Imperial Phoenix Rules

Chapter 155: Untitled
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Chapter 155: Untitled

The mastermind behind the trap finally revealed its claws.

Jun Mohuang tapped her toes lightly and sprung up with much agility, successfully dodging this attack.

She turned around and saw that it was a huge squid.

The organism was definitely at least 50 meters long and 3 meters wide. It was covered with white suction cups and indeed resembled the tentacles of the squid.

The ‘owner’ of this tentacle was either a squid or an octopus.

The first attack missed. The huge tentacle hit the surface of the sea fiercely and splashed.

The owner of the tentacle might not have expected her to dodge the attack.

The tentacle twisted angrily in the air and another tentacle emerged.

The two huge tentacles attacked her again.

Jun Mohuang kicked lightly and dodged the two tentacles again. She then jumped towards the shore.

But this time, the owner of the tentacle was smarter. He knew that she would definitely dodge and predicted her direction.

While in mid-air, the two tentacles suddenly changed direction agilely and accurately slapped towards her landing point.

As soon as Jun Mohuang landed on the sea, the two tentacles attacked her from both sides.

The two tentacles were extremely strong. If it hit from the front and back, she would be severely injured if not dead.

Sensing danger approaching, Jun Mohuang’s eyes narrowed and she retracted her spiritual energy.

Without the support of spiritual auras, her body sank to the bottom of the sea.

In the next moment, the two tentacles suddenly collided above her with a muffled sound.

The huge force caused the two tentacles to intertwine immediately after hitting each other.

It was at this point!

Jun Mohuang saw the opportunity and a long sword appeared in her hands.

With a wave of her hand, the sword aura coupled with her spiritual auras cut the two tentacles.

Black blood poured down and dyed the sea red.

Jun Mohuang avoided the blood and emerged from the sea.

The long sword in her hands was only left with the hilt. It was obvious that the sea monster’s blood was extremely corrosive.

Jun Mohuang threw the sword away and headed for the surface. She gathered her spiritual energy and leg power and immediately jumped towards the shore.

Her magical skill was a good weapon for escaping, but it had a fatal flaw. It could not be used on the surface of the water.

She did sever the two tentacles of the sea monster, but she was just lucky.

This sea monster was probably comparable to the jade-horned python she met when she first transmigrated. She had to return to land first to have the capital to fight this sea monster.

Perhaps the sea monster’s nerves were too long; it was only after Jun Mohuang emerged from the sea again did a sharp scream came from the sea, piercing straight into people’s ears.

The seabed shook violently and a huge volume of seawater surged.

Jun Mohuang’s ears hurt and she was hit by the waves. Fortunately, she reacted quickly and stabilized herself.

A huge octopus emerged from the sea. Its body was as big as two football fields.

Its two eyes were strange and cold, and its six tentacles were waving wildly around its body.

The octopus stared in disbelief at its severed tentacles, which were still bleeding.

It had two of its tentacles cut off by a weak human woman!

This was extremely shameful!

“What kind of monster is that!”

Upon hearing the commotion behind him, Feng Yunqi turned around involuntarily and was shocked.

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