In a Different World with a Smartphone

Chapter 472
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In conclusion, Hana Love's exams were unsuccessful. The Flower Love Sister didn't make up the couple of Ocean God and Mountain God, she made up for it on her own, so it's null and void.

But that's just how it is, so it seems Sister Hana Love could also take the chase. but she was both physically and mentally tired, Sister Hana Love told her that she would accept her failure lightly and that her ascension exam would drop her off for a while. Well, isn't that impossible?

And when we returned from Pantheon, the Pantheon, everyone who was worried surrounded Sister Hana Love in unison.

"Welcome home, sister-in-law" Hey ". Thank you for your safety."

"Hana Love's sister-in-law. (Ah) Up there, are you okay? You don't look so good, do you?

"Oh, you know, Flower Love's sister-in-law," Hey, "I'm having a bath, so why don't you come with me, huh?

"Wow! Sounds like everyone loves it!

Speaking kindly to everyone, Sister Hana Love was so impressed that Yumina and Su, Linze gave me a giggly hug. I don't want you to worry.

"Ya. You're back."

It was Sister Blades who called out from behind me looking at Sister Flower Love with such a bitter smile.

"It was tough..."

"So I told you it's okay to leave me alone, right?

That's true, though. I wish you had told me more. I wouldn't have gone if I'd known.

Well, if I hadn't gone, Flower Love sister probably wouldn't have come home yet.

"Is Sister Blade unwilling to take the ascension exam?

"I prefer to just wield my sword. When you become an intermediate god or something, you have to discuss a lot with other gods, and it's hard to take a vacation. Wouldn't that be very beneficial?"

Really? When it comes to the god above that I know... except for the god of the world, it's just Grandma Times "even" of the advanced god. Oh, was there also a God of Destruction...

Grandma Toke is always knitting, having tea with everyone, but she seems to be free.

"I'm a space-time god... because Grandma Toke has been here for the first time in tens of thousands of years. Well, with that guy's power, I don't care about time."

That must be because you must be the god who directs time and space. I guess I can jump into the past and the future if I care about that.

"I don't care... is that it? Haven't you heard? Grandma Toke is going to the future. I hear he's been hanging out with your kids a lot."

"First ears though!?

Huh!? What!? Grandma, are you playing with the kids before me? Not cheating!?

Isn't this a public/private confusion?...... I think I'll have a picture taken next time......

Is this settled for now? I'm tired of having too many happenings...

The Flower Love sisters have all gone to take a bath. Neither is Sister Blades.

I'd like to take a bath too, but I have a job to clean up before dinner. Let's get this done before Takasaka-san gets mad at us.

Uh, no, I also have to have Ende's wedding meeting. Do you want to call the tavern at night?

I took out my smartphone and sent a pounding email to Ende.

◇ ◇ ◇

"Why was I not here on earth when it was supposed to be such an interesting thing! After! I regret it!

Dang! And punch both fists at the table, nodding flower love sister.

After dinner, I told her what happened when Hana Love wasn't here. That wasn't funny, nothing. Just a hassle.

"I originally planned it...! I should still have asked you to slack the exam day...... If I had been there, I could have made progress with Liliel and Listis... what a shame...!

"Oh, is Hana Love's sister-in-law's ability" Chichi "okay on that side, too?!?

Ask Sister Flower Love with Linze's sparkling eyes for a few minutes.

"There's no such thing as love, is there? It doesn't matter what gender, age, race, or identity you are. If you're willing to think of someone there. I can't be compassionate with someone in one way, just because I like myself in love, just because I'm self-loving."

You say the same thing as some writer princess...... I don't deny it per se, but don't even use Love God's ability to "Him".

Having a cup of coffee after the meal, I was a little stunned by my sister, who was early in the resurrection.

... Oops, I got an email. Apparently Ende's guy got to the tavern. Shall we go then?

"Well, I guess I'll just go."

"What are you going to do now? You can hang out with guys, but if you don't take care of your conversation with your daughters, you're gonna be 'keen' one of these days, okay?

"Hey who!? You taught Su something weird!?

I pretended that Sheska, who had refrained in the corner of the room, whistled away in white. That porn maid. I'll be glad to punish you when you get back. I'll issue you a restraining order for porn speech.

Transfer to the tavern using the [gate], staring at Sheska.

Entering the store wearing a hood, noisy hustle and cheerful music popped into my ear. You're still busy.... I mean, that's where you play the piano, Brother Sonosuke... What are you doing, music god?

"Ah, winter night. Over here, over here."

"Sorry, I kept you waiting... that?

I was a little surprised to see Ende already sitting at the table and her companion there. There was Lise next to Ende and Mel and Nay sitting across the street. That's unusual. I didn't expect you to come to the tavern on a night like this.

"Evening, Winter Night."

"Long time no see."


All three of them have my star-shaped pendant lowered from their necks, putting together a human phantom. I just look like a human girl no matter where I look from.

You're soiled compared to when we met before. Clothes are real, not phantoms, that. It feels a little stylish to me too. Do you mean you've become familiar with this world?

"That's unusual. All three of us don't really come to the tavern."

I brought a chair and sat between Ende and Mel. All four of them have already ordered alcohol and food, so I'll ask for fruit liquor, too. He also said he wouldn't come to the tavern and drink. If it's Earth, it's still underage, so no. Different worlds Banzai.

"We need you to get in on our wedding consultation. It's natural to show your face."

"If I had left everything to the Endemion, Mel might be ashamed of me. Naturally."

"Check the menu for the reception. Of course."

Oh, you know what...

I was drinking ale with a dry laugh when I looked at Ende. You're struggling, and so are you...

"The reception's fine, but are there so many invitees?

Not anymore, but what's going on with these guys' friendships? Though we plan to attend.

"I'm a silver-ranked adventurer for once. I've got friends with other adventurers and guild officials, and Mel and his friends in town and castle."

Really...... I'm more familiar with it than I thought. I was wondering if you wanted smoke because you don't know common sense...

"Because this was still the 'king' of one world. Because I'm used to listening to the people. After that, you'll be happy to hear your concerns and turn people and things around in the right place."

Mel answered me like nothing, but what's that usable skill? Is Mel a pretty usable person...?

You want to scout for Mr. Takasaka's support position? Well, can we do that again? I'm talking about the wedding today.

"Speaking of which, are you in touch with other dominant species or something?

Here's why Fraze has been chasing us so far, Mel. The Frays have traveled many worlds to target the power of Mel, the 'king' of Frays, or to get Mel himself to return to the 'king' again.

There are also mutant species and Yura, and the frays that have come to this world have almost devastated......

"As long as Lise is still good, Nay originally came after me all the way to this world to bring Mel back, didn't he? Are you done over there?

I open my mouth with Nay sighing a little at my question.

"You really are now...... Indeed, I had hoped that Mel would return to the Crystal Realm, Frasier. But my true wish was different. I just wanted to be on Merle's side... that's all. You were just jealous of Endemion, consolidating that feeling with lies for" The Crystal Realm "Frasier". I finally figured that out when I got here. Therefore, I do not need to bring Merle back to the Crystal Realm, Frasier. "

Mel, who was lying next to me, was a good girl, and Nay's head spoke with a neat expression.

"Hehe. We'll always be together from now on, Nay."

"Meh, Master Mel......! That, this kind of thing in public......! Argh......"

Nay that is red and leaning down and illuminating. I feel like I'm watching something really valuable. You took it in the video.

What do you care, Mr. Mel? It's Harlem...... I don't have a problem with it if we want each other.

The dish arrived at the table while I was doing that, so I grabbed a skewer in it, too, and bumped it. Whoa, yummy.

"The..." The Crystal Realm "Frasier" is Mel's brother becoming a new "king" in the world?

"Yeah. My power as a 'king' falls more than mine, but I'm a gentle 'king' who does everything in his power for folk grass. I'm going to annoy that kid, but I was hoping I could go see him one day..."

If you want to see me, I wish I could go see you, but I guess there are a lot of things I think about. If I find out that my predecessor's excellent "King Mel" has returned, I may be able to take charge again, and for the present "King", who is now desperately working hard, it can be fatal damage to that reign. As a sister, Mel wouldn't want that either.

I couldn't go back to the original world at first either, so I know how that feels. If you can't go back, you just have to accept that and live positive.

I'm getting a little snug, so I'll get back to business.

"So, yeah. You can go to the church in the Principality, right?

"Yeah. It's more like letting the Spirit see you ready than swearing to God over here, isn't it? No problem."

Ende himself is the "family of the martial arts gods"...... I guess it's better than the Spirit. I also feel weird.

No, I did the same thing when I was there, and isn't it so out of place to think that a man from the company... is in the witness to the marriage certificate?

"The party venue after the wedding was the inn" Silver Moon, "he said."

"Mm-hmm. It's impeccable size and food over there. Is the menu you asked for here okay?

"I'm fine. No problem. And then... it's a wedding cake to order from Mr. Ael in the coffee 'Palento' he was asking for..."

"That! That's the most important thing! Make it look fast."

The excited rese rushes me to take the sample list of cakes I had prepared out of [storage]. The one who searched and printed it out. One photograph at a time.

"Awesome! This is a waste of time eating!

"Hmmm...... The one with colorful flowers in pure white is fine, but it's hard to throw away this one full of fruit either...... No, this one too..."

"We're four, so it's also ant that four...?

No, no, because a wedding cake is not something that the bride and groom eat one at a time. The four of us don't eat a whole bunch of them, do we?

Mummy roars as Ende sees a cake that looks like it could be about two meters on the list.

"It's so tall, what would you do if you fell... This is going to be a big deal..."

"Oh, it's mostly imitation to have height...... it's fake. A crop to make it look better, mostly the one you can't eat."


Suck, and a cake of height is played from the hands of Mels. Oh, I knew it was important there...

Looking at the bunch of lists and watching the four of them consider it, I added an order to the waitress at the tavern.

"Uh, bean salad and potato broiled, sausage stuffed and salted wings...... anything else to eat?

Turning from Mr. Waitress to see if there are any additional orders, all four of them have stopped moving. Eyes stare into the hollow and do not make it slight. Huh? What, what's up?

"I can hear you..."


I heard something about Mel's twinkle, but it was small and I didn't hear it very well.

"... I heard the" Ringtone of Life "today. It's a long way from home, but it's definitely" Ringtone "."

"No, so what's" Ringtone "?

Ende explained it to me, but I don't know why. Explain it in more detail.

"'Ringing Lifetime Sound' is the fluctuation of life emitted by us Frays. It's that 'sound' we had Mr. Winter Night seal us in."

Oh, that one. The Frays must have come to this world relying on the sound of Mel. The Tablet, a sensing board that informs the Alliance of the emergence of the Fraze, is also made using it.

"Hmm? Wait a minute. That means...!

"It means Frase has emerged in this world."

Nay controls me with his hands trying to get up to that word.

"Don't panic. Only the whole thing showed up. But this reaction..."

"Dominant species. But a little... weird?


Dominant species!? No way, you had Yura's people left!? What's changed is mutagenization...!

Nay denies my anxiety.

"At least I don't know. It's" Ringtone ". He'll be the guy I've never even met before."

"Aren't you one of Yura's people?... I don't think so, but there's no such thing as Yura's split... is there?

Fraze talked about being able to create the next generation alone. You know, before Yura died, she left her own identities...

"No, I think we've talked about this before, but the dominant species inherits the nucleus of their parents, its characteristics. That's the same thing with" Ringtone ". This sound does not resemble Yura's" Ringing Life Sound "today. It's definitely not Yura's body. Either..."

Ende had a broken tooth and turned a blind eye to Mel sitting across the street for a moment.

"Similar to Mel's" Ringtone "" Today "...... No way." King "?


I accidentally turned my gaze to Mel on Lise's words. "The King" belongs to Mel's brother? Has Fraze's 'King' mutated?

"It does resemble... But it's a little different from that kid's 'sound' I know. No way. Really mutated...?

The look on Mel's face seemed complicated. Are you sure it's Mel's brother's 'king'? But if you are as dominant a species as the King, it should be difficult to get through the 'World Connection' that is being repaired... What's going on?

"Winter night, give me a map"

"What? Oh, yeah"

As Ende tells me, I project a small map in the air on the table. It was Ende, who had been staring at that map for a while, but eventually enlarged one of them to point it out.

"... here. From here on out, the ringing noise" Todaymei. "Can we go with the winter night transfer magic?

"The kingdom of Raze Wu? Because I've never been there [Teleport] so...... It's far, but don't jump if you use your sanity. Right now?

All four snort at my inquiry. [M] Ende seems to be able to use simple metastatic magic, but he can't do long distances. All right. Then let's go.

Cancel the order and pay the price. I added a little nuisance fee. When I tell Brother Yasuke, who was playing the piano, that I'm going away for a little while, the four of us rush out of the tavern.

I immediately went into the shadow of the building and asked everyone to stick with Ende. No, you can't ask me to stick with you...

I grabbed that ende's shoulder and jumped all at once to the kingdom of Raze Wu with a [teleport] that kept me sane.


Where it appeared it was on the roof of a building in town. All of us, who emerged on those dozens of centimeters, will land without a problem. You weren't thinking about the high or low difference. Failed.

"Not exactly with the whole town... Winter night, where are we?

"Er, 'Amatumi'...... Amatumi town. It's not that big."

of, is busy for the price. The township overlooking the roof, even though it was night, the neons and lamps of Demonic Light Stone emitted a colorful glow. The streets are wide, with several Golem carriages crossing.

The construction of houses lined up in the town is unusual for the Western continent and receives a retro image. A lot of messy imagery, but close to the western playtown. There doesn't seem to be any gunmen or cowboys, though.

"Looks like the town hasn't been destroyed yet."

Nay snaps as he looks down at the glowing town in the dark night. Hey, don't tell me you're not even on edge...

But you certainly haven't broken one of the houses for showing up the dominant species...

We go down from the roof and watch the people crossing the street.

"Are you in this town? Or..."

"I hear it...... Definitely close by. In that direction..."

At the end of Mel's gaze, at the end of the boulevard, a crowd is formed when he looks closely. There seems to be some noise and a bunch of wild horses.

It's as if a celebrity showed up in town, filled with people.

"Hey, somebody! Get the sheriff! And Golem!

"Nice! Do it!"

"There! Knock it off!"

What is it, a fight? I don't suppose the mutated 'king' of Frase is in a fight, huh?

"Stupid. Even though he's less combative than Master Mel, he's our 'king' of Frays. Will every human or mechanical doll be dealt with?"

Nay hears me talking to myself and immediately returns the words of denial.

Right. If the dominant species were raging, there was no way they could be damaged on such a scale.

Anyway, the dominant species we're looking for seems to be at the heart of that noise. Though I don't see it at all in people.

"I have no choice. [Prison]"

"Whoa, whoa!? What the fuck!?

In the crowd, form [Prison] in a rectangular shape. People's walls break in two by being pushed by invisible walls. You're like Moses cracking the ocean.

Slowly through it, we reach the center of the noise. I was there...

"Oh my...! Fucking kid!

"It's late, it's late. You can't catch me in a move like that. Uncles, are you sure you're strong?

A young boy who keeps avoiding attacks with his hands in his pocket while slapping lightly at him for being surrounded by three inflexible men.

Back in the year it was lower than Rene...... about six or seven? The way it moved around supple reminded me of a kitten somewhere.

No, I mean kittens...... I accidentally compare the boy to a companion who is lying down and looks pokant. [M]

The boy's slightly longer white hair, a slightly teasing smile, and a long muffler.

Similar. No, I mean similar, this...

"Eh, endemion...... You, you had a brother?

"I'm not here... I mean, there's a ringing noise from that kid. You can't be a 'crosser'..."

Nay ran into the same question as me, but Ende denied it. Not my brother? But that look...

The boy turns his gaze here. Oh, I noticed this way.

"Hmm? Oh, I'm finally here. Mm-hmm. It's late. You've had a rough time getting tangled up by these weird guys!




Dodddon! and the men sink to the ground in a triple strike rolled out. Dude, what the hell is this... One quick shot at a time. That was a heavy blow up there. He's small, but he's quite a user...

"Oh, His Majesty was here too! Wow, glad to hear that!


A young boy rushing over here with an extraordinary smile. Wait, you know me?

Seeing you smile in front of me, I realize I was wrong about one thing. Uh, this girl... she's a girl, right?

The sparkling ice blue eyes are pointed this way.

"Wow, you haven't all changed much! Just a little young, is it? Oh, can I take a picture later?

"Uh... you, what?

A young boy whose tension remains high... No, I ask the girl on my behalf. Because the other four are solidified...

"Oh well. Don't you know me? Uh, nice to meet you? I'm Alistair. Your father and your mothers will call you Alice. That's why I want you to call me that!

"Hey, hey, hey, wait a minute! Uh, you...... Alice? Fathers and mothers (...) means..."

When I waited, the girl named Alice pointed to Ende, like nothing, and then to Mel, Nay, and Lise in turn.

"Fathers and mothers, right?

"" "" "Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh!?!?

Neon Sign Instantly our scream stuck in the town of Amatumi.

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