemed to be enjoying themselves.

The Knights are playing beach volleyball on the sand, and their wives are having a tea party under the tarp.

"Now, what am I going to do..."

"Winter Night, this way."

While I was there, Hanae-san, who was under the beach umbrella, greeted me.

She spread out her sheets on the beach, and the gods in the proper swimwear were all swimming in a pile of sake.The drunken flower, which is already a god of alcohol, seems to be drunk in a good way.Don't go into the ocean drunk, okay?

Well, once in a while I sit down on my seat asking if I could join this group.This sheet, which seemed to be made of some kind of magic beast's leather, didn't seem to let through the heat at all even on the scorching sandy beach, and it wasn't hot.

"Oniichan ~, oniichan ~ on a winter night ~.Mm, three cups of rushing..... "

“No, I'm not drinking. Because you're a minor."

"Are you still dragging that common sense?"Let's make it even for the kids.... "

No, a minor is a minor, even if you're making a child.No, I didn't make any kids, did I?

I don't drink alcohol because I'm not twenty at the age of the earth. [M]Well, I've drunk it a few times.For once, it was up to me.

The glass that the drunken flower offered me was soaked in itself, it turned into a loose face.I really want to drink it happily.Just a little determination wobbles.

Next to it, the assistant brother of the music god was playing a Hawaiian song in ukulele.Is this a classic Hawaiian song that you sang about Diamond Head?

This is a different landscape from Hawaii, but I don't think it's bad.

"By the way, Winter Night Monarch. Is the production of artifacts progressing?"

"No, well, bumpy...?"

Uncle Kozuke, a farming god, asks me, and I turn away from him with a bad answer.

Even the "Divine Core", which can be said to be the power source of the artifact, has not yet been created.Even though it's not that easy to do, you'll lose confidence if you continue to fail like this...

"Well, it's not as easy to make as an artifact."It's like it would take a hundred years to make, so I hope you don't have to rush it. "

Kana-san said such a thing to comfort her, but there was a reason she couldn't say it.

In defeating the [Apostle of the Evil God], I cannot use the power of God from the standpoint of the Divine Clan.However, it was a situation that made me want to say that I was using the power of evil gods.

To break it, you must create an artifact that can use the power of God, and let someone on earth use it.

However, at the moment, the children are the leading candidates as their users... "

For example, if you make a sword artifact and use it on the Eight Clouds, you might be able to eliminate the evil gods even if they come back to life.

However, if your ability is too small, you may not be able to deal with it in an ad hoc manner."I don't know what to do..."

I don't know if it will be helpful, but the musical instrument of the assistant player is also a divine instrument.


Uncle Kozuke's words stare at Brother Play, who was inadvertently playing Hawaiian music.To be precise, the ukulele in my hand.

Is that ukulele an artifact?

"Take it. Oniisan's artifact can be transformed into any instrument."

To prove the words spoken by the drunken flower, the ukulele in the hands of the assistant brother instantly changed into a guitar, a banjo, a sitar, a samurai, and a moon harp.

Not only strings, but also drums, pianos, trumpets, flutes and so on, eventually turned into something small enough to fit in the palm of my hand.

It was a silver note that emitted a pale light.It is metallic and not metallic, with a strange texture.

It was the ray of divinity that was rounding up.This is probably the original figure of Playing Brother's magical artifact, "Thousand Strange Million Flowers".

"Even though it is immense for those who live on the earth, the artifact is only a convenient tool for the gods.Everyone has some kind of artifact of their own. "

Huh, is that so?

I looked around at the words of Uncle Kozuke.Did everyone have their own artifact?

Yes. For example, I used agricultural tools, Kana-san used hunting tools, and Drunken Flower used [Sakaki] and bottles of wine.

What about Sister Flower Love and Sister Various Blades?

"Of course I have the artifact of the sword."If you use it on the ground, the continent will lightly blow up, so you won't use it.

"The continent will blow up..." "Wow, you're such a godly artifact..."Sensei's artifact was too powerful to be used by humans on the ground.

“What about Sister Love Flower?

"Hmm, my silver bow and golden arrow will make me fall in love with the person in front of me."Well, I made it in a youthful way, but I already threw it into the Divine Realm's warehouse and sealed it.After all, love is worthless if it's not born naturally. "

A bow and arrow that sprouts love. Like "Cupid's Arrow"?

But there are all kinds of artifacts... "Like your brother's artifact, it might be good to have one that changes depending on the situation.

While listening to the noise of the tide, I was thinking about it. [M]

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