In a Different World with a Smartphone

Chapter 495
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"Ship...?" Chromium lanchez "ga made lisi......?" Ark "" No More Likely "

"" Ark "?

That's what Illuminati Albs, the 'white' crown brought in by Yumina, replied.

"" Ark ". Cromga Lisi Mobile Factory (Factory). I Mo Otano" Crown "Mo, Sokode Lareta"

"Built...? So you're saying the 'crown' manufacturing plant?

What do you call "workshop" in our "Babylon"? According to Albs' story, Chrome Lanchez was quite a stranger, he didn't belong in any country, and he traveled as he pleases. Did you say it was a mobile factory ship about the "Ark"?

So does our Doctor, but does he tend to be a magic engineer of the weirdo?

"You're not even going to tell me there are nine" Arks "...?

"? I Don't Know Limit, One Nohaz"

Good for you. Well, of course.

Ripple of the Exploratory Technicians "Seekers", who was listening, speaks to the Albs.

"Do you know how to get into the Ark?

"" Crown "ga key tonal. I Lagaileva Problem Nashi"

I see. Is the "crown" itself the key to boarding the ship? Then no one can come in.

"O king. I'm sorry, but can I borrow this' white '? I really have the power of a crown to enter the ship."

"I don't care if they say..."

Mario's old man, the leader of the Exploratory Corps Seekers, asked me to lend it to him.

"Father, Father! This is where I'm going to 'Ark' with Albs as the representative of Brunhild...!

"Rejected. You just want to see a rare guide ship, don't you? Be quiet."

"Mother, don't!

Leanne pulls away the coon that's been hitting me. [M] I thought that would happen.

Honestly, I'm interested in Ark. It is the legacy of a rare Golem technician who created the "Crown" series. It must be of historical and technical value.

But more than that, I don't know what power "Ark" has. Anyway, it's the castle of engineers who cross the walls of the world. Leaving it alone is not a good idea. I need to check it out for once.

"Krom Lanchez's workshop......! I want to see it! It could unravel the secrets of The Crown!

"I'm worried too. There's still technology buried that you don't see, but you don't have the hands to go, do you, Winter Night?

Elka technicians and Dr. Babylon are willing to go. Here! Here! and next to it, Coon is shaking up his grip.... I can't say I won't go.

Well, I was hoping to go to Gandyllis once, or a boat over there? The princess over there... When it comes to the second princess, Princess Cordelia, the King of Gandilis seems like a big, warm figure.

"Okay. Let's take Albs to the ruins. Yumina, okay?

"Yeah, I'm fine."

Although Albs belongs to Brunhild, his contractor, the Master, is Yumina. (tentatively). I need your permission.

"Yes! Father, I'm coming too! If you go, I'll go!

"It's cheating, Sister Coon! Father, I'm going to Me too!

"You guys..."

I have a headache for Coon and Arcia, who raise their hands to compete. I'm not going out to see you.

◇ ◇ ◇

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!? Fast! Fast. Whoa!?

Mario's old man shrugs like a child looking out the window. No, Mario's old man isn't the only one who's haunted. All the old guys from Exploratory Technicians Seekers.

This is inside Barmunk, a large high-speed airship built by Dr. Babylon.

On my way to Gandilis, I found out that it would take weeks for the Exploration Technicians "Seekers" airship to get there. That's where this guy in Babylon's "hangar" came in.

Originally built five thousand years ago to transport frame gear. Because I can use the [gate], I have never seen the eyes of the sun before, but it is useful for this kind of adult movement.

By the way, the Exploration Technicians Seekers airship is in my [storage].

The passengers are me, Yumina, Lean, Kuhn, Lou, Arcia, Dr. Babylon, and Elka Technician, in addition to the Exploration Technicians "Seekers" facades. Paula and Albs, and Fenrill at Elka Technician.

"Steady, you surprise me... I can't believe we have this kind of airship. Is this normal on this continent?

"No way. It's just Brunhild. There's so much wrong with that country, you can't keep it together. Common sense breaks."

Mr. Ripple and the Elka technician are having a rude conversation, correct me. Because the Doctor is the only one who's crazy.

Yes, when I leaked it to Yumina, she said, 'Mr. Winter Night should look at things more objectively'. What do you mean?

"At this pace, we'll be at Gandylis in an hour or so."

That's what the Doctor said as he looked at his smartphone watch. 'Balmunk' is autopilot, so we get to our destination on our own, even when we're asleep.

To be honest, I think it would be quicker for me to fly to my destination on a [fly] and connect the [gate] from there. I tried to make a suggestion for once, but the guys who wanted to ride 'Balmunk' pushed me off. Including Coon, of course.

Well, there's not that much difference between a few days or anything, and that's why I decided to break and relax.

While on the road, the Doctor and Elka technicians kept talking about something difficult with Mario's old man and Mr. Ripple, and Coon was listening to it with interest.

Albs was talking to Fenrir and Boso too, but this one doesn't feel like the story is playing. I feel like I'm checking something. Paula wandered around it.

Lou and Arcia bring to me earlier to contest the dishes made in the kitchen in Balmunk. No, because I can't eat this much! I'm sorry about the two of you, but I split it it between the old guys from Exploratory Technicians "Seekers. Though the mother and daughter grinned, pointing at her mouth in resentment.

"I guess it's time"

"Mm-hmm. That's the Pisto Mountains. We're already in Gandhiris territory."

That's what Mario's old man tells him when he confirms the mountain he sees through the window in the Doctor's crushed words. Between that and that.

We head towards the bridge, looking down the lower boundary from the front.

That view, with so many mountains, was exactly what it should be called a mountain nation.

By the way, there is a basin, where the town is spread. There were a number of narrow mountain paths stretching to connect the town.

"Is that a tunnel?

"That's the road the Dwarves dug a long time ago. Some dug in the golem for digging."

Mr. Ripple answers my questions. [M] Dwarves. Is that how much they would have before breakfast if they lived mainly in mines? I had a glimpse of some Dwarves who were in Exploratory Technicians Seekers, and I thought so.

"Whoa, I see you.... what? What's that?"

Mario's old man stares at the mountain he sees in the front.

Something smoky rises from the foot of the mountain.

"Is that the entrance to the ruins?

"Mm-hmm. The Knights of Gandylis and the young guys from" Exploration Technicians "are stationed... But what's that smoke?

"It's a fire..."

The doctors also look in the direction indicated by Mario's old man. All of them, me too.

"[Long Sense]"

Skip your eyesight and look in the direction Mario's old man indicated. You do have smoke standing up. A tent or something that is set up is on fire. Not only that, but there's the wreckage of the fallen apart golem. Is that Golem, the knight of Gandiris?

"I don't know, but it looks like something attacked me. Golem-like wreckage of Gandylis is rolling"


Mr. Ripple barks at my words. [M] The Doctor sat in Balmunk's cockpit and sped up the airship.

Eventually, as we approached a distance that was visible to everyone, we could clearly see the tragedy.

Firehands rise from the camp, and the wreckage of fallen and broken golems roll all over it. Obviously in a state where someone attacked us.

When Balmunk landed, the Exploration Technicians' Seekers immediately jumped out with us.

There are no enemies around. You already withdrew? No, I broke into the ruins...?

The entrance to the ruins was quite large and shaped to go underground. Even a few golems are going to make it easier.

"Hey! You okay?!? Hold on!"

Return to me with the voice of Mario's old man holding the injured man.

Forget it. Think later. We need to save the injured first.

"[Light, come, equal healing, area heel]"

Activate healing magic on the entire target locked population. Fortunately, there were no dead. Those who were heavily weighted until earlier stand up with a pompous look on their bodies.

"Ko, what the... healing magic? You are so..."

Even Mario's old man and Mr. Ripple, who witnessed the magic, laughed bitterly, while speaking to a young man who seemed to be a knight of Gandylis who was nearby.

"What the hell happened here?

"Huh? Oh, oh... suddenly, I got attacked by a weird bunch of people. To the one in the funny mask, who brought dozens of thin four-armed golems."

"Weird mask?

"It's a mask like an iron mask that covers the entire head. He had a mouth like a crow..."

Masks like crows? Is it like a pesto mask where we say it on earth? You sure are a crazy guy.

On closer inspection, the wreckage of the greatly damaged Golem, in addition to the fuselage that is presumably the knight Golem of Gandilis, is also rolled with thin hands and feet, the wreckage of the four-armed Golem.

His head is round and he weaves feathers like a cape. You're like a kashi.

"So where is that group?

"Probably into the ruins..."

"The aim is Chrome Lanchez's ship......! Damn, where did it leak from!?

Beat the crate Mario's old man was rolling in. It is a ship that is arguably the legacy of the 'crown' producer. It would be so fascinating if it came from a foreign country that my hands were going to come out of my throat. It can also be considered just a bandit group, but it is likely to be a force in some country.

"But the ship is locked, isn't it? Not without the 'crown'?

"Mother, nothing is stupid. Honestly, you don't have to come in from the front. If it can be damaged slightly, there are ways to break down the outer walls and get inside."

Coon answers Leanne's question. Sure, I might say so, but that's how grave thieves do things. Maybe the same kind of guy from this situation.

I would like to assume that the producers of the 'crown' will not create such an easily breached security.

"Destroy that ship!? I'm not kidding! It's a chest full of lost technology! Hey, you guys! We're going after him!"

The knights of Gandilis raise their fists, as well as the Exploratory Technicians "Seekers, to Mario's old man's voice. You all right, buddy? The Knight Golems remain broken, though.

"Hmm. Acceptable if the ship is somewhat damaged, but a huge loss if the data recorded inside is erased. I think we should go too."

"That's right."

The Doctor is right, some things will never return once they've been vandalized. That's just what I want to stop such outrages.

We also decided to follow Mario's old men entering the ruins. This ruin runs down to the seventh basement, and the ship in question appears to be in the lowest canal, the Dock. It seems that it has a fairly intricate structure, and Mr. Ripple spread the map.

"From here to here...... And you're faster off this way. I hope he's lost."

If you look at the enlarged map, the passages stretched out like subway campuses paint a complex shape. Sure, this is going to get lost.

"Master, permission to speak."

"Huh? What's up, Albs?

Yumina speaks to Albs. Albs then received a map from Mr. Ripple, indicating a location on the ground floor. Hmm? There's nothing there...

"Cono Location (d) Lift" Elevator "Ali. Direct access to the lowest level"

"What!? How do you know!?

"Kono facility is Krom Lanchesno secret base Ajito. I, Mo, Takotogaal."

I see. If this is what Chrome Lanchez made, it's not strange that Albs, the 'crown', knows.

Then why haven't you ever told me where this ship is?

"Producer" High Master "Authority Nyoli Base Location (c) Secret Saletail. Other no" crown "mo-like nari"

"Is that what you mean? But Chrome Lanchez is so secretive."

"Those who possess superior technology will be targeted by the powerful and peers of time. I know you want to hide. Just like I made Babylon."

Nod deeply as if the Doctor agrees. Is that right? Surely Dr. Babylon also told some king to give me Babylon and Sheska and the Babylonian numbers. Five thousand years ago.

"Let's hurry to that place anyway"

We're headed to where Albs showed us. It was, at first glance, a place that could only be seen as a wall.

When magic flowed over the small disguised demonic stone, the walls broke in two without sound, and the pocky, boxy space appeared.

It's just hard to get everyone on board, so first only us and Mario's old man, Mr. Ripple, and a few knights of Gandylis got on board and decided to head to the bottom of the line at once.

The door closes and the box descends. I don't know. It's the harm of knowing an elevator on Earth that accidentally turns your gaze on the door.

Chin, it sounds like metal, and the door opens. Then a few thin four-armed golems, who were a few meters ahead of the dim passage, turned their eyes all the way.

"Ah, it's them! You attacked us!

The knight of Gandylis, who was in the elevator with me, screams.

"Gi! Gi, gi!

A four-armed golem hits me as I jump with a piompion as a monkey. I pulled Brunhild out of my waist, and I didn't hesitate to let go of the golem's chest.

Gunshots and roars, wind holes in the chest of the four-armed golem. It's the effect of the [spiral lance] granted to the bullet.

"Bastards, don't hesitate! Break it!"


To Mario's old man's voice, the faces of the Exploration Technicians "Seekers jump out of the elevator. They are engineers as well as explorers. I guess I'm used to rough things. Swing a spanner or hammer and head towards the four-armed golems.

The knights of Loser and Gandylis also step forward.


It happened to be a riot and I switched Brunhild from cancer mode to blade mode. I shoot my allies by mistake, or I'm afraid of jumping bullets when they're so narrow.

Contrary to me like that, the lightning pops out of Spellcaster, the magic gun that Coon took out of his sleeve and erected. Good, that. I think I'll make one, too.

"Gu Hu!"


Several people are blown away by four-armed golems. This guy is skinny and powerful.

"That's a pain in the ass. [Slip]"


The four-armed golems fall over the aisle. When the old men of the Exploration Technicians "Seekers hit them all together with a big hammer, the Golems who came under attack eventually stopped functioning.

"Where are these guys from? It doesn't look like an ancient aircraft called Legacy."

"Body's close to Eisengard's."

"But I've seen arms and legs around Gardio."

The old men of "Exploratory Technicians" "Seekers" are skipping their opinions as they poke around the four-armed golem that stopped them from moving. I was wondering if you could do it after that.

"Cono tip right. About a hundred meters down the stairs, Leva, the canal" Doc "Ni Wei Ku"

"Okay. Let's go."

Put some old men down. We'll follow Albs' words and hurry.

Turning to the right at the corner, straight down a dim, long passage, lit only by a small lamp, and down the stairs that were there, there was the ship near a place like the underground lake.

That's pretty big when you look close. It looks more like a spaceship than a ship. There is no sail or anything like an engine attached to the left or right side of the hull.

"Hey, does this fly?

"No." Ark "" Ha Fei Benu. Diving Narrable '

That way. Is it a submarine? Don't even look like such a form when you say so. Even so, it's too big.

"Hmm, have you got an uninvited guest? Gandylis is pretty persistent, too."

There is a voice for us who was stunned by the appearance of "Ark".

When I looked back, one person stood in front of us, as if to hinder our way to the Ark.

A black, round sunglass-like goggle with a crow-like pesto mask struck with iron. He wore a hooded black coat, with something like a spray can jarring on his left hip and a metallic red fine sword, Rapier, on his right hip.

He carries something like a weird landscape on his back, something with a dialed belt.

I just look like a seemingly retro steampunk cosplay guy, but something... I felt a strange sign.

Who am I to do with a pesto mask guy?

"Are you the bandit for the ruins? Or some national intelligence agent?

"Neither. If you dare, it's the Apostle of the Evil God."

"... what?

Ignoring me with a frown, the man in the pesto mask threw something like a spray can off his waist over here.

The poisonous colored smoke that blew out of it in an instant spreads around. Oh no! Is that poison gas!?


Expand [Prison] at once and protect everyone from poison gas in the junction. The poisonous green smoke quickly snatches his sight and makes the man in the pesto mask invisible.


[The most uptodate novels are published on]

Something like a wing jumped out of the landscape carried by the man in the pesto mask, jumping up into the sky as if it were a rocket or a jet. What the...!

The man in the pesto mask flies over the underground lake and descends to the deck of the 'Ark'. So my vision was completely blocked and I couldn't see anything. Damn it!

"[Wind, whirlwind, storm whirlwind, cyclone storm]!

Leanne's unleashed tornado blows the poison gas around her. The spray can that was blowing it out also blew up with it and fell to the underground lake.

The only thing that showed up in our eyes that restored vision was a quiet, watery underground lake.

In an instant, the Ark disappeared from our sight.

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